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Mohu Leaf Plus HDTV antenna review

For those of you who aren't a slave to cable or satellite, Tech Junkie Blog has a review of the latest HDTV antenna from Raleigh company, Mohu. Read what Matthew has to say about the paper-thin amplified indoor antenna, the Leaf Plus.

Review: Mohu Leaf Plus amplified indoor HDTV antenna

Despite looking nothing like a traditional antenna or any antenna for that matter, it works. The paper-thin, 9x11.5-inch antenna resembles something more likely imagined by a very disturbed individual locked in a cellar wearing a dingy white lab-coat with only some construction paper and a screwdriver to pass the time. But do not be fooled by its humble appearance.

Hi-def antenna maker's ad rejected by Time Warner Cable

A small Raleigh company that makes digital antennas wants to encourage TV fans to ditch cable and switch to free over-the-air hi-def TV, but the company will not be getting that message out on cable television.

Time Warner Cable notified Raleigh-based Mohu this week that it won't broadcast Mohu's ad for a "Leaf" HDTV antenna. The ad reminds viewers they don't need expensive cable service to watch HD programs.

Mohu had tried to run the ad in two Midwestern markets -- Columbus and Kansas City -- to test viewer response. The Leaf antennas, which cost $44.99 each, are paper-thin and measure about 12 inches square.

"It's our policy not to take ads that directly compete with our broadband, voice and video services," said Keith Poston, noting the policy is well-known with advertisers.

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