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What to Watch on Monday: Damages returns and Chuck gets Stone Cold

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck heads to France for his first solo assignment, but he tangles with a menacing passenger on the plane. Brandon Routh and Stone Cold Steve Austin (left) guest star.

House (8pm, Fox) - House tries to make amends to a medical school colleague he wronged.

Life Unexpected (9pm, The CW) - Social workers evaluate the homes of Cate and Baze to see if they'll make suitable guardians for Lux. Also, Cate's bosses pressure her to publicly deny she has a daughter.  

Damages (10pm, FX) - In the season 3 premiere, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) represents people cheated in a Bernie Madoff-type Ponzi scheme, while Ellen works in the DA's office. You'll be hooked in the first five minutes. The season features Lily Tomlin, Martin Short, and Campbell Scott

"Life Unexpected" an unexpected gem

"Life Unexpected," which debuts tonight on The CW, is way better than most CW fare of late. In fact -- and this is the ultimate compliment -- it's a little reminiscent of "Gilmore Girls" (but darker and without the distractingly wacky townfolk).

It's about a fifteen-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon, the product of a high school one night stand who has been cruelly bounced around the foster care system her entire life.

Lux (played by Brittany Robertson, who is from Charlotte) is about to turn 16 and wants to be emancipated from the system, so she finds her real father to ask him to officially sign away his rights. 

What to Watch on Monday: Raleigh's "Antiques" tour ends

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Awesome is mistaken for a super spy by the evil Sydney Price (Angie Harmon) so Chuck must become his handler and show him the ropes. Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") also guest stars.

24 (8pm, Fox) - Another two hours of Jack saving the world. 

Antiques Roadshow (8pm, UNC-TV) - The conclusion of the Raleigh episodes. The crew visits the Museum of the Cape Fear in Fayetteville, and highlights Civil War-era weapons that were made in North Carolina. Look for items related to Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1966 visit to Durham.

How I Met Your Mother (8pm, CBS) - Marshall tries to convince Lily that a beautiful woman (Amanda Peet) kissed him. Robin learns she's the subject of a drinking game.

Life Unexpected (9pm, CW) - A great new series from The CW about a young girl in foster care who tracks down her birth parents hoping she can get emancipated and live on her own. 

Big Bang Theory (9:30pm, CBS) - When Leonard and Sheldon's apartment is robbed, they create an elaborate security system.

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