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Canceled: 'The Cape' is snatched. Final episode to air online.

This may not be news to some of you, but I'm just now seeing the notice about 'The Cape' being canceled by NBC. Can't say I'm surprised. I couldn't even make it through one episode. The pilot had decent ratings, but those dropped more and more each week.

The network isn't even airing the tenth and final episode, but it will be available online later this month.

NBC is bringing back 'The Event' on Monday to air in the 'Cape' timeslot.

Merger between Comcast and NBC is approved

The FCC approved the deal between Comcast and NBC today, and the Justice Department almost immediately followed suit. The whole thing could be finalized by the end of January.

What does that mean? Read more here at The New York Times

More proof that NBC anchor Brian Williams is the funniest guy on television

We've seen him on "The Daily Show" and "30 Rock, " so we all know Brian Williams is pretty funny. But this latest video is just hilarious. Williams' description of the aroma of the "Kathie Lee & Hoda" studio as a "combination of alcohol and sweat and a little Love's Baby Soft" is priceless. Watch Williams banter with Kathie Lee & Hoda as they try to promote better health and fitness.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"Conan" debut: It's the Conan we know and love

The Bearded One is back.

After an extraordinary amount of hype, Conan O'Brien returned to late last night, debuting his new 11 p.m. talk show on TBS.

No surprise here, but "Conan" is a lot like O'Brien's old shows ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien") -- and that's not a bad thing. I loved those old shows, and there's really no reason I can think of for him to drastically change a formula that his loyal Team Coco adores.

In his first episode (titled "Baa Baa Blackmail" -- each episode will be named), O'Brien made a lot of self-deprecating jokes about his infamous dismissal from NBC and about being on basic cable (also not a surprise). His sidekick Andy Richter was back, and really funny (on the couch where he belongs instead of behind a podium). The Basic Cable Band sounded good, and guests Seth Rogan, Lea Michelle, and Jack White -- all good. O'Brien even played a number with White, and you could tell he was having a blast.

In short, the first five minutes of "Conan" -- a short film recounting the upheaval at NBC and his path to TBS -- were funnier than five years of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Watch that clip below.

Canceled: NBC ends "Undercovers"

Surprising no one, NBC has officially ended the J.J. Abrams spy dramedy "Undercovers."

The episode airing next Wednesday night will be the last to air in that timeslot. No word yet if NBC will air the other episodes they have remaining.

Adrienne reviewed the premiere and thought that while the lead characters (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw) were beautiful to look at, the show needed more intrigue.

And despite the Abrams credentials, "Undercovers" failed to connect with a large fan base.

Final season of "Friday Night Lights" begins tonight

The fifth and final season of "Friday Night Lights" begins tonight -- if you have DirecTV, that is. If not, you'll have to wait for NBC's run next year.

Here's a quick rundown of the ever-changing cast. On the team, quarterback Vince  Howard (Michael B. Jordan) is back, and so is Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria). Also back are students Becky (Madison Burge) and Jess (Jurnee Smollett). And a new character is introduced --  Hastings Ruckle (Grey Damon) -- when  Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) recruits from the basketball team. 

In other parts of the "Friday Night Lights" universe . . .

"Friday Night Lights" pulled from ABC Family

I'm really starting to think America just doesn't get this show. The beleaguered drama about a football-obsessed small town in Texas is universally praised by critics but just can't pull decent ratings anywhere.

Starting out on NBC, "Friday Night Lights" was saved from cancelation by DirecTV, which now airs the show in its first run. The series gets a later run on NBC.

Then ABC Family picked it up in syndication this summer and had said it would air every episode and air them in order. But now TV Guide is reporting that the cable network has removed "Friday Night Lights" from its schedule, citing, you guessed it, low ratings.

It's puzzling, really. "Friday Night Lights" is an incredibly compelling portrait of small town America. The writing is solid and the acting is superb. Every single week it's hearbreaking and inspiring, funny and sad. So come on, America. Get in the game! The final season begins on DirecTV on October 27.

NBC's "Outsourced" unfortunately unfunny

Ken Kwapis, the creator of "Outsourced," has directed the pilot episodes of "The Office," "The Larry Sanders Show," and "The Bernie Mac Show."

"Outsourced" is nothing like any of those shows.

The new NBC sitcom is based on a 2006 movie of the same name, and takes place overseas at a call center in India. The action begins just after an American novelty company shuts down their entire call center and sends those jobs overseas -- and with those jobs, an fresh-faced caucasian American manager to train and run the team.

The early buzz about the show from critics has been that it's borderline racist. Kwapis counters that argument by pointing out that a third of the show's writers are of Indian descent and that Indian-American focus groups love it. I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to say it's racist -- maybe it is and maybe it isn't -- but I certainly do not think it's very flattering to Indians.

"Undercovers" has beauty, but could use more intrigue

The semi-trailblazing quality of "Undercovers" (NBC, 8 tonight) is being downplayed by the cast and the network, and perhaps they should. Although it's not common, this isn't the first time black actors have headlined a one-hour network show.

But part of my anticipation for the show was based on seeing Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw play a kind of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" part precisely because black actors routinely should be considered for roles like this, but aren't. Look at them and tell me they aren't as pretty as Brad and Angie.

Unfortunately what they do lack is the Brangelina's flat-out star power, as well as the ease with banter and sweet chemistry of Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner  from "Hart to Hart." Without those qualities, "Undercovers" is kind of flat.

NBC's "The Chase" not worth pursuing

There's nothing at all distinctive or even good about NBC's "The Chase." Sure, it's from Jerry Bruckheimer, but as far as keepers go, it's the Jerry Bruckheimer who brought NBC "E-Ring," not the Jerry Bruckheimer who brought CBS "CSI" and "Without A Trace."

"The Chase" is all action and no brains, a generic procedural about a group of uber-macho US Marshalls in Texas who chase bad guys and kick butt. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there's just nothing interesting about these particular butt-kicking marshalls.

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