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What to Watch on Friday: A not-so-happy ending for Penny

Nikita (8pm, CW) - Owen begins to unlock the secrets from his past, with help from Amanda. Also, Alex tells Birkhoff that she wants to leave Division.

Eve of Destruction (8pm, Reelz) - In part one of a two-part miniseries, two scientists look to space to tap an unlimited energy supply for Earth, but when their experiment is sabotaged by eco-activists, it turns an already risky proposition into one that could mean the end of the planet. Stars Steven Weber. Part airs Saturday night at 8.

Happy Endings (8pm, ABC) - Couples game night at Brad and Jane's turns a tad too competitive, prompting Penny to make a surprise move. Seth Morris guest stars. At 8:30, the gang wonder about Penny's state of mind after a traumatic event, and then get really concerned when they learn she's written a play called "Black Plague: A Love Story."

Vegas (9pm, CBS) - DA Reynolds sweats the idea of a wiretap on Savino's phones, but Ralph, Jack and Katherine expect to use it to their advantage. Later, Mia is shocked when her supposedly deceased mother shows up in town and sets her romantic sights on Savino.

Spartacus: War of the Damned (9pm, Starz) - In the series finale, Spartacus and his outnumbered rebel force prepare for what could be their final, pivotal battle against the Romans.

Da Vinci's Demons (10pm, Starz) - After the "Spartacus" finale, you'll probably want to hang around for the newest Starz series, chronicles the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, but portrays him as a sort of action hero. Stars Tom Riley.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Linda stops Danny from questioning a wounded accomplice before surgery, but the patient doesn't survive the procedure, leading to a feud between Linda and Danny concerning protocol.

Out There (10pm, IFC) - After Wayne backs out of participating in a father-son event, Chad asks Sharla's dad to fill in.

What to Watch on Friday: Blake Shelton plays Reba's brother on 'Malibu Country'

Nikita (8pm, CW) - Nikita learns about a planned terrorist attack from Ari, but he wants $50 million for the information he possesses that could stop the threat and lead to the capture of the person behind it.

Malibu Country (8:30pm, ABC) - Reba's ne'er-do-well brother Blake (played by Blake Shelton) pays a surprise visit and cooks up a get-rich-quick scheme to market Lillie Mae's homemade BBQ sauce. Meanwhile, June accidentally lets it be known at school that Cash is still a virgin, and when their Uncle Blake offers him some iffy romantic advice, his nephew is quick to take it to heart.

Touch (9pm, Fox) - Jake and Amelia are suddenly on their own and heading to a predetermined meeting place, but Martin and Lucy's search for the kids also reveals crucial information about Calvin's brother.

Gymnastics: N.C. State at BYU (9pm, BYUTV) - I know this is incredibly random, but I just happened across this and how often is a local gymnastic meet televised? (Maybe a lot, I don't know.) If you have Time Warner Cable, this is on channel 287.

Portlandia (10pm, IFC) - In the Season 3 finale, the entire city of Portland is blacked out after the mayor's office fails to pay the electric bill.

Out There (10:30pm, IFC) - Chris' startled exclamation after being accosted by a school bully gets him slapped with an effeminate nickname, so Chad plots to get him a new moniker.

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