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Does Leno return as damaged goods to "Tonight Show" tonight?

The Chin is back.

Jay Leno returns to his "Tonight Show" spot tonight at 11:35, and it's likely to be the very same "Tonight Show" he left last May -- which then essentially became "The Jay Leno Show" in prime time. (And unless you've been living under a rock for the past three months, you know that Leno's ratings in prime time were atrocious so NBC decided to move his new show to 11:35 and shove Conan's "Tonight Show" to 12:05. When Conan balked, he was dismissed and Jay was tossed like a rabbit into a briar patch).

Conan O'Brien taking his show on the road

Could Conan O'Brien be coming soon to a venue near you?

Representatives of the former "Tonight Show" host confirm that O'Brien is planning a series of live shows across the country -- and perhaps even across the world -- in advance of a possible new TV show, which could come as early as this fall.

Though nothing definite has been decided, his reps believe the shows will only be in major cities and in large venues, so it doesn't sound like he'll be hitting up the DPAC. But you never know...

2010 Winter Olympics: It's in high def and on demand

If you're a snow sports junkie, get ready for some pretty unrelenting Winter Olympics coverage from NBC, as they scramble to recoup some of the $820 million they paid for rights to the games.

The network has announced "multi-platform content offering" for the games, which simply means you can get a bunch of Olympics stuff a bunch of different ways.

In addition to watching NBC-owned channels on the regular ole boring TV (like I have), you can also watch those death-defying high jumps in glorious HD (Vancouver will be the first Olympic Winter Games available entirely in high definition), or through instant On Demand access, or over the internet.

What to Watch on Friday: Let the Winter games begin!

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (8pm, NBC) - The Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics from BC Place in Vancouver honors the heritage of the host nation and also has all the other usual Opening Ceremony stuff: parade of nations, athletes oath, and lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. Afterward, competition gets underway with ski jumping. The Winter Olympics begin tonight and last through February 28.

Smallville (8pm, The CW) - Clark runs into the magician Zatanna at a comic book convention, where a magical comic book is stolen by a young man who develops special powers, which he uses to rescue Chloe. Lois becomes jealous of Clark's relationship with Zatanna.

Undercover Boss (9pm, CBS) - People are pretty divided on this show, which premiered to big numbers Sunday night after the Super Bowl. It's a new reality show in which a CEO goes undercover doing menial jobs at his or her company, to see what it's really like on the front lines. Sunday's debut featured Waste Management CEO Larry O'Donnell riding a garbage truck, picking up trash, and cleaning portable toilets (you know, the kind that don't flush). We found the show compelling, but some believe it's phony and manipulative. The truth is, it's all those things. It's a reality show. Is some of it contrived? Sure. But is it entertaining? Absolutely. This is a repeat of the Waste Management debut. The show returns Sunday with the CEO of Hooters.

NBA Rookie Challenge (9pm, TNT) - From Dallas, the 11th annual game pits NBA rookies against NBA sophomores. 

Jay talks to Oprah: "Am I not a good guy?"

Today's chat between two TV titans, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno, was a bit of a meeting of the minds.

It seemed that Jay believed talking to Oprah would be a good move because Oprah would be at least somewhat sympathetic because she gets the workings of TV. And since Jay wasn't there to take any part of the blame, he needed some one to help explain to those on Team CoCo.

The closest Jay came to an illumination of his action was basically 'I did it for my staff.' An interesting approach that Oprah didn't seem to totally buy.

Raleigh parenting expert to appear on "Today" show

Raleigh parenting expert Amy McCready is scheduled to appear on the "Today" show tomorrow morning to discuss "Is Time Out a Waste of Time?"

"Today" airs at 7am on NBC.

Read more about McCready and her work at the .biz blog

Free Bird! A recap of Conan's final "Tonight Show"

The long goodbye is over. Conan O'Brien's final "Tonight Show" aired on NBC last night, and Conan proved this once and for all: The man is a class act all the way.

Conan was greeted by a tremendous ovation from his fans, who chanted, "Co-nan! Co-nan!" He settled the crowd and said, "Thank you, that's gonna have to last me awhile."

It'll have to last him for seven months, anyway.

It was a great farewell show, with Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Neil Young, Steve Carell and an awesomely spectacular show-ending musical number with surprise guests.

At the beginning of Conan's monologue he announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio," but the show was not filled with bitterness at all. It was bittersweet, for sure, but Conan was effortlessly gracious throughout.

The Office recap: Ricky Gervais was right

This photo of Phyllis (left) from The Office's Dec. 10 Christmas episode is as timely as anything else the "Happiness ..." brain trust could attach to this recap of Thursday night's episode.

That's because, after a six-week hiatus, the show's writers came back with ... a clip show. Six weeks off, and The Office returns with a contrived shell of a story about an investment banker auditing the Scranton branch, giving Toby and other cast members opportunities to flash back to highlights from real episodes.

Anyone who watched Sunday's Golden Globes award ceremony heard host Ricky Gervais declare that the American version of his show has "jumped the shark". He was probably joking. Probably.

At least The Office picked a couple of my favorite episodes to cannibalize for clips.

The Ken Burns version of NBC's Late Night War

Perhaps I am too easily amused, but this is so hilarious to me. Last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" presented a short Ken Burns-style documentary on NBC's Late Night Wars of 2009-2010. We even get General Jebediah Jay Leno reading aloud letters to his wife Mavis. The old guy they interview (the "TV watcher") eating the donut really cracked me up.

Finally. Video from Taiwan explains the whole Conan vs. Leno problem.

Like David Letterman, I get up every morning promising myself that I'm finished with this whole Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno mess, but I just can't help myself. 

Today's gem is a brilliant computer-animated explanation of the NBC fiasco from a television news organization in Taiwan: 

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