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So You Think You Can Dance: A finale to save on the DVR!

Our favorite guest blogger Lenni G wraps up the season:

Now people, this was a FINALE!!!!
It had a huge opening featuring the top contestants and All Stars.  Even injured Alex Wong was back, albeit in a chair.
It had seven judges - Nigel, Mia, Adam, Tyce Diorio, Stacey Tookey, Kenny Ortega AND, fresh off the Hot Tamale Train, Mary Murphy.

So You Think You Can Dance finale: A dream comes true for the right person

Guest blogger Lenni G. wraps up another season:

Yes child, Debbie Allen, THE DEBBIE ALLEN, picked the Sean Cheeseman "Frog Dance" done by our home girl, Sanford's Noelle Marsh, dancing with Russell, as one of the best routines of the season.

And Lil C selected Tyce Diorio's group contemporary number, which included our other homey Ariana DeBose, who lives in Wake Forest, as one of his favs.

So You Think You Can Dance: The krumper looks like a winner

Lenni G. ogles and reports before the finale:

Great night of eye candy for this old lady with a theme of "shirts optional" for the guys. But I digress.

Kathryn and Ryan were first up, doing a Samba (tribal version) from Jason Gilkison.

So You Think You Can Dance: Results show

Guest blogger Lenni G. gives the recap:

Kris Allen, current American Idol, dropped by to remind us why he won and Adam didn't. No gimmicks, just pure musicality.

You rock Kris, But, as usual, I digress.

So You Think You Can Dance: One dancer's pain

Guest blogger Lenni G. keeps tabs on the disco ball:

Top 8 night started with a Top 7 opening number followed by Cat asking Ashleigh to join her on stage.

Clearly Ashleigh's shoulder was injured and, even though she insisted she could dance, the show's doctors wouldn't allow it. So, Ashleigh's new partner, Russell, was left to dance with the choreographer's assistant in both his couple's dances. And yes, this is the same Russell who had to dance with the choreographer when our gal, Noelle Marsh, was injured on show day. How unbelievable is that? But the show must go on and it did, albeit without Ashleigh.

So You Think You Can Dance: Sanford dancer on the bye bye train

Guest blogger Lenni G. shares the bad news:

Oh NOelle, oh NOelle. Woke up this morning hoping I had just had a bad dream, but not so. Our local gal, Noelle Marsh, really was on the Bye Bye Train heading back to North Carolina. She has been one courageous performer, considering she was injured to some degree from the beginning of the Top 20 competition. I loved her partnering with Russell, the highlight for me being the African Jazz number they did in round three. I'm sending you big, warm and fuzzy hugs and look forward to seeing you on the SYTYCD tour.

And, as I had guessed yesterday, "Angst Boy", Nathan, got his ticket for the BBT. Hate to agree with Nigel, but Nathan did not grow as the other dancers have over the season. Also feel he more of a soloist than a good partner which just won't work for this competition.

So, next week it's the Top 8 and what a strong group we have to entertain us, albeit without our homey, Noelle.

So You Think You Can Dance: Sanford dancer gets sexy

Guest blogger Lenni G. fills us in before the voting:

We have our Top 10 and we had a night of 20, yes, 20 dances! There were two dances from each of the five couples and solos from each of the Top 10 contestants.

Sanford cutie Noelle Marsh and her new partner, Ryan, started out the night with a really good Hip Hop from "NappyTabs." Noelle was just fabulous, even getting a "sexy" comment from Nigel. Think this partnership works and also feel that Noelle totally outdanced Ryan.

So You Think You Can Dance: NC dancer in the Top Ten

Guest blogger Lenni G took a Thanksgiving break. Here's the short version of last week's show. In case you didn't know Sanford's Noelle Marsh is in the top ten.

Top 6 couples did two dances this week and gave the audience and the judges a really great show.

So You Think You Can Dance: Results show

Guest blogger Lenni G. wraps up the week:

The show opened with a terrific group dance choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. And the music (Imogen Heap doing AHA!) was a perfect match for the routine. Nice Wade and Amanda, really nice.

So You Think You Can Dance: Noelle's feet don't fail her

Our guest blogger Lenni G. gives her take on last night's show:

Finally, a happy, almost totally positive, night of dance with host Cat Deeley channeling her inner "Balloon Girl" in dazzling and crinkled aluminum foil.

And our Sanford gal Noelle Marsh had another good night!

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