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What I can tell you about the Season 5 premiere of 'Mad Men'

As per Matthew Weiner's instructions regarding a potential review of Sunday night's two-hour Season 5 premiere of "Mad Men" on AMC, there's not an awful lot I'm allowed to tell you.

Things I specifically can't tell you:

- I can't tell you what year Season 5 is set in, though it has already been spoiled by many outlets that "Mad Men" creator Weiner removed a Dusty Springfield song called "The Look of Love" from the episode because it was pointed out by some critics that the song was not released during the timeframe of the episode. So if you Sherlocks want to know the year badly enough, Google away. (Season 4 took place in 1965.)

'Mad Men' fans: Give thanks for this free copy of 'Sterling's Gold'

A very