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What to Watch on Wednesday: Scotty picks his favorite, Taiwan takes on Sheen

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - The Season 10 finalist (yes, that includes Scotty McCreery, left) perform songs by their favorite artists. What are the odds Scotty chooses Josh Turner?

Mr. Sunshine (9:30pm, ABC) - All of the other ABC sitcoms are repeats tonight, but on 'Mr. Sunshine,' Roman has no place to stay so Ben reluctantly takes him in, and Crystal dislikes an ice-dancing group performing at the arena.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (10pm, CBS) - A sniper murders Chicagoans and when the team hunts the killer, the killer targets Mick.

Hot in Cleveland (10pm, TV Land) - Joy pins her greencard hopes on a homeless man (Jon Lovitz). Meanwhile, Melanie dates a basketball coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who's still reeling from LeBron James' departure, and Victoria lands a job on a local news program.

Justified (10pm, FX) - A state task force probing organized crime in Harlan County borrows Raylan to figure out who's cashing Walt McCready's benefit checks. Also, Boyd gets involved in a mine payroll scheme, and Mags Bennett shows her evil side.  

Top Chef All-Stars (10pm, Bravo) - The final five head to the Bahamas where each participates in a culinary duel against the person who won on their previous season of 'Top Chef."

Charlie Sheen's Winningest Moments (10:30pm, Spike) - A half-hour special featuring a countdown of Sheen's most "winning" moments recreated through Taiwanese animation.

What to Watch on Wednesday: Time for your Raylan fix

Survivor: Redemption Island (8pm, CBS) - Matt and Francesca face off in the first duel on Redemption Island.

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - The Top 12 women perform tonight.

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - With Claire preoccupied by a feud between Haley and Alex, Phil is free to enjoy a day at the spa. Meanwhile, Gloria is creeped out by Jay's designs on his-and-hers burial plots, and Cameron does research for a book about Lily's adoption. All of the ABC sitcoms are new tonight, and recommended.

Cigarette Wars (9pm, CNBC) - Brian Schactman reports on the business of tobacco, highlighting the farmers who grow it, the people who smoke it, and the elected officials trying to get rid of it. Schactman also reports on the growing black market for cigarettes.

Justified (10pm, FX) - Rachel's brother-in-law (Larenz Tate) escapes from a halfway house and the marshals must track him down, and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant, right) breaks up a Bennett family gathering, which doesn’t sit well with Mags. Meanwhile, Boyd mulls an offer in Harlan that could prove dangerous, and Winona's husband Gary tells her he wants her back, but does so in an unusual way. 

Restaurant: Impossible (10pm, Food) - The premise of this show is that Chef Robert Irvine must save desperate restaurants from impending failure in just two days with only $10,000. The restaurant in need of help tonight: the famed Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Conn.

What to Watch on Wednesday: 'Criminal Minds' spinoff debuts, 'Survivor' returns

Survivor: Redemption Island (8pm, CBS) - The 22nd season begins with 18 castaways, including Russell Hantz and "Boston" Rob Mariano, arriving in Nicaragua and learning that ousted players are sent to Redemption Island where they live in exile and are given a chance to re-enter the game if they can defeat other banished players in head-to-head competitions.

Quadrangle (9pm, HBO2) - A documentary about two couples who fall in love and move their families in together in 1969 New York. Fascinating. Read more.

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - Cameron is upset when Fizbo the clown is cut from the guest list for Lily's princess-themed birthday party, but the invitees do include Mitchell's mom (Shelly Long), who shows up with Claire's high school boyfriend (Matt Dillon).

Mr. Sunshine (9:30pm, ABC) - Nick Jonas plays a teen idol scheduled to perform at the Sunshine Arena. Kathy Najimy also guest stars.

Law & Order: SVU (10pm, NBC) - The host of a TV show that spotlights predators receives threats to her safety, and this reawakens her hunt for her sister's abductor. Debra Messing ("Will & Grace") guest stars.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (10pm, CBS) - The premiere episode of the "Criminal Minds" spinoff series that follows an elite group of the Behavioral Analysis Unit using unique and aggressive methods to hunt criminals. Stars Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo.

Justified (10pm, FX) - Raylan and Tim transport a pregnant federal prisoner to a doctor's appointment, but things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, young Loretta McCready learns that she'll now be living with Mags Bennett, and Boyd Crowder tries to go straight, taking a job in a coal mine.

Top Chef All-Stars (10pm, Bravo) - The chefs bake cookies in an effort to impress Sesame Street residents Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Telly.

What to Watch on Wednesday: ABC sitcoms fling arrows at your heart

Celebration of Gospel (8pm, BET) - A repeat of last week's blockbuster gospel music special hosted by Steve Harvey and featuring a duet between Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston.

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - Phil and Claire once again assume their alter egos (Clive and Juliana) for their annual Valentine's Day rendezvous. Also, Jay encounters obstacles trying to surprise Gloria, and Cameron and Mitchell dispute an admirer's intentions. "The Middle" (8pm) and "Better With You" (8:30pm) also have Valentine's themed episodes tonight.

Human Target (9pm, Fox) - In the second season finale, Chance digs into the past of Ilsa's deceased husband, but the unsavory details of lies and deceit he discovers may cause irreparable damage to the team.

