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"Detroit 1-8-7": Something old, something new, something "NYPD Blue"

I know what you're thinking: The world doesn't need another cop show. But I happen to like cop shows, and I happen to love this new one debuting tonight on ABC.

Michael Imperioli ("The Sopranos" "Life on Mars") is the star of  "Detroit 1-8-7" -- a new cop drama that while not exactly groundbreaking, is well written with a great supporting cast and a welcome "NYPD Blue" vibe. 

Imperioli plays homicide detective Louis Fitch, a seasoned cop paired with an enthusiastic rookie named Damon Washington (Jon Michael Hill). The pilot opens on Washington's first day in Homicide. He's excited about his new job, and excited about the new baby he and his wife are expecting any day now (his sweet exuberance over the new baby provides the pilot's only light moments). Fitch, however, isn't too excited about Washington, and the two cops are definitely in their adjustment phase.

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