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What to Watch on Saturday: Christmas brides and fire-breathing wasps

It's a Wonderful Life (8pm, NBC) - This Frank Capra classic is a holiday tradition that you have to watch at least once before Christmas. James Stewart is a small-town banker who learns what life would have been like if he'd never been born. Co-stars Donna Reed and Henry Travers.

Made in Jersey (8pm, CBS) - Martina's football expertise helps her land a new client: a promising quarterback whose career ended in high school because his coaches neglected to get proper treatment for his injuries.

Dragonwasps (9pm, Syfy) - Dragons. Wasps. I admit, a combo I would not have thought of on my own. In this movie, an entomologist's mission to find her father in the jungles of Belize turns more dangerous than she could have ever imagined when she and a group of soldiers are attacked by giant fire-breathing wasps.
A Bride For Christmas (8pm, Hallmark) - A holiday bet prompts a man to pursue a woman who has sworn off serious relationships after three failed engagements. As the two spend time together, the woman starts to reconsider.

Wedding Band (10pm, TBS) - Rutherford plans an adult prom, but she must deal with her high school nemesis in the process. Elsewhere, Tommy woos everyone's fantasy woman, and Stevie dates a florist with some lusty talents.

Pit Bulls & Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - The Villalobos crew are devastated by Chong's cancer diagnosis, but Tia and the twins try to make the best of a sad situation.

What to Watch on Saturday: Larry Wilmore looks at race, religion and sex in Florida

The Eleventh Victim (8pm, Lifetime) - A New York therapist, who was once an Atlanta assistant district attorney, pursues a serial killer she once prosecuted after he is suspected of murdering some of her clients.

Plane Crash (9pm, Discovery) - A 727 plane is programmed to crash into a desert via remote control in an effort to improve airline safety.

Larry Wilmore's Race, Religion and Sex in Florida (10pm, Showtime) - Larry Wilmore (right, "The Daily Show") heads to Florida for this one-hour town hall-style comedy special, examining the socially, ethnically, religiously and economically diverse state that will help determine the outcome of the presidential election. The special features comedians Paul Rodriguez and Moshe Kasher, Republican strategist Ron Christie and Current TV's Ana Kasparian. Wilmore, who describes himself as "passionate centrist," acts as host and moderator, and also conducts man on the street interviews.

Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - A man prepares for an economic collapse by building spider holes in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Also, a woman prepares her family for an ecological disaster and a couple live underground in a missile-silo bunker.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - Tia, Tania and newest parolee Randy race to Nashville to rescue a dog from death row. With Tia away, Mariah battles a storm that threatens to flood Villalobos. Finally, one of the puppies rescued from the ninth ward has a chance at finding a forever home.

Saturday Night Live (11:29, NBC) - Seriously can't wait for this: Comedian Louis C.K. hosts SNL. The musical guest is Fun.

What to Watch on Saturday: Stalkers, zombies and a 'Good Witch'

Stalked at 17 (8pm, Lifetime) - In this new Lifetime movie, a 17-year-old girl is stalked by the deceptive and dangerous father of her child when she tries to flee from him.

The Good Witch's Charm (9pm, Hallmark) - In the fifth entry of this magic-infused film series, Cassie (Catherine Bell, left) becomes tabloid fodder after an interview snafu leaves many wondering if she's a witch. Meanwhile, Jake (Chris Potter) investigates a string of burglaries in town.

Rise of the Zombies (9pm, Syfy) - The survivors of a zombie plague risk life and limb to find a scientist who they believe can save mankind from the walking dead (note: "the walking dead" lowercase).

The Dark (9pm, Discovery) - A team of biologists and wildlife experts observe the behavior of nocturnal animals. Possums!

Celebrity Ghost Stories (9pm, BIO) - Lewis Black encounters ghosts in a Michigan forest. Then he screams at them and they run away.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A pit bull is saved from drowning in a canal by a young girl after it evaded Tia for weeks. Also, Tia must hire another parolee when twenty new puppies arrive at Villalobos.

Austin City Limits (Midnight, UNC-TV) - The Shins perform songs from their 2012 "Port of Morrow" album. Also, Dr. Dog perform songs from their 2012 "be the Void" album.

What to Watch on Saturday: HBO movie shows 'The Girl' of Hitchcock's obsession

A Nanny's Revenge (8pm, Lifetime) - A woman vows revenge against a wealthy contractor who is responsible for her parents' death. She sets her plan into motion by getting a job as a nanny in the man's house.

Too Cute (8pm, Animal Planet) - The first few months of litters of kittens and puppies are observed. How you can resist this?

