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Diversity policy slipping away

Based on Cathy Truitt's emphatic declaration that "forced busing" is dead, supporters of the diversity policy are in pretty bad shape right now.

As noted in today's article, Truitt said that no matter who wins the runoff in District 2 the new board member will support neighborhood schools and oppose the diversity policy. That would guarantee a five-vote majority for neighborhood schools.

Truitt's talk about supporting diversity and outreach to Horace Tart's supporters has given diversity policy supporters at least some hope of salvaging the situation.

Truitt requests runoff election

School board candidate Cathy Truitt filed paperwork this afternoon with the Wake County Board of Elections to request a runoff in District 2 against John Tedesco.

The runoff request is still pending the official certification of Tuesday's election results by the Wake County Board of Elections. But it's unlikely there will be enough provisional ballots to give Tedesco a majority or push Horace Tart into second place.

Truitt said Tart had told her before Tuesday that he would support her in a runoff against Tedesco. But Truitt says she hasn't heard back from Tart yet since Tuesday.

Truitt again reiterated that the choice between her and Tedesco is one of maintaining diversity or segregating the schools.

John Tedesco on WPTF

For those who missed the Cathy Truitt interview, John Tedesco will appear on WPTF at around 8:40 a.m.


While I'm sure WPTF will post the interview, here's a recap of Tedesco's interview.

When asked if he would support overturning the diversity policy, Tedesco said that's what they promised parents. He called the diversity policy a failed effort at social engineering.

Click here to listen to Tedesco's appearance. 

Gearing up for the District 2 runoff

Get ready for four weeks of heavy campaigning in the District 2 school board runoff.

As noted in today's article, Cathy Truitt expects to call for a runoff against John Tedesco. However reluctantly, folks who backed Horace Tart will likely turn to Truitt in hopes of staving off a complete sweep by the WSCA candidates.

"I'm hopeful that we can continue to talk with her about the need to continue to maintain diversity in our schools," said Calla Wright, president of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children. "That's our glimmer of hope."

Runoff looking likely in District 2

School board candidate Cathy Truitt says it's likely she'll call for a runoff in the District 2 race against John Tedesco.

Truitt said she'd run as a swing vote to stave off resegregation in the schools. She said she'll probably make her final decision tomorrow although she's got a week before the resuls are certfied.

It looks safe to say that Truitt will be running to the left of Tedesco as she reaches out to voters who backed Horace Tart and Carlene Lucas.

Excluding District 2, the other seats are now solidly 4-4 on the diversity policy. 

Anti-Tedesco campaign signs

So who's responsible for these misspelled campaign signs that have popped up overnight in multiple locations in District 2?

Both the campaigns of Cathy Truitt and Horace Tart are denying any involvement with the signs.

"We would have nothing to do with this," said Nelson Dollar, Tart's campaign manager. "It's not coming from Horace Tart's campaign. That's silly."

Brad Crone, who is managing Truitt's campaign, said he heard the signs were put up by a private citizen who dislikes John Tedesco.

Tedesco and Truitt exchange words at diversity press conference

District 2 school board candidates John Tedesco and Cathy Truitt got into some verbal fisticuffs at today's "Friends of Diversity" press conference.

Here's what happened, according to N&O reporter Kristin Collins. Truitt was among 25 to 30 people who stood up behind the podium with the organizers of the press conference.

Tedesco and the other candidates endorsed by the Wake Schools Community Alliance stood in the audience.

School board campaign mailers from Cathy Truitt and John Tedesco

Here are a pair of mailers sent by school board candidates Cathy Truitt and John Tedesco.

In this mailer sent this week, Truitt calls herself "a new leader who will focus on our children, our schools, and our communities." She also calls herself the only candidate "with the leadership skills, experience and background" to serve District 2.

New TV ad attacks Wake neighborhood school candidates

A new television ad appearing on WRAL is attacking three of the school board candidates, warning that backing neighborhood schools will lead to higher property taxes.

The ad, from a group called Wake Citizens for Good Government, attacks three of the four candidates backed by the Wake Schools Community Alliance: Chris Malone, Deborah Prickett and Debra Goldman. But it doesn't go after John Tedesco, who is also backed by the WSCA but isn't facing a Democratic Party endorsed opponent.

Here's the text of the ad:


Cathy Truitt's new school board campaign ads

School board candidate Cathy Truitt is using her ample warchest to make another pitch in new ads running in weekly newspapers in Garner and Fuquay-Varina.

In this ad appearing this week in Fuquay-Varna and Garner, Truitt calls herself "the clear choice for Wake school board." The ad also says she's the only candidate who "has an independent voice without a hidden agenda."

The ad talks about how she will "oppose forced reassignment," "aggressively pursue a balanced approach to community schools and expanded magnet program options" and "bring better socio-economic balance to District 2 schools."


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