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The Amazing Race: The search for Cathy Drone and Noah's Ark

Adrienne is away so I'm taking over for her on the "Amazing Race" recap tonight. I'm a newbie and never watch this show, so take it easy on me if I get some of the names wrong.

There were some big ole sad developments tonight. Keep reading, but be mindful that this is a recap, so SPOILERS!


The Amazing Race: Jeff picks on Jordan and Grandma plays favorites

Things were a little slow this week, but we got a little more insight into Jeff & Jordan's relationship.

Jeff seems to spend a lot of time pointing out our girl Jordan's, shall we say, lack of worldliness.

Jeff, as a boyfriend, that's not cool. Leave that to us bloggers!

What to Watch on Sunday: Jordan is off to Chile (not China)

Winter Olympics (NBC) - Curling, ski cross, biathalon, hockey, ice dancing, slalom, bobsledding. Full schedule.

Sins of the Mother (8pm, Lifetime Movie) - A graduate student (Nicole Beharie) returns home to her abusive mother (Jill Scott) to find that her mom has changed her ways. Still, she struggles to forgive. Our review.

Amazing Race 16 (8pm, CBS) - In an episode titled "When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head," the 10 remaining teams -- including NC's Jordan Lloyd (with Jeff, at left) and Miss Teen S.C. -- travel to Chile (not China). One team is eliminated.

Undercover Boss (9pm, CBS) - Last week's Hooters episode wasn't as good as the Waste Management pilot. Tonight, we get Joseph DePinto, the CEO from 7-Eleven. Work that Slurpee machine!

Desperate Housewives (9pm, ABC) - Stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold Robin (Julie Benz, aka Rita from "Dexter") helps the ladies on Wisteria Lane spruce up their sex lives. 

Brothers & Sisters (10pm, ABC) - Gilles Marini is back as a regular member of the cast. Kitty's friend Buffy (Cheryl Hines,"Curb Your Enthusiasm") becomes her campaign manager when she runs for Robert's old Senate seat. 

How to Make it in America (10pm, HBO) - Cam, Ben, and Renee search for a manufacturer for their 1970's-style designer jeans. Fashion designer John Varvatos appears as himself.

The Amazing Race: An iron granny, a beauty queen, and our girl Jordan

I think of AR as an old friend I'm always happy to see, so although I'm not a fan of stunt casting, I'm OK with the "celebrities" on this cycle.

Note the quotations. I'm talking about Jeff and our gal Matthews gal Jordan from "Big Brother" and the babbling Miss Teen South Carolina.

But let's meet the entire cast:

Big Brother: Jordan Lloyd is all grown up

And her graduation gift is $500,000!!!

That's right, our girl from Matthews went all the way, winning Big Brother 11. (She said spending time in the Big Brother house without her family made her feel like a grown-up.)

She beat Kevin in the final part of the HOH competition, then ousted him from the house. (She felt awful!)

And then, in the final vote, she won 5 to 2 with Jessie, Lydia, Michele, Jeff and America giving her their votes.

What to Watch on Tuesday: NC woman makes it to Big Brother finale

Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - Tonight is the season premiere and three of the sixteen folks on the show are from NC (Antoine Dove, Daniel Wright, and Tracey Yukich). They'll be working to lose weight and get back on the healthy track, and we'll be recapping the show, so check back with us tomorrow!

Big Brother 11 (9pm, CBS) - It's finally over! Jordan Lloyd (right) and Kevin compete for HoH and the winner gets to evict one person from the house. Then jury members question the final two and select a winner. Of course we're hoping Jordan, from Matthews, N.C., wins it all, but even if she doesn't, she's done amazingly well. Good job, Jordan.

Shaq Vs. (9pm, ABC) - Shaq takes on Olympic swimming machine Michael Phelps. Phelps will be heavily handicapped to give Shaq a prayer.

The Jay Leno Show (10pm, NBC) - Jay has Michael Moore, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Jeff falls ill and accuses Zoila of poisoning him, so Jenni has to take over for him on job sites.

Big Brother: Jordan Lloyd has a good memory

And it kicked in just when she needed it!

She lost the rolling log HOH part one contest, after Kevin told her to shake to stay warm (in the rain, wind, and snow), believing that it would distract her and get her off her game.

It worked and Jordan promptly fell off the log.

Big Brother: Could Jordan Lloyd actually win this thing?

It seems possible.

With this live show, the houseguests have been in the house 66 days, and our girl Jordan has made it to the final four. And my summer has slipped away in a Big Brother haze.

Really, how many of you on day 10, 12, 25, even 50 thought that she would be this close?

Honestly, I thought I'd be done blogging about her adventures by now. But our girl Jordan has become the cockroach of my TV life. She's done Matthews proud.

Big Brother: Jordan Lloyd is not a supermodel

That became clear during the luxury competition.

The 4 remaining houseguests had to split up in teams of two, and in separate rooms find matching articles of clothing -- aiding each other by shouting through the wall -- put said clothes on, and then pose in the 'store' window.

Jordan's signature pose: Stunned statue. She did the same, stand ram-rod straight, look dazed pose each time.

Bless her heart.

Big Brother: No movie kiss for Jordan Lloyd

That's the only thing our girl Jordan and Jeff had to look forward to on this, THE DAY THEY NEVER WANTED TO SEE HAPPEN.

Knowing they'd both be on the block, Jeff promised that if he went, he'd give Jordan a dramatic kiss by the door.

They even practiced. In bed. Jeff suggested a nasty kiss but Jordan didn't think that was appropriate for a live show.

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