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'Low Winter Sun': New AMC drama could use a little more light

Sunday night after "Breaking Bad," AMC would love for you to stick around for the premiere of its gritty new cop drama, "Low Winter Sun." And if you're a fan of "Breaking Bad" but don't think it's bleak and depressing enough, you'll probably like it.

Based on a British television miniseries, the show is essentially about Detroit cops (and drug dealers) doing very bad things in a dangerous, crumbling city. (It's filmed on location, but the Detroit Chamber of Commerce probably isn't doing cartwheels over the dismal depiction of the city.)

In the opening sequence, upright Det. Frank Agnew (Mark Strong, right) is goaded into helping murder a fellow cop by Det. Joe Geddes (Lennie James), who tells Agnew the other cop has brutally murdered Agnew's love interest (we presume). The murder is staged to look like a suicide, but an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation into the dead cop -- which Geddes was aware of but Agnew was not -- complicates things. Agnew is tasked with investigating the murder of the dirty cop while questioning the motives of Geddes in pushing him toward revenge.

And at the same time this is going on, there's a big war brewing between a local drug kingpin and the city's mob boss, so there will be plenty of brutality and bloodshed.

It's not a terrible show, but it takes itself way too seriously and it's about as dreary as they come. The performances are solid -- Strong is particularly good in the first couple of episodes -- but "Low Winter Sun" could use a little more light.

"Low Winter Sun" airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on AMC.

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