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Monday debate: Bettman on fan loyalty

On Thursday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman indicated he wasn't concerned about the impact of another lockout because, "We recovered well last time because we have the world's greatest fans."

As fans, how'd you take that statement? Feel taken for granted? Or honored by his faith in your loyalty?

Share your feelings in the comment section.

Monday debate: The fan experience

We're only a little more than a month away from the beginning of training camp, so there will be plenty of hockey discussions to come, but as I fill in for Chip with this debate topic while he's on furlough this week, here's a non-hockey-related topic -- more an open forum than a debate.

If there was one element of the fan experience at the RBC Center -- or on the radio or TV or anywhere else, for that matter -- you would change, improve, replace or expand, what is it?

The floor is open.

Monday debate: wearing the A's

The Canes will have new alternate captains this season, with a number of good choices to wear the "A."

Tim Gleason may be a given. Brandon Sutter may be ready to take on the responsibility. But there several good choices.

Who are your choices? The floor is open.

Monday debate: finishing the series

Everyone knows the situation for the Canes. After three straight wins to take a 3-1 lead over the Bruins in the Eastern Conference semifinal, the Canes were beaten 4-0 in Game 5.

The Canes' Jussi Jokinen said the pressure in Game 6 will be equal for both teams. The B's must win, and the Canes must win to avoid a third trip to Boston for Game 7.

Question: Will the series be decided in Game 6?

That is, either the Canes win and finish it off or the Bruins, with all the momentum, go back to Boston and finish it off. Will Tuesday's game be the Canes' last, best chance?

The floor is open.

Monday debate: beating the B's

Let's be quick and to the point.

The Canes lost Game 1 to the Bruins 4-1 but rebounded to win Game 2 behind Cam Ward 3-0.

Question: can the Canes win this series? Why or why not?

The floor is open.

Monday debate: the MVP

We're fast approaching the end of the regular season. So with that in mind, who's your Canes MVP.

Not an easy choice, is it? Seems like you can make a case for a number of guys.

So who should it be, and why? The floor is open.

Monday debate: Peter Laviolette

This shouldn't be a referendum on the Hurricanes coach, but more of a discussion.

Simply put: What does Laviolette do well as a coach and what must he do better this season?

Laviolette has a Stanley Cup ring, doing a masterful job of coaching in 2006. The last two years, the Canes have missed the playoffs. Most agree this is a huge season for many in the organization and especially so for Laviolette.

Let the debate begin.

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