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What to Watch on Sunday: Some favorites return on Showtime

Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron (8pm, NGC) - National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence James Cameron, who also directed the blockbuster "Titanic" film, assembles the world's leading experts on the sunken ship to investigate lingering mysteries of how and why the "unsinkable" ship sank.

Nurse Jackie (9pm, Showtime) - Season 4 opens as the hospital has been taken over by a multinational corporation and placed in the care of a no-nonsense doctor (Bobby Cannavale) who is eager to make changes to the hospital and staff. Meanwhile, Kevin and Jackie have split and Jackie's troubling encounter with a fellow drug user (Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong) helps propel her into rehab. I got to watch nearly the whole season and it's worth sticking with.

Great Expectations (9pm, UNC-TV) - The conclusion of newest version of the Charles Dickens classic. Tonight, Pip is in London, where his guardian explains his allowance. In time he learns the ways of gentlemen, and he falls further in love with Estella.

The Killing (9pm, AMC) - Sarah searches for Rosie's backpack, while Richmond comes to grips with his diagnosis of paralysis, and Mitch finally turns up.

Keep reading for more shows.

What to Watch on Monday: Cuddy's mom threatens to sue on 'House'

House (8pm, Fox) - Cuddy's mother (Candice Bergen, left with Lisa Edelstein) considers filing a malpractice suit against the hospital (why doesn't this happen more often on this show?!), which could put her daughter's and House's medical licenses in jeopardy. Meanwhile, luck runs out for a partially paralyzed lottery winner (Donal Logue, 'Terriers').

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck puts spying on hold to enjoy his bachelor party, but the bash takes surprising turns thanks to some surprising guests.

Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - Teresa and Jarek face a big setback in their war against Gibbons when a crooked city official gets acquitted by a deadlocked jury. They look into the situation and find not only jury tampering, but other misdeeds as well.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Antics move to Los Angeles, as Beckett goes rogue to pursue a suspect in her former partner's murder. Castle tags along and the two visit the movie set of "Heat Wave," where the cast proves to be helpful in breaking open the case.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Akalitus is in an uproar as workers from the archdiocese remove her religious statues, and a pushy new temp nurse (Gbenga Akinnagbe, 'The Wire') makes his presence known in the ER.

Hawaii Five-0 (10pm, CBS) - A famous fashion photographer (Rick Springfield) who is in Hawaii to shoot a sports magazine's annual swimsuit issue is murdered. Detectives should really lock down the whereabouts of Jessie.

What to Watch on Monday: Hoops championship, 'Harry's Law' finale

NCAA Tournament Championship (9pm, CBS) - The National Champion will be crowned tonight.

Relapse (9pm, A&E) - Yet another A&E reality show about people battling addictions. In this one, sober coaches help prevent high-risk addicts from relapsing. See our review here.

Being Human (US) (9pm, Syfy) - Sally copes with the aftermath of her exorcism.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - A California salvage yard that's been in the family for generations is discovered. In the spotlight tonight, a brass diving helmeet and a rare car hood ornament.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Dr. O'Hara's anger at Jackie drives her to look for a new job, and Akalitus launches a campaign to bring first lady Michelle Obama to the hospital.

Harry's Law (10pm, NBC) - In the first season finale, Harry (Katy Bates) defends Josh Peyton when he's charged with assault after suffering a mental breakdown. Also, Adam and Rachel defend a death-row inmate, but the case is jeopardized by a clerical error. It's likely this show will get picked up for a second season.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a reporter found in a pizzeria's oven. His murder may be connected to an expose he wrote called "The Pizza Wars."

All About Aubrey (10pm, Oxygen) - Russell Simmons offers a frustrated Aubrey advice about her love life.

'Nurse Jackie' hits "reset" for Season 3

For better or worse, the intensity of Season 2's cliffhanger finale is not quite matched in Monday night's Season 3 debut.

In fact, 'Nurse Jackie' seems to once again hit the reset button on Jackie's escalating drug addiction and crumbling house of lies.

The show's fans will recall that Season 2 ended with Jackie's husband Kevin and her best friend Dr. O'Hara discovering her drug dependency and web of deception, and staging a pretty weak attempt at an intervention.

A crazy "Nurse Jackie" finale tonight

Looks like things may finally come crashing down on Jackie in tonight's second season finale.

It's not entirely unexpected. How long can you function as a drug addicted ER nurse stealing pain pills from your hospital and cheating on your husband with a crazy person without having everything eventually fall apart? The question is, will Jackie and her relationships all survive?

The premise of "Nurse Jackie" is awfully dark, but what makes the show work so well are the unexpected shots of humor. Such as the one in the clip below. I'm already excited for Season 3 (filming begins in September).

