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What to Watch on Thursday: Creedmoor kid chases his 'Racing Dreams'

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - The judges reveal the remaining semifinalists. Several folks from NC are in the race right now.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Everyone forgets Jerry's birthday. To make up for it, Leslie throws him a post-birthday party at a special location. Meanwhile, Tom is surprised to learn that he and Ann have very different tastes in music.

Racing Dreams (10pm, UNC-TV) - A wonderful POV documentary that chronicles the experiences of three kids competing for the World Karting Association national title. Two of the kids are from North Carolina, including Brandon Warren (left). I don't even like racing and I loved this documentary. Read my full review of "Racing Dreams."

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Sam tries to care for his sister but her mental instability makes it very difficult. Also, Sheldon learns that Amelia has life-changing news, Cooper rejects Charlotte's suggestion to seek help with Erica's care, and Addison and Jake keep flirting.

Archer (10pm, FX) - Ray's younger brother is in trouble with a crooked sheriff in the West Virginia backwoods, and Archer must come to the rescue.

What to Watch on Thursday: Louis C.K. returns to 'Parks and Recreation'

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - Elena learns about a startling indiscretion by Damon, while Bonnie and Abby take part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature.

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - A performance round is held in Las Vegas.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie and Ben have an awkward run-in with Leslie's old flame Dave (Louis C.K., left with Amy Poehler), and Andy writes a theme song for Leslie's campaign. Does this mean Mouse Rat may get back together???

NCSU at Duke (9pm, WRAL) - N.C. State plays at Duke. You can find normally scheduled CBS shows airing on WRAL after 1:30 am.

Remembering Whitney: The Oprah Interview (9pm, OWN) - Oprah Winfrey's 2009 interview with Whitney Houston, who discusses her personal life, including her marriage to Bobby Brown.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Cooper and Charlotte take Erica to Seattle Grace to meet with Derek, Lexie and Amelia about Erica's risky surgery.

Archer (10pm, FX) - Malory turns to Archer and Lana for help when she finds herself in a compromising situation with the Italian prime minister.

What to Watch on Thursday: FX animation and Grammer returns to '30 Rock'

30 Rock (8pm, NBC) - Liz is forced to do damage control when a crude rant by Tracy leaks on the Internet. Also, Kenneth and Jenna once again enlist Kelsey Grammer (playing himself) to help with a problem.

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - Bonnie is reunited with her estranged mother, and Klaus negotiates with Stefan to control the coffins of his family members.

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie and Ben clash while working on her first campaign ad. Elsewhere, Chris tries to befriend Ron, making Ron very uncomfortable. Paul Rudd guest stars as the candidate challenging Leslie.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - Jane investigates the death of a mob boss's son, and Van Pelt is haunted by memories of O'Laughlin's shooting. NOTE: This follows the Boston College vs. NCSU basketball game on WRAL. If the game goes over, "The Mentalist" will be joined in progress. This also means CBS's 8 p.m. through 10 p.m. shows ("Big Bang Theory," "Rob" and "Person of Interest") will be preempted. Here's the basic rule of thumb for finding your shows whenever this happens with WRAL programming.

American Stuffers (10pm, Animal Planet) - This bizarre series follows a family of taxidermists in Romance, Arkansas. Tonight, a job to preserve a Chihuahua comes with a thinly veiled threat from the deceased dog's owner, who may or may not be joking.

Archer (10pm, FX) - In the Season 3 premiere, Sterling is upset when he learns that Mallory is dating his hero (and man-crush) Burt Reynolds, who provides his own voice. He's more upset about that than he is about the fact that a Cuban hit squad is out to get him.

Unsupervised (10:30pm, FX) - A new animated comedy about two teen best friends with no parental supervision. In tonight's premiere, Gary and Joel want to hook up with girls but realize that they're considered just kids, so they set out to change their image.

What to Watch on Thursday: Treat yo self to some Tom Haverford

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - Rebekah opens up to Elena on the night of the homecoming dance. Also, Klaus puts his latest plan into action, but Damon enters into a dangerous partnership to stop him. My Morning Jacket perform.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie hosts a Model United Nations at a Pawnee high school. Also, Ron searches for a replacement for Tom (Aziz Ansari, right) and Chris seeks Ann's advice on love after a date cancels on him.

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Finch and Reese are puzzled when the machine turns up a deceased person of interest. Also, Finch reveals more about the machine's origin.

