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New SNL cast member drops F-Bomb on her first show

One of SNL's new cast members, Jenny Slate, made her first night a memorable one when she accidentally dropped the f-bomb on the live show.

Slate was doing a sketch about a biker chick talk show. She and Kristin Wiig and Megan Fox said the words "frickin'" and "friggin'" and "freakin'" a lot, but Slate slipped up once and said the naughtier subsitute. It was right at the beginning of the sketch, and Slate kept it together, but did make an "uh-oh" face. It was Slate's only major appearance on the show.

Here's a clip of the scene but don't be surprised if it's taken down by NBC.

In the scene, Wiig throws an ashtray at Slate and Slate's character responds, "You . . .

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