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Danger Will Robinson! "Pioneers of Television" may be too much fun

If you're reading this blog, you're a fan of TV, and as a fan you'll be sure to enjoy the second season of PBS' "Pioneers of Television" (UNC-TV, 8 tonight) a four-part series airing Tuesdays that starts with a look at classic science fiction.

Kelsey Grammer narrates the series, and the sci-fi episode is delightful. It gives a history of the top storytellers of the genre: Gene Roddenberry, Irwin Allen and Rod Serling, who created "Star Trek," "Lost in Space," and "The Twilight Zone" respectively. While Serling and Roddenberry wanted to tell stories with meaning, Allen was all about action.

Seems the early days of television are not much different than nowadays; "Lost in Space" for instance, was forced to get campy, the show reveals, when the super-campy "Batman" became a hit.

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