Bones (9pm, Fox) - A new squintern (Luke Kleintank) makes an immediate contribution to a case involving a death of a competitive eater, whose remains are indentified before a premiere event, but his delinquent past makes his welcome to the Jeffersonian a rude one. Meanwhile, Brennan's announcement about her baby irks Booth, and it challenges them to reconsider each otehr's perspective.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Jane and Calderon investigate the death of a boy at an upscale preschool, and Rivera asks Duffy to accompany her on a robbery case.

Burn Notice (10pm, USA) - Michael's childhood friend is killed in a gang dispute, so Michael teams up with the victim's brother to exact revenge on the gang.

What to Watch on Thursday: 'Big Bang' in enemy territory

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - A high school prank night turns deadly when uninvited guests arrive. Meanwhile, Damon tries to get Jeremy to use his ghostly connection to help defeat Klaus, who is tightening his grip on Stefan and using him for increasingly dangerous purposes.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Leonard and Sheldon attend a party at the home of Sheldon's nemesis, Wil Wheaton, who appears in a cameo along with Brent Spiner.

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Ron takes his boys-only troop of Pawnee Rangers into the wild, prompting Leslie to take her group of Pawnee Goddesses on a weekend adventure.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - Andy tries to impress Robert California by throwing a garden party at the Schrute Farms. Andy's parents (Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace) and brother (Josh Groban) attend, which makes Andy feel awkward.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - The designers must create a small collection that demonstrates their overall fashion vision. Actress Zoe Saldana is the guest judge.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Jackson's mother (Debbie Allen) plays a renowned surgeon who arrives at Seattle Grace to perform a groundbreaking transplant.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Jane suspects the wife in a stockbroker's murder, turns to hypnotism to help her quit smoking. Also, Matt is upset that his ex-wife doesn't want Jane at their son's birthday party.

*NOTE: Due to baseball, last night's "X-Factor" will air tonight, and tonight's "X-Factor" will air on Sunday. Or something like that. Just consider the Fox schedule in flux until the World Series ends and take anything you see here about Fox with a grain of salt.

What to Watch on Thursday: Conclusion of George Harrison documentary

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie's book about Pawnee comes out just in time for her campaign, and Ann tries to bond with Ron and April.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World (9pm, HBO) - The conclusion of Martin Scorsese's expansive profile of George Harrison explores the breakup of the Beatles, his burgeoning solo career, the concert for Bangladesh, his association with Monty Python, the Traveling Wilburys, and his death from cancer. Listen to Scorsese tell why he made the film on Harrison.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - The warehouse employees all win the lottery and quit, prompting the office workers to dream about living lives of luxury while searching for new warehouse staff.

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Reese joins a gang of thieves to infiltrate a crime ring.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - A stampede at a comic book convention leads to an array of colorful characters in the ER.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - The designers create fashions inspired by exotic birds. Fashion figure Francisco Costa is the guest judge.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Jane's father's bar is robbed while she's helping out there, and Jane gives the female cop (Elizabeth Rodriguez) investigating the robbery the cold shoulder. Also, Calderon and Jane are assigned to the murder of a woman found in a dumpster.

What to Watch on Thursday: Man down on 'Private Practice'

How to Be a Gentleman (8:30pm, CBS) - A new odd-couple sitcom about a friendship between an etiquette columnist and a macho trainer. Tonight, Andrew is told to put a contemporary twist on his column, so he hires a bad boy from his past to be his life coach. Adrienne has watched it and gives her opinion.

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Ron's first ex-wife, Tammy One (Patricia Clarkson), reenters his life and tries to control his every move. Meanwhile, Ann makes a PSA with help from Chris. Megan Mullaly also guest stars (Tammy Two).

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Finch and Reese are puzzled when the machine turns up a deceased person of interest. Also, Finch reflects on the machine's origin.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - Fashions from the 1970s inspire the creations of the remaining designers.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Pete has a heart attack in the Season 5 premiere. While Sam, Cooper, Charlotte and Amelia try to save him, Violet is nowhere to be found. Also, Addison seeks out Jake (Benjamin Bratt) because she wants a baby.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Duffy isn't happy with Jane's participation in his homicide-kidnapping case. In other events, Jane meets Matt's son for the first time.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (10pm, FX) - Frank finds himself in the child beauty pageant business and fears that people might think that he's in it for the wrong reasons.

What to Watch on Thursday: A strong premiere night on NBC

Charlie's Angels (8pm, ABC) - A remake of the 1970s hit show starring Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor. I'm not a fan. You're better served watching "Community." Or "Big Bang Theory." Or "The X-Factor." Or anything else.

