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Beauty Has a Name -- and two versions

The last time I saw sometime Triangle resident Thad Cockrell play in Raleigh, he prefaced one song by saying it had been written as "a song every girl wishes someone would write about her." That was "Beauty Has a Name," which I still think could be a gigantic hit if it wound up playing over the end credits of the right movie. If you've never heard it, take a listen at Cockrell's Myspace.

Cockrell co-write "Beauty Has a Name" with singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan, who has recorded a markedly different version of the song. Where Cockrell's full-band take is lush pop that soars on waves of exuberance, Ryan's version is quiet and subdued. Guess you could say that Cockrell's "Beauty Has a Name"  evokes sunny mornings full of promise, while Ryan's version is steeped in late-night pensiveness. Check it out.

Ryan will be at Raleigh's Pour House on June 27. Cockrell's next show around these parts is Aug. 20 at American Tobacco in Durham.

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