What to Watch on Monday: Chuck cracks

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck (Zachary Levi, left) has alarming nightmares that indicate perhaps the intersect in his brain is malfunctioning. Or maybe he's crazy. General Beckman orders Chuck to see a CIA psychologist (Christopher Lloyd). Also, Anna returns to the Buy More and reaches out to Morgan. 

How I Met Your Mother (8pm, CBS) - The gang crashes an upscale Manhattan party attended by prominent intellectuals and Ted shows off his brainy side. Arianna Huffington, Peter Bogdanovich, and New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz have cameos.

House (8pm, Fox) - Andre Braugher returns as the psychologist who treated House when he was committed to rehab, and House tells him about a patient who showed up at the hospital with an unknown illness and no memory of who she is.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Castle and Det. Demming vie for Beckett's attention (and affection) while they try to solve a robbery-homicide case.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - When Fiona shows up at school with a cast on her arm and stitches on her mouth, her teacher becomes suspicious and questions Jackie (Edie Falco, right). Also, Harvey Fierstein stars as a man who has a hard time letting go of his dying husband. 

What to Watch on Monday: Complications on "Nurse Jackie"

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck and Sarah encounter Spanish spies on a train in Europe and  must derail the spies' agenda without any backup. Still, Casey and Morgan (I am loving this duo!) try to help them.

House (8pm, Fox) - House is still testing Wilson's relationship with his ex-wife Sam (Cynthia Watros). 

Trauma (9pm, NBC) - Dispatch errors send medics to the wrong locations and Nancy considers the future of her relationship with Rabbit. Rabbit! Also, Marisa's reunion with a friend from the Army goes badly (again) and Boone plans a birthday party for Tyler.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Inexplicably, Jackie is back together with Eddie -- not that it keeps Eddie from hanging out with Kevin. Cooper becomes "The Face of All Saints" for a citywide ad campaign, and O'Hara's former lover (Julia Ormond) comes to town. 

What to Watch Monday: A mummy's curse and NCAA champs

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - The spies regroup after learning it was a villainous operative responsible for the death of Shaw's wife, not Sarah. They set out to find the evildoer, but Chuck worries over Shaw's mental state.

Life Unexpected (8pm, The CW) - Cate, Baze, and Lux go on a road trip to track down Cate's long lost father (Peter Horton). 

NCAA Basketball Championship (9pm, CBS) - It's the championship game between our hometown ACC champs Duke and the home court-advantaged Butler bulldogs. Can Duke do it?!

Castle (10pm, ABC) - While investigating the death of a museum curator believed to have been the victim of a mummy's curse, Castle (Nathan Fillion, left) channels Indiana Jones and peeks at forbidden artifacts, then worries he too will fall prey to the curse. 

Damages (10pm, FX) - Patty's star witness (Tobin's illegitimate daughter) is arrested, forcing Patty to make an unusual deal with the DA or else be removed as the lawyer for Tobin's victims. Also, Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson) shoots his mouth off and reveals a little too much about his past. 

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Dr. Cooper is named one of the Top 25 doctors in New York City by New York magazine, and Grace's obnoxious friend walks in on Jackie snorting drugs.

What to Watch on Monday: Conclusion to Castle's big boom

Life Unexpected (8pm, The CW) - Trapped at the radio station with Ryan during a storm, Lux opens up about her childhood in foster care. Also trapped - Cate with Baze, at the bar.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck has passed all of his tests and is officially a spy, so he gets his  pick of superspy partners for an undercover mission. His pick? Sarah. Casey, Morgan, and Awesome team up to help Chuck get her back. 

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (10pm, Food) - Among other more appealing-sounding stops, they check out a place in Charlotte that serves boiled turkey.

Kell on Earth (10pm, Bravo) - In the season 1 finale, Kelly goes to LA to meet with her top gun clients. Back in New York, she focuses on a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - In the conclusion to last week's "Boom!" cliffhanger, we'll learn if Beckett survived the explosion in her apartment (or rather, we'll learn how they'll explain Beckett's survival of the explosion in her apartment). Dana Delaney guest stars.

Nurse Jackie (10pm, Showtime) - Jackie and Coop continue to clash, and Jackie jumps the gun and sends an ill child home with the wrong diagnosis. Dr. O'Hara goes on a booze-and-pill binge after the death of her mother. 

The United States of Tara (10:30pm, Showtime) - Tara's doormat alters are itching to make a comeback.

Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" is back for Season Two

"Nurse Jackie," the surprisingly hilarious show about a philandering drug addict nurse in a New York City hospital emergency room, returns for its second season tonight.

What's that you say? A show about a pill-popping ER nurse who cheats on her husband with an unstable pharmacist (points for being practical) doesn't sound all that funny to you? I know, but you're wrong.

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