Community (8pm, NBC) - In the Season 3 premiere, the study group wonder if Pierce will join them as they gather at the start of a new semester. Also, Jeff clashes with his biology teacher (Michael K. Williams, "The Wire," "Boardwalk Empire") and is kicked out of class, and Dean Pelton has a new nemesis at Greendale -- John Goodman.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Two new back-to-back episodes open the fifth season. First, Penny hits a low point when she realizes what she's done by sleeping with Raj, and Sheldon becomes leader of the paintball team. Later, Penny and Sheldon clash and Amy is caught in the middle.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie is faced with the difficult decision when she decides to run for office in the Season 4 opener. Meanwhile, Ron prepares for the return of his first wife (Patricia Clarkson).

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - A new drama following a presumed-dead CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) and a billionaire software genius (Michael Emerson) who try to stop crimes before they happen. Adrienne likes it. Read more.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - In the Season 8 premiere, the staffers discover their names on a mysterious list authored by new Sabre CEO, played by James Spader (right). Paranoia sweeps through the office as everyone speculates about what the list means.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Meredith is fired in tonight's two-hour Season 8 premiere. I have nothing against "Grey's," but there's better stuff on.

Whitney (9:30pm, NBC) - A new sitcom about about unmarried couple Whitney (Whitney Cummings) and Alex (Chris D'Elia). Is it funny? Adrienne says ...

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - A new series about a NYC homicide detective (Maria Bello) coping with sexism and harassment from colleauges while working murder cases. Also stars Aidan Quinn. It's a remake of Helen Mirren's classic PBS series, but it's quite good. I think you should watch.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - In the fourth season opener, Jane is in prison and must prove that the man he killed was Red John. Lisbon wants Van Pelt to get counseling for having to shoot her fiance when it was discovered he was Red John's inside man. So that Red John thing is over, right?

What to Watch on Thursday: Parade of stars recruited for 'Office' finale

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Hold your breath, McCreerians: Someone goes home tonight. But first, performances from Il Volo, Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - In the fourth season finale, Raj moves in with Sheldon when Leonard and Priya's "Star Trek" bedroom fantasy is too much for him.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - In the Season 7 finale, Jim takes the lead on a committee interviewing potential candidates for the branch manager job.  The hopefuls include Andy, Darryl, and Dwight, but also candidates played by Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, James Spader, Warren Buffett, and Ray Romano.

The Mentalist (9pm, CBS) - CBS has back-to-back episodes tonight to end the show's third season. In the episodes, a CBI mole is discovered and Patrick Jane finally confronts Red John face-to-face.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - In the seventh season finale, Meredith's deceit in Derek's clinical trial comes to light, jeopardizing her career and causing unintended consequences for others. Also, Owen announces his choice for chief resident.

Bones (9pm, Fox) - A bowler's remains are found in an automatic pinsetter in the Season 6 finale, and Booth goes undercover to fill an injured Max's spot on the victim's team to gather clues and suspects.

Parks and Recreation (10pm, NBC) - Two new episodes tonight mark the end of Season 3. In the final episode, Leslie organizes a memorial service or a dearly departed friend and Chris deals with a health problem.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Season 4 ends with Oceanside Wellness facing an existential crisis as a result of its vulnerabilities. Whatever that means. More importantly, Addison has a new admirer, how is played by Benjamin Bratt.

What to Watch on Thursday: Lives on the line in 'Vampire Diaries' finale

Community (8pm, NBC) - The Season 2 finale concludes last week's paintball storyline. The study group unite to take down new intruders and common enemies during the intense battle.

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - The second season ends with lives hanging in the balance as the consequences of the sacrifice ritual become clear. Meanwhile, during a town square viewing of "Gone with the Wind," Damon recalls memories of Katherine in 1864.

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - One of the remaining singers is voted off (the suspense!) and judge Steven Tyler premieres his solo music video "(It) Feels So Good." Also, Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks performs.

CSI (9pm, CBS) - The 11th season concludes with Ray facing serial killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin) after he is lured to the house where Haskell's killing spree began.

The First 48 (9pm, A&E) - A Charlotte man is murdered in front of his 9-year-old son.

Bones (9pm, Fox) - Booth puts all his energy into apprehending Jacob Broadsky after an innocent victim is hit by the sniper's bullet, which was meant for Booth.

Parks and Recreation (9:30pm, NBC) - Two new episodes tonight! In the first, Leslie tries to get Ann a job at city hall, which leads to their first fight. Then, Leslie struggles to contain her feelings for Ben when they start out on a road trip to Indianapolis.

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