Reagan (9pm, History) - Another documentary about former President Ronald Reagan, this one focusing on pivotal periods in his life, including his presidency, his role as governor of California, and his acting career. Interviews with Sam Donaldson, David Gergen, and George Shultz.

Mr. Sunshine (9:30pm, ABC) - A new sitcom starring Matthew Perry as the manager of a San Diego sports arena. Also stars Andrea Anders ("Better Off Ted") as a coworker and Allison Janney as his wacky boss.

Top Chef All-Stars (10pm, Bravo) - The chefs cater Jimmy Fallon's birthday party and Fallon serves as the guest judge.

Justified (10pm, FX) - Season 2 has Raylan tracking down a sex offender and renewing acquaintances with the matriarch of a powerful Rabbit Holler pot farming family. Also, Boyd is once again on the loose. Our preview of the new season.

Praise Elmore! "Justified" is back.

Praise Elmore! The much-anticipated second season of "Justified" finally returns tonight (10pm, FX).

I've watched the first three episodes and there's not a whole lot to say about it without giving away plot points, except for this: Season 2 is every bit as fantastic as Season 1. Fans will love every second Timothy Olyphant's white hat-wearing, gun-slinging federal marshall Raylan Givens is on the screen, and they'll beg for more screentime from Walton Goggin's complicated bad guy, Boyd Crowder.

The first episode's action picks up immediately after last season's game-changing shoot out. Raylan has some loose ends to tie up, and that takes him back to Miami. And then there's also the matter of handling his worthless father and tracking down Boyd, and while working a sex-offender case. It's all good stuff.

FX releases new "Justified" trailer

FX just released a new trailer promoting the upcoming Season 2 of "Justified," a wonderful drama based on the stories of Elmore Leonard, and starring Timothy Olyphant (right). The trailer seems to mostly be a recap of the first season, but it's still very cool. If you missed the first season, do yourself a favor and get over to iTunes or Amazon Video, or be on the lookout for the dvd release. Season 2 debuts in February 2011.

Click below to watch the trailer.

Walton Goggins on Boyd Crowder and "Justified"

Last night's fantastic (and bloody) "Justified" finale showed us that perhaps we've all been underestimating Brother Boyd Crowder, played so well by Walton Goggins (who also played Shane Vendrell on "The Shield"). Has Boyd's religious conversion this season been for real? Looks like it. Will it stick now that his world has collapsed and Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is his last friend on earth? We'll see. Thankfully, "Justified" has been renewed by FX for another season.

Here's a great radio interview Goggins did with Fresh Air's Terry Gross a couple of weeks ago. It's very illuminating. Apparently, Goggins requested that Boyd's racism be toned down a little for the show, because he found it all a little too cliche. 

What to Watch on Tuesday: "Glee" and "Justified" finales

Glee (9pm, Fox) - In the first season finale, regionals are looming and Sue Sylvester is scheming against Will and the glee kids once again. Meanwhile, Quinn has a life-changing event. Maybe a baby? Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban have cameos as themselves. 

Justified (10pm, FX) - The worlds of Raylan, Boyd, and Bo collide in the finale of this excellent first season. 

Losing it with Jillian (10pm, NBC) - Jillian tries to help a Massachusetts family struggling with grief over a loved one's death. One family member is diabetic so Jillian shows them fun ways to get active.

Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt (10pm, Bravo) - A new Kathy Griffin stand-up concert filmed at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville. Kathy takes aim at hoarders, Sharon Stone, and Oprah.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Sue Sylvester gets physical

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Harry Connick Jr is on hand to mentor the remaining contestants as they attempt the Frank Sinatra songbook.  

Glee (9pm, Fox) - Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is embarrassed when a video of her performing "Let's Get Physical" circulates. Besides "Physical," the cast will perform "Ice Ice Baby," "U Can't Touch This," "Run Joey Run," and "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Molly Shannon ("Saturday Night Live") Olivia Newton-John.

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS) - Last week Alicia finally got fed up with Peter and walked out on him meet up with Will. Tonight, when Peter chases after her, his home monitor goes off and he risks going back to prison. 

Justified (10pm, FX) - Raylan is called upon to defuse a prison hostage crisis.

What to Watch on Tuesday: The Madonna Episode on "Glee"

Nova: The Big Energy Gamble (8pm, UNC-TV) - This episode of Nova looks at the environmental pros and possible economic cons of California's green initiative, which seeks to return the state's carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Also, environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") have a contest to see who can leave the smallest carbon footprint. 

Glee (9pm, Fox) - It's the much-anticipated Madonna Episode. When the boys in glee club begin to bully the girls, Will turns them on to the music of Madonna -- to empower the girls and to teach the boys respect. They perform "Express Yourself" and "Like a Prayer." All of that will be great, I'm sure. But the best part of the episode promises to be the makeover which Kurt and Mercedes give to Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch, left). And yes, they'll show Sue's "Vogue" video again. 

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Amber's ex boyfriend comes to town, which causes trouble. Joel and Julia worry that their daughter Sydney also has Asperger's Syndrome, and Crosby wants to help pay for Jabbar's birthday party.  

Justified (10pm, FX) - A well-to-do Kentucky horse breeder is found dead of an apparent suicide and his art collection is missing. Raylan searches for the art but must also deal with the dead man's wife, who won't stop hitting on him.

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