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NCAA investigating two UNC football players

The NCAA is investigating two University of North Carolina football players in connection with possible improper involvement with sports agents, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

UNC athletic director Dick Baddour confirmed Thursday that the NCAA “had been to Chapel Hill to speak with some of our student-athletes” but declined to provide further details.

At UNC, athletics and academics intersect

From the weekend - a story about how big-time athletics intersects with academics.

When UNC won the national basketball title last year, the folks who run the university's financial aid office may have cheered loudest.

Here's why - Universities get royalties from the sale of licensed merchandise. The more stuff you sell, the more money you get, and when a school wins a national title, sales explode.

At Carolina, the money goes to scholarships, creating a direct connection between athletic success and access to higher education.

Here's the story

Duke rally shouldn't have happened

In throwing a welcome home bash for its conquering heroes, Duke University earlier this week violated its own policy prohibiting pep rallies during class hours.

Four years ago, Duke created a new policy at the prodding of faculty members bothered by mid-day events that essentially encouraged students to skip classes.

But when Duke won the basketball title this week, nobody remembered the rule had been made and the rally was held Tuesday afternoon.

 Here are the details.

Pete Maravich's teen years

Before he became the NCAA's leading scorer on the basketball court and one of the sport's greatest players ever, Pete Maravich was confident and awesome on the courts at Raleigh's Broughton High School. Off the court, he was not unlike many of his peers: anxious to live up to the expectations of the important adults in his life and insecure about teenage rituals like dating.

The awkward boy of the mid-1960s is revealed in a series of letters Maravich wrote to his high school girlfriend. Read about those letters in Sunday's N&O and go here now to see photographs from a remarkable life and career. 

Linda Williams

Senior Editor


WSSU, NCCU: A windy road to D-I

It's a long and winding road to Division I athletics with all manner of obstacle along the way.

It's expensive. It's complicated. Did I mention it's expensive?

In North Carolina, two public, historically black universities have spent the last five years or so trying to make the big jump.

One, N.C. Central University in Durham, appears poised for a successful transition.

Another, Winston-Salem State University, has run aground in its quest for big-time athletics glory.

Read on.

In troubled times, coaches lose a friend

Tags: ACC Now | Coach K | NCAA

Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski spoke for a lot of coaches when he said Myles Brand was a “true friend of college basketball.”

Losing Brand, the NCAA president who died Wednesday afternoon of pancreatic cancer at age 67, is a blow to the sport and its coaches when they need a friend more than ever.

June 19, 2009: Arizona State 12, UNC 5

UNC falls to Arizona State 12-5 on Thursday to be eliminated from the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

'No-charge' arc could come sooner

Tags: ACC Now | Duke | N.C. State | NCAA | UNC

From today's college basketball column:

One of the reasons the NCAA basketball playing rules committee last month didn't recommend a painted arc to go along with the new "no charge" zone under the basket for "help" defenders was because it could have taken four years to institute a new painted line.

But when the Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the roughly-24-inch no-charge area earlier this month, it did something smart: It opened the door to quicker implementation of a painted semicircle, if one is ever recommended and approved by the membership.

'No-charge zone' approved in basketball

Tags: ACC Now | NCAA

The "no-charge zone" now is officially destined to be added to the vernacular in college men's basketball.

In an e-mail message Thursday afternoon, NCAA spokeswoman Gail Dent said the NCAA Rules Oversight Committee approved all recommended rules during its Wednesday telephone conference.

The NCAA Basketball Playing Rules Committee had recommended the new rule, which creates a no-charge zone for "help" defenders that extends from the front of the rim to the front of the backboard.

NCAA-FSU slapfight continues

The NCAA has responded to Florida State's appeal to keep its 14 football victories from the 2006 and '07 seasons.

The NCAA's answer? They're not saying.

Apparently, in a Ron Prince-inspired move, the NCAA told FSU the verdict and no one else. Given FSU's status as a public institution, the school's response will be made public but we have to wait for it.

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