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Wake County school board to discuss grading practices review today

The proposed move to "standards-based" grading will be the main topic at today's first meeting of the reconstituted Wake County school board student achievement committee.

Ruth Stedinger, senior director of middle school programs, will give the committee an overview of the grading review and the recommendations that have been made. Recommendations such as reducing the value of homework, counting retests and letting students hand in work late caused the prior board to put the idea on hold.

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children has been advocating Wake to implement the recommendations.

The grading review has gained new attention since the Panther Creek High cheating scandal. Panther Creek has been one of the schools that been pursuing the grading changes on its own, such as not giving zeros and allowing students who've cheated to take alternative exams or assignments.

CCCAAC says Wake County students should all get the same second chance as Panther Creek High cheaters

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children says that all Wake County students deserve the same second chance that's been given to the Panther Creek High School students who were caught cheating.

In this press release today, CCCAAC points to school officials having called the Panther Creek students who were allowed to take an alternative exam instead of getting a zero "good kids." The CCCAAC asks "how many children have received 0’s when caught cheating and failed the class for the year because they were not given a second chance?"  

The CCCAAC alleges racism in Wake not moving ahead with the grading review, writing that "discrimination, SEGREGATION occurs when students do not receive the same opportunities for achieving mastery and equity when being evaluated on graded activities."

"Are these students at Panther Creek more deserving of a second chance because they are from an affluent family and viewed as UPPER Middle Class students who attend one of the top schools in the nation?" the CCCAAC writes. "...All students deserve the same opportunities even if CAUGHT CHEATINIG (sic)!!"

1336255369 CCCAAC says Wake County students should all get the same second chance as Panther Creek High cheaters The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata on Panther Creek High cheating scandal, school budget and other issues

The Panther Creek High cheating incident and the school budget proposal dominated much of the discussion today's news conference held by Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata.

Tata said he stands behind how Panther Creek issued short-term suspensions and in-school detentions for the five students who were caught cheating. They were also required to take an alternative exam to see if they knew the material.

Tata was asked how fair it was for Panther Creek to give an alternative exam when some schools would give zeros for cheating. Tata pointed back to the ongoing grading practices review and how principals have autonomy to make decisions within the broad framework of board policy.


1347246836 Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata on Panther Creek High cheating scandal, school budget and other issues The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Panther Creek High School students suspended for cheating

With cheating and grading being up for discussion now in Wake County, let's look to the situation at Panther Creek High School.

As noted in today's article, Wake County school officials said that five Panther Creek juniors were implicated in up to three incidents of cheating, including distributing copies of an exam. Students and parents say some of the students cited for cheating had been among the top 10 percent in academic rank in the junior class.

In terms of consequences, at least one student was removed from the National Honor Society. A student who distributed a test to several classmates received a short-term suspension and several students received detention as an in-school suspension.

Students also faced academic consequences such as having to take an alternative exam or do an alternative assignment.

NCHSAA girls lacrosse pairings

The N.C. High School Athletic Association girls lacrosse playoffs begin Friday, May 4. Conference champions East Chapel Hill, Green Hope and Cardinal Gibbons received first-round byes. Defending state champ Apex is a 2-seed.

See more match-ups by clicking below.

Cardinal Gibbons hires Panther Creek's Todd Schuler as athletics director

Cardinal Gibbons has hired Todd Schuler - athletics director at Panther Creek - to the same position. Schuler (pictured left) had been at Panther Creek since the school opened in 2006 and the athletics director since 2008.

Gibbons had been searching for a replacement since January, when Dean Monroe left the school after 22 years as athletics director to become the AD at St. Mary's.

Four Oaks Bank Tri-Nine Challenge features six

The Four Oaks Bank Tri-Nine Challenge is back for another season, and this year it features six teams in the round-robin field.

Apex, Holly Springs and Panther Creek are this year's representatives from the Tri-Nine Conference.

*Update: due to the death of a student at Western Harnett High School Friday morning, the Eagles will not play any more tournament games this weekend. Below is the new schedule*

Emptying the notebook on the proposed superconference

Hope everyone has had a chance to read our story today on a proposed unprecedented 14-team, dual-division conference that would merge the Tri-Nine and PAC-6 conferences in 2013.

There was a lot going on behind-the-scenes leading up to this proposal in recent weeks. Many of it did not or could not make the story, so I'll post it below.

One man's conspiracy theory

Wake County school board approves ninth-grade center site for Panther Creek High School

The Wake County school board voted 5-4 along party lines today to use land next to Alston Ridge Elementary School as the site for Panther Creek HIgh School's off-campus ninth-grade center.

The board will place classroom trailers at the site, which is slated to house a middle school, to temporarily relieve crowding at nearby Panther Creek High. The ninth-grade center, which will have a net cost of $5.4 million over the next six years, wlll be ready for the 2013-14 school year.

The board had voted Feb. 7 to lease an office building in Morrisvlle for the ninth-grade center that would have been ready for this August. But the deal was rescinded Feb. 21 after parents complained that the office building was too far from the main campus to allow for convenient access to classes and extracurricular activities.

Today, the five Democrats voted to use the Alston Ridge site. The four Republicans voted no.

Wake County school board discussing budget, student assignment and other issues today

Budgets and student assignment headline a long list of items on today's Wake County school board agenda.

 As noted in today's article, during the work session, staff will present recommended changes to the assignment plan based on the results of the first round of the choice selection process. The board has scheduled a vote on changes for the regular meeting.

Chief Transformation Officer Judy Peppler previously told the board they may recommend adjustments in four areas: whether seat set-asides should be allocated for some or all of the high-performing schools, the percentage of magnet vs. base students at some schools, options for students whose feeder doesn't include transportation and sibling priority in grades 1-5, 7-8 and 10-12.

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