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DWTS: Half-Pint out in double elimination show

Lenni G fills us in on last night's double elimination episode of "Dancing with the Stars":

It was double elimination night and there were a few scary and nervous moments for everyone. Top scary moment - Judge Len in nothing but a Speedo. Really, a Speedo! Top nervous moment - Katherine and Mark in jeopardy.

We also had fun moments, including Dance Center with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and the Speedo Guy. And, we got to see a "Stars of the Dance" tribute to Dick Clark. Loved it that the show invited quite a few of the original Bandstand kids to view the tribute in person. And, and, the judges chose the trio jive routine from Karina, Donald and Peta as the encore dance. Terrific choice judges! On to the results...

'Dancing with the Stars': A busy night on the dance floor

Our "Dancing with the Stars" correspondent Lenni G has a report from last night's eventful show.

Last night was BUSY!  Each couple danced as a pair, and then each couple danced as part of a trio, with the third member being either a previously eliminated Pro or member of the DWTS Troupe.  

Starting off the evening, Donald and Peta did a great tango.  Len called it a "1st round knockout," saying it set a very high standard for the rest of the couples.  Bruno loved Donald's aggression and power. Carrie Ann pointed out the dynamic shapes but wanted more drama, which she got when Donald walked over and gave her a big kiss. Judges' scores - 9's from all three for a total of 27. After the comments they made, the judges needed to pull out the "10" paddles. Huge mistake, judging people.  In the trio round, Karina joined Donald and Peta for a fan - freaking - tastic jive.

DWTS: A night of classic highs and lows

Guest Correspondent Lenni G. gives us the the high and low lights:
It's Classical Night, as in classical music with classical singers and, hopefully, classical dancing.  We also have a team competition at the end, pitting Team Tango against Team Paso.  
BEST WAY TO START THE NIGHT: Classical singer, Katherine, and partner Mark, with a rumba.  Len called it a "classic rumba" and thought it was elegant throughout.  Yes and yes. Bruno told Katherine she was "the entertainable object of desire," but wanted more raunch. Really?  Carrie Ann told Katherine her "technicality is unmatched" in the competition but felt that her passion was not genuine as in, there should have been more heat.  I say Katherine is a Grace Kelly clone and, at least for this dance, smoldering, which she did, was more called for than raunch and heat.  Judges' scores - 9's from all three for a total of 27 (plus 27 in the team dance) for a grand total of 54.

DWTS: Cruisin' through Motown Night

Our "Dancing with the Stars" correspondent Lenni G gives us the scoop on last night's Motown-themed show.

It's Motown night and we have Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves singing their hit songs for the dancers. We also have a group called Human Nature who will be touring the US doing Motown songs. Um, still trying to figure out why a group doing Motown covers is called Human Nature. But I digress.

Great start to the night with The Temptations singing  "My Girl" for the rumba from Gladys and Tristan. Len said that if he was voting with his heart, Gladys would be at the top of the leader board. Yep, she would be. Bruno loved her star quality but wanted more "steaminess." Bruno loves "steaminess." Carrie Ann told Gladys that the night belonged to her and that she would pay money to see this dance again. Me too. Judges' scores - 7's from all three for a total of 21.  

DWTS: Season's first Dance Duel is a mess

"Dancing with the Stars" blogger Lenni G has the latest on last night's Dance Duel and elimination.

Last night's entertainment included Train, accompanied by a terrific Cheryl and Louis routine, Sheila E. with her drums, etc., and Selena Gomez with the Scene but no Justin Bieber.  

Judges chose Maria and Derek's salsa for the encore dance which expanded a bit on the first performance. Derek still lost his shirt but planted the big kiss on Carrie Ann, not Maria. Maria, not to be ignored, planted a big one on Bruno. Oh my, a four-way!  Let's move quickly to the results...

DWTS: Latin dances set stage for tonight's elimination duel

Our "Dancing with the Stars" correspondent Lenni G on last night's sultry Latin dances:

I got my wish people. Last night's Latin dances were all accompanied by Latin music! And, we had the incredible Carlos Santana on stage the whole two hours doing his Latin thing. Well done DWTS folks!

