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Maryland Basketball and Gary Williams: Is the high road worth it?

This isn't a sports blog, but here's a story I'd like to pass on nevertheless, given the Triangle's infatuation with college basketball.

The Washington Post just concluded a three-part series examining the precipitous decline of the University of Maryland's basketball program since it won a national championship in 2002 under the leadership of longtime coach Gary Williams.

It is a fascinating read. It lays out in specifics many of Williams' supposed deficiencies, most notably his reluctance to play many of the somewhat unseemly recruiting games that have now become the norm in big-time college basketball.

For example, he doesn't want to offer jobs to high school or travel-team coaches who have a huge amount of influence on star players and their college choices.

The core question that comes from this series: Is it worth it for Williams to stand on his moral high ground if his team is no longer winning?

Here's part one. Here's part two, and here's part three.


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