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David Menaker cites business experience in Wake County school board application

David Menaker argues that what the Wake County school board needs is someone like him who is a businessman and not another educator to fill the District 1 vacancy.

In his application, Menaker, 64, points to his experience as president of a company that builds homes and commercial properties and managing partner of a residential development company. The Wendell resident also notes he was an elected official in Kill Devil Hills and is now a single parent with a son at Lake Myra Elementary.

"You will, no doubt, get applications from suitable ex-educators, administrators, etc. — well meaning folks with public education experience — I am not one and suggest that you already have a staff full of that talent," Menaker writes in his application.

Staff to recommend that multi-track year-round schools in Knightdale area go single track

It looks like some more Wake County multi-track year-round schools will be recommended to be switched to a single-track calendar for the 2013-14 school year.

During Tuesday's school board work session, Laura Evans, senior director of growth and planning, offered another "peak" at the 2013-14 assignment plan that will be presented Nov. 13. She said it will include a recommendation to convert multi-track year-round schools in the Knightdale area to a single-track calendar, namely track four.

The reason the issue came up was some school board members asked if the plan for 2013-14 could address underutilized schools.

1351688465 Staff to recommend that multi-track year-round schools in Knightdale area go single track The News and Observer Copyright 2011 The News and Observer . All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Explaining the reasons for the year-round school changes

The issue of whether siblings could be accommodated on Track 4 decided which Wake County year-round schools would make the move to a single track for the next two school years.

Click here for this handout that shows how the 14 underutilized year-round schools were evaluated by staff. Inability to accommodate siblings was cited for eight of the nine schools as to why a move to a single-track year-round calendar wasn't considered feasible.

Laura Evans, senior director for Growth and Planning, said inability to accommodate siblings reflected challenges caused by moving multi-track year-round schools to a single-track calendar.

Tata recommending changes to five year-round elementary schools

More details to come later but Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata is recommending today that Alston Ridge, Highcroft, Lake Myra, Rand Road and Timber Drive elementary schools make the change to single-track year-round.

Tata said the schools would make the move as part of a two-year pilot that he estimated could save Wake $400,000. The schools are expected to all move to track 4.

Tata says they'll take steps like making allowances for families who would have been on tracks 1, 2 and 3 who had already planned to be in school in July. Track 4 starts in late July so they'll provide a trackout program.


The changes to all five schools were unanimously approved.

Tata proposes letting underenrolled year-round schools go to a single track

More details to come later but there's now a proposal on the table to collapse 14 multi-track Wake County year-round schools to a single track.

Superintendent Tony Tata proposed today giving flexibility to principals at under-enrolled year-round schools the flexibility to go to a single track for the 2011-12 school year. He said the principals would pick the track.

The schools identified by Tata are those that are at under 100 percent of what would be their single-track capacity: Alston Ridge, Ballentine, Banks Road, East Garner, Harris Creek, Highcroft, Lake Myra, Rand Road, River Bend, Timber Drive, Wakefield and West Lake elementary schools; and East Cary and Holly Grove middle schools.


Tata says he'll come back in May with a specific list of schools to recommend. While he didn't specify a number, it will likely not be all of the 14 year-round schools that are below 100 percent of single-track capacity.

Looking at converting year-round schools for 2011-12 school year

Are you ready for another battle over converting some Wake County year-round schools to a traditional calendar?

As noted in today's article, Superintendent Tony Tata said he's looking at whether to recommend converting some year-round schools to a traditional calendar as part of his 2011-12 budget. It stemmed from his review on how to efficiently utilize space throughout the district.

"We can’t have 140 percent enrollment in one school and 50 percent in another school," Tata said about why he was looking at spending $900,000 to help provide teachers at 19 underenrolled traditional-calendar elementary schools. "So this an effort to make all of our schools desirable."

Wake's 2009 magnet/calendar application results

Wake released data on Tuesday showing a majority of applicants were placed at magnet and calendar schools this year.

But the district changed the way it reported the data. You decide which way is better. (Go to the end of the post for school-by-school data.)

In past years, it was a simple acceptance and rejection rate. This year, Wake reported a placement rate instead.

Impacting AG students

Academically gifted students are going to take a hit in the new budget.

As noted in today's article, administrators listed some of the cuts that will be made that will have an impact on the district's brightest kids. Fewer kids will be able to go to academic competitions and schools will have less AG services than normal.

Staff repeatedly said they're only doing this because of the economic conditions.

Tonight's new principals

We've got new principals tonight for the East Wake School of Integrated Technology, West Lake Middle School and Lake Myra Elementary.

Jamee O. Lynch will now run the East Wake School of Integrated Technology in Wendell, replacing the departing Kristin Cuilla. It's one of four small schools on the East Wake High campus.

Lynch has been principal of Sanford Creek Elementary in Rolesville since 2007. Before then, she was Wake's principal of the year when she was at Hodge Road Elementary in Knightdale.


See bio sheets at end of post. 

New reassignment plan

I'm going to try to hit some of the high points of the plan here.

First, the three-year plan affects 26,771 students. It starts with 8,162 students in 2009-10, 14,200 in 2010-11 and 4,409 in 2011-12.

Administrators are recommending unconverting Knightdale Elementary School for the 2009-10 school year. But it comes with a catch.


Click here for the link to the plan. Demand on Wake's site is high now so be patient. 

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