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What to Watch on Saturday: Dean Cain battles Syfy "Frost Giant"

Persons Unknown (8pm, NBC) - Joe experiences scary side effects from his reeducation that alienate some of those in the group, and a new night manager arrives to restore order.

Cops (8pm, Fox) - Throwing out this "Cops" rerun so that a loyal reader can play his favorite drinking game: Tranny, Runner, or Drunk Crier? Two drinks for shirtless.

Last Chance Highway (8pm, Animal Planet) - Shelly rushes a rescue to the emergency room after complications from surgery, then has to save a dog with bad teeth from being put down at a shelter.

Frost Giant (9pm, Syfy) - An original Syfy movie in which a frozen alien ice monster menaces humans at a frozen outpost (maybe they can get Yukon Cornelius to tame him). Dean Cain (right) plays the leader of a group of explorers who digs up the creature, which has been buried for more than 200 years. After the monster kills the explorers, he heads to the mainland and begins to suck the energy from the earth. Also stars Lucy Brown.

What to Watch on Saturday: New movies from Hallmark, Lifetime

Best Food Ever (7pm, TLC) - A mini-marathon of episodes from a new TLC show narrated by John Goodman. Tonight, the cross-country culinary tour show will feature episodes called Sensational Sandwiches, Fab Food Carts, Buzzworthy BBQ,

Last Chance Highway (8pm, Animal Planet) - Two dogs scheduled to be put down in Memphis are rescued, and a pit bull is rescued and reunited with her sister in New York City.

Persons Unknown (8pm, NBC) - Joe endures a series of visions designed to return him to the program and shift his focus from Janet. 

Lies Between Friends (9pm, Hallmark) - An art authenticator played by Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona from "Burn Notice," at right) helps a sheriff (Craig Sheffer) investigate the murder of her former roommate. The two women were prepared to settle an old dispute during a weekend trip with college friends, but the murder occurs before the reconciliation can take place.

Within (9pm, Lifetime) - A thriller in which a little girl (newcomer Mia Ford) with the ability to see evil in others comes to a new town with her father after witnessing her mother's murder. Children in the town are being attacked and the girl's gift could be instrumental in finding the perpetrator.

What to Watch on Saturday: Puppies rescued on "Last Chance Highway"

Last Chance Highway (8pm, Animal Planet) - Shelly (left) seeks homes for a family of pups living under the porch of an abandoned house, one of which needs medical care that could hinder its adoption. Last week's series premiere episode airs again immediately after this episode. In that premiere we meet the animal rescuers who save dogs on the brink of euthanization and transport them across the country to adopting families.

AFI: Life Achievement Award to Mike Nichols (9pm, TV Land) - Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols ("The Graduate") receives the American Film Institute's 38th Life Achievement Award at a ceremony taped earlier this month. Guests include Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson.

Rock Docs: Rush (9pm, VH1 and VH1 Classic) - A profile of the Canadian metal trio Rush includes comments from their admires and contemporaries: Gene Simmons, Jack Black, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, Sebastian Bach. Rush has a new album out and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.

Dinocroc vs. Supergator (9pm, Syfy) - Enormous reptiles escape from a research facility on a tropical island and munch on tourists, culminating in a clash between a prehistoric crocodile and a monstrous alligator. 

The Michael Jackson special programs continue today and tonight. Read the full schedule here.

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