Jaleel and Kym began the evening with a samba. Len loved Jaleel's rhythm and also told him he had his "bum going like he was chewing toffee." Now there's a picture. Bruno loved the "wiggle" as well, adding that it appeared Jaleel had a Mimi Me inside operating it. Carrie Ann loved his attack and fire. Nothing like a good "bum" to get the party started. Judges' scores - 8's from all three for a total of 24.

Melissa Gilbert (pictured here with Maks) made a brave return to the dance floor after suffering a mild concussion and whiplash last week. Her salsa with Maks seemed a little tentative, though I have to give her props for coming back. Bruno told her she always goes to the "max" but that she needs more control. Carrie Ann complimented her on gaining confidence over the season but also mentioned her lack of control. Bruno liked her rhythm and feel for the dance. Judges' scores - 7's from all three for a total of 21.

DWTS: Rock 'n roll doesn't always work in the ballroom

"Dancing with the Stars" correspondent Lenni G fills us in on last night's dances:

It's Rock 'n Roll week so we must have an appearance from KISS. The outrageous makeup and outfits were cool when these guys were young. Now that they're all "geriatricly challenged," it's just plain weird. Actually, in my opinion, most of last night was strange. I'm just not sure that the rock music was totally complementary to the ballroom dancing.  But enough about me ...

Sherri and Val (right) started the evening with a tango. Len thought she did a great job overall. Bruno said she played it well and liked her "nasty." Carrie felt it was "good" but lacked "sparkle."   was a bit put off by Sherri's facial expressions which looked more like pain than passion. Judges' scores - 7's from all three for a total of 21. 

DWTS: A tearjerker night with high-scoring dances

Our "Dancing with the Stars" correspondent Lenni G has some thoughts on last night's episode.

To quote Judge Len, last evening's performances were "awesome." Lowest score of the night - 24. Yes, people, I said 24! And we had the first tens of the season! The dancing was all about the stars most memorable year so you know knew from the start it was going to be a multiple tissue event.  

First up, Jack and Anna with a samba celebrating Jack's daughter "finding" him in 2011. Len liked Jack's rhythm and felt it was the best dance from him so far. Bruno said he really "got the party started." Carrie Ann felt he "uplifted the room" but wanted to see more. I'm still not into Jack though it was a nice story. Judges' scores - 8's from all three for a total of 24.

DWTS: Some March Madness on the dance floor

Our "Dancing with the Stars" guest blogger Lenni G is back on duty this season, and she loved last night's premiere. Here's her recap:

Proving that "March Madness" can be more than the NCAA basketball tournament, last night's start to Season 14 was a total SLAM DUNK. Have to say this was the best first show EVER!  Not a single Star got less than 20 from the judges!!  
Here are the details:
Maria Menounos and Derek Hough went first with a cha cha.  Len thought Maria "coped very well" but felt she needed "meaner hips." Bruno found her "delicious," but felt she needed to be a bit more "sultry."  Carrie Ann felt she did a great job but needed to work on her movement between the various parts of the dance.  Thank goodness her dancing is better than her laugh which is just awful.  Judges' scores - 7's from all three for a total of 21.
Jack Warner and Anna Trebunskaya followed with a fox trot.  Bruno said it was "well acted and danced."  Carrie Ann said it took her to "a happy place."  Len said it had the "feel good factor" but felt Jack's technique was poor.  Not sure Jack had all the personality I like from a star though his dancing was pretty OK.  Judges' scores - 8's from Carrie Ann and Bruno, 7 from Len for a total of 23.

Half Pint, Urkel and Gladys Knight on 'Dancing with the Stars'

The  new "Dancing with the Stars" cast was announced today and the lineup includes two former child actors and no reality stars! Regardless of the overall celebrity quotient, I call this an improvement.

Here's the list of dancers and their partners:

Melissa Gilbert: actress who played Laura Ingalls (aka Half Pint, pictured here with Jack the dog) on "Little House on the Prairie"; former SAG president -- partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Jaleel White: actor who played Urkel on "Family Matters" -- partner: Kym Johnson

Gladys Knight: singer, eight-time Grammy winner -- partner: Tristan McManus

Sherri Shepherd: co-host on "The View" and actress on "30 Rock" -- partner: Val Chmerkovskiy

Martina Navratilova: professional tennis legend -- partner: Tony Dovolani

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