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You can feel the passion of these "Born Dealers"

"Born Dealers" (10 tonight, Planet Green) is another reality show about collectors/business people, those among us who have turned a passion for collectibles into a profession.

The show centers around Jerry Pasternak, his son and partner Jeremiah, and apprentice Nadeen. The Pasternaks live most of the year in Florida, where they collect inventory and then during the summer head up to Maine where they sell their merchandise in their store Antique & Unique.

I'm not sure why, but the episode I got to screen is the third episode of the six that will air. I enjoyed it; the Pasternaks are an amiable duo and good businessmen.

What to Watch on Thursday: Saving Detroit, ruining Italy

Detroit in Overdrive (8pm, Planet Green) - All three installments tonight in a new three-part documentary series examining efforts to revitalize the city of Detroit. In the first, Kid Rock launches a beer label (Badass Beer) and fashion designer Joe Faris tries to revive the Motor City's garment district. At 9, the show looks at a start-up record label and a famous artist's installation, as well as a high school trumpet player who auditions for a music scholarship. The episode at 10 visits a former auto body plant that houses small businesses and a community of artists.

So You Think You Can Dance (8pm, Fox) - "American Idol" contestant Pia Toscano performs, and two dancers are sent home.

Ultimate Merger (9pm, TV One) - In the Season 2 opener, model Tocarra Jones looks for a mate and meets 12 suitors who try to win her over. Adrienne reviews.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - The designers must make fashion from items found in a pet store.

Suits (10pm, USA) - Mike takes on Louis' protege during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Meanwhile, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but his past with the opposing counsel complicates matters.

Jersey Shore (10pm, MTV) - The new season begins tonight and the bad news for Europe is that it all takes place in Italy. Watch Snooki crash into an Italian police car and get arrested. Watch Ronnie beat on The Situation. Watch me watch "Suits" at 10 p.m. instead...

Louie  (10:30pm, FX) - Louie reflects on his career failures and tries to score concert tickets for his daughter. Comics Dane Cook and Bob Saget play themselves.

"Dresscue Me" offers a vintage fashion character

As a fan of fashion and the fashion world, I was excited by the description of "Dresscue Me" (Planet Green, 10:30 tonight). It stars Shareen Mitchell, the owner of Shareen Vintage, a store that specializes in vintage wear, much of which she transforms into fashion-forward fabulousness.

And happily, I wasn't disappointed. "Dresscue Me" shows the value of and chic possibilities in recycling and offers enough personality to keep you watching.

That personality is fueled by Mitchell, a former actress who turned to fashion after reality shows dried up her roles. (Funny, huh?)

What to Watch on Friday: Lois Lane's dad vs. Superman

Smallville (8pm, CW) - Lois Lane's mom and dad visit unexpectedly for Thanksgiving. Tensions rise when the General (Michael Ironside) bad-mouths superheroes and informs Clark Kent of his efforts to pass the vigilante registration act. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg plots to kill the General.

CSI: NY (9pm, CBS) - Mac searches for a sniper who is firing from city rooftops. The shootings force him to relive a disturbing abduction case that may have created one of the deadliest foes the CSIs have faced. John Larroquette guest stars.

The Good Guys (9pm, Fox) - A fainting spell confines Dan to his desk at the onset of a case involving a painting that was stolen from a doctor's house.

Operation Wild (9pm, Planet Green) - In the second season premiere, an 8-foot-long crocodile brings an officer to a family's residence. In the 9:30pm ep, rescued baby sea turtles are released back into the wild, and an illegal scallop harvesting is addressed.

Teach: Tony Danza (10pm, A&E) - Tony catches two students cheating, mediates a fight between friends in his class, and is asked to chaperone the homecoming dance.

The Walking Dead (10pm, AMC) - A repeat of Sunday night's stunning premiere episode. Read more here.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (10pm, TruTV) - Jesse investigates the reasons behind the economic downturn.

Sanctuary (10pm, Syfy) - Nikola Tesla sends a distress call to the team and they track him to the Colombian highlands, where they encounter deadly multipedes. Meanwhile, Bigfoot and Kate learn that a long-time friend has been murdered in Old City.

What to Watch on Friday: Renewed "Eureka" can't turn to stone

Coastwatch (8pm, Planet Green) - Paua poachers are targeted along the coast during a two-day crackdown dubbed "Operation Iris."

3:10 to Yuma (8pm, TNT) - If you haven't seen this 2007 remake of the 1957 classic, tune in. A poor rancher (Christian Bale) escorts an outlaw (Russell Crowe) to meet up with law enforcement while the outlaw's henchmen try to head them off and rescue their leader.

Eureka (9pm, Syfy) - Tensions peak between Carter and Grant over Allison, Henry woos his own wife, and Zoe deals with a secret love while something begins turning the townfolk to stone. Syfy announced this week that it has renewed "Eureka" for a fifth season.

Whale Wars (9pm, Animal Planet) - The Sea Shepherd employs a new strategy in their campaign against the Japanese whalers.

Flashpoint (10pm, CBS) - A high school athlete threatens to commit suicide after he is kidnapped and beaten.

City guys go country in new Planet Green series

Looking to add a little green to your summer TV experience? Check out Planet Green's new primetime docu-series, "The Fabulous Beekman Boys," which premieres tonight at 9 p.m.

Randleman native is one of "The Fabulous Beekman Boys"

More than once, Happiness has thought of going all Green Acres -- chucking this city life for the simpler pleasures of farm living.

And now we role models. Premiering tonight is "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" (Planet Green, 9 pm), a docu-series chronicling Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, a couple who bought a farm in upstate New York and created an organic life (with goats, goat's milk cheese and pigs) and an organic lifestyle brand "Beekman 1802."

The show is funny and personal, following the guys as they navigate this new venture and new life. Though a doctor, Ridge does know a little something about farming. He's a native of Randleman, a small town near Asheboro, and he says his grandparents and his mom are great gardeners. "You know how tough that red clay in North Carolina is. I learned how to coax tomatoes out of almost anything."

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