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School violence rumors could reduce attendance on Friday

The rumors about school violence today could exacerbate what was already likely to be a lower than normal day of attendance in school.

As noted in today's article, today is the final day before winter break. It's also an early release day for Wake County's traditional-calendar schools.

Attendance is typically down the week before winter break. How much more could it drop amid the apparently unsubstantiated rumors of school violence that are being spread around the country via social media?

Wake reviewing the school resource officer program

How much change, if any, will be made in the way school resource officers operate in Wake County schools?

As noted in today's article, Wake Superintendent Tony Tata is expected to report back in September to the school board on the survey they requested of the effectiveness of the SRO program. It's a prelude to efforts to revise this memorandum of understanding that governs how the SROs operate in the schools.

While a majority of the board asked for the survey and indicated they wanted to review the MOU, it's uncertain how far they're willing to go to change the agreement. It's also uncertain how much the various law enforcement enforcement agencies would be willing to change.

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