The Girl (9pm, HBO) - An HBO original movie depicting the unusual relationship between actress Tippi Hedren and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. In the film, model Hedren gets her big acting break after Hitchcock casts in her his 1963 thriller, "The Birds." But what begins as a promising professional relationship turns sour when the director becomes dangerously obsessed with his leading lady. Stars Toby Jones, who played Truman Capote in "Infamous," and Sienna Miller. Adrienne reviews.

Celebrity Ghost Stories (9pm, BIO) - Two new back-to-back episodes tonight. Lucky, right? In the first, Biz Markie gets advice from a ghost. At 10, Dick Cavett encounters a ghost in a mansion (which, really, is where all ghosts should live).

Bedlam (9pm, BBC America) - A wedding forces Ellie to reflect on her own failed engagement, and she finds comfort in an unexpected place.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A volunteer at Villalobos adopts a dog with an uncommon history, and a man who rescued two dogs needs help caring for them from Tia and her daughter Mariah.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - Bruno Mars pulls double duty as host and music guest.

What to Watch on Saturday: Getting hitched on Hallmark

The Seven Year Hitch (8pm, Hallmark Movie Channel) - A slacker tries to prevent his best friend and roommate from marrying the wrong man by claiming their seven-year cohabitation makes them common-law spouses. Stars soap stars Natalie Hall ("All My Children") and Darin Brooks ("Days of Our Lives"), at left.

Chicago Fire (9pm, NBC) - If you missed the premiere of this firefighter drama on Wednesday, this is your chance to catch it.

Bedlam (9pm, BBC America) - Ellie and Max try to save a young woman from a watery grave, while Dan gets closer to uncovering the identity of the mystery blogger.

Bayou Billionaires (9pm, CMT) - The Dowdens make plans to film a zombie movie that Gerald insists on directing. In a 9:30 episode, the Dowdens visit New Orleans, where Kitty considers buying a bed & breakfast.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A family that lost a dog to cancer are hoping to adopt another pet. And Tia and her daughter confront a sick and angry dog in New Orleans' 9th Ward.

Saturday Night Live (11:29, NBC) - Christina Applegate is the host, with music guest Passion Pit.

What to Watch on Saturday: Lifetime movie based on Raleigh kidnapper

Winged Planet (8pm, Discovery) - A rare and intimate look at birds in the wild is achieved using special cameras mounted on the back of the birds' backs.

Abducted: The Carlina White Story (8pm, Lifetime) - A young woman solves her own kidnapping and is reunited with her biological parents 23 years after she was abducted as an infant from a New York hospital. Based on the true story of the young woman, Carlina White, and Ann Pettway, the Raleigh woman who was convicted of the kidnapping and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Aunjanue Ellis (left), who played Yule May in "The Help," plays Pettway. A "Beyond the Headlines" special focusing on the real life players, including White and interviews with her birth parents, airs at 10. Adrienne reviews.

Bedlam (9pm, BBC America) - The second season begins with a young woman who can see ghosts arriving at Bedlam Heights to search for Jed.

Parking Wars (9pm, A&E) - In the Season 7 opener, a Trenton driver becomes outraged and a ticket writer is attacked in Detroit.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - In the Season 4 premiere, Tia relocates to New Orleans' 9th Ward, where she hopes to build a new Villalobos and recruit local parolees to join her staff.

Billy the Exterminator (10pm, A&E) - In the sixth season premiere, Billy and Ricky take on venomous pit vipers. Later, Billy is asked to remove mysterious critters from a tropical rain forest habitat.

What to Watch on Saturday: TV movies from Rob Lowe and John Schneider

Drew Peterson: Untouchable (8pm, Lifetime) - Former Illinois cop Drew Peterson becomes the suspect in the murder of his third wife and in the disappearance of his fourth wife. Based on a true story. And starring Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson. Adrienne has a review.

My Cat From Hell (8pm, Animal Planet) - If you're even the least bit interested in cats, this is a great show with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. Check it out.

Betty White's 90th Birthday Tribute (8pm, NBC) - If you missed this earlier in the week, catch it tonight. There were some really nice moments. "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," a show in which elderly people prank unsuspecting bystanders, airs immediately after.

Snow Beast (9pm, Syfy) - A scientist (John Schneider) and his research team try to evade a mysterious predator that appears to be responsible for a series of deaths after they travel to the Canadian wilderness to study a species of lynx, which have mysteriously disappeared from their territory.

Bayou Billionaires (9pm, CMT) - The premiere of a new reality series following a Louisiana family who strikes it rich and experience the perks of living as billionaires. We previewed it.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - Tia needs all the help she can get to find a mother and her puppies that were dumped in the Mojave Desert.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - A repeat tonight. Emma Stone hosts, musical guest is Coldplay.

Austin City Limits (Midnight, UNC-TV) - Folk-rockers Fleet Foxes perform , as does singer-songwriter Joanna Newman.

What to Watch on Saturday: WWE troop tribute and 'Story of Santa Claus'

America's Most Wanted: U.S. Marshals Special Edition (8pm, Fox) - Regular series episodes of this show are now on Lifetime, but Fox will have a few specials each season. This is one of them. U.S. Marshals Service's 15 most-wanted suspects are spotlighted, along with the work of federal marshals.

WWE Tribute to the Troops (9pm, NBC) - Pro wrestlers and other entertainers gathered at Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville on December 13 for the WWE's annual tribute to the armed forces. Featured performers were Nickelback (pictured),  Mary J. Blige, and George Wallace. And of course, there was wrestling.

The Story of Santa Claus (9pm, CBS) - An animated musical from 1996 that explains how a toymaker named Nicholaus Claus (voice of Ed Asner) started the tradition of delivering toys to every child on Christmas. I haven't seen this so I'm not sure how it varies from the official story of Santa Claus ("Santa Claus is Comin' to Town") but they better not take too many liberties here! Betty White provides the voice of Mrs. Claus.

Earth's Final Hours (9pm, Syfy) - A doomsday scenario unfolds after a super-dense fragment of interstellar mass pierces the earth's core and slows down the planet's rotation.

CMA Country Christmas (9pm, ABC) - This is a repeat but it's another chance to see Scotty McCreery sing "The First Noel." Other performers include Darius Rucker, Vince Gill, and Faith Hill.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A pit bull and her puppies must be rescued from an abandoned home, and Tia's daughter has a difficult choice to make when her dog's health worsens.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - SNL alum Jimmy Fallon returns to host, and Michael Bublé is the music guest.

What to Watch on Saturday: 'Annie Claus' is comin' to town

Annie Claus is Coming to Town (8pm, Hallmark) - Santa's daughter Annie (Maria Thayer, left) leaves the North Pole to spend time in Los Angeles. While there, she falls for a duplicitous actor (Ryan Bittle), who was hired by a scheming elf to persuade Annie to stay in Los Angeles for good, but also develops feelings for the owner of a struggling toy company. Also stars Vivica A. Fox, Sam Page and Vicki Lawrence.

The American Giving Awards (8pm, NBC) - Bob Costas hosts this awards show honoring five charities. The top group, determined by online voting, receives $1 million and the other four split a million between them. The reason you'll watch: celebrity presenters and musical performances!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (8pm, CBS) - Rudolph. Hermey. Yukon. It never gets old.

The Flight Before Christmas (9pm, CBS) - A young reindeer who's never met his father and suffers from vertigo wants to follow in his footprints and become part of Santa's team, so he takes lessons from a member of a Finnish family of aerialist squirrels.

Paul Simon: Live at Webster Hall, New York (9pm, UNC-TV) - Paul Simon's concert at Webster Hall in New York City features "Kodachrome," "Mother and Child Reunion" and songs from his 2011 album, "So Beautiful or So What."

Snowmageddon (9pm, Syfy) - A new science-fiction movie about a mystical snow globe that can cause bad things to happen in the world world whenever it is shaken.

Appropriate Adult (10pm, Sundance) - A fascinating movie based on the true story of two British serial killers. Adrienne says Dominic West is fantastic.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A trip to the South includes helping an army veteran with a new litter of puppies. Also, a hunt for an injured dog in Jackson, Mississippi.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - The host is Katy Perry and the music guest is Robyn.

What to Watch on Saturday: Hallmark, 'Wonderful Life,' Buscemi on SNL

A Princess for Christmas (8pm, Hallmark) - A new Hallmark holiday movie in which a woman and her niece and nephew spend Christmas with a wealthy duke (Roger Moore, aka James Bond), the children's grandfather. Though the down-and-out trio feel out of place among royalty at first, they soon begin to settle in and connect as a family. Sparks also begin to fly between the woman and the duke's son. Also tars Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan. Adrienne has a review.  

It's a Wonderful Life (8pm, NBC) - No holiday season is complete without at least one viewing of this wildly dark and yet wildly uplifting tale of a man who is faced with the failure of his family-owned bank, tries to commit suicide, and is shown the value of his life by a bumbling angel named Clarence. Stars Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Henry Travers.

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's (9pm, OWN) - In the Season 1 finale, Robbie finally gets the loan to enable her to start construction on her dream restaurant, and Lil' Charles plans for college.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (10pm, Animal Planet) - A difficult rescue mission might make Tia miss Armando's wedding.

Saturday Night Live (11:29pm, NBC) - Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire," "Fargo") hosts for the first time since 1998. Can't wait. Hopes are high. The musical guest is The Black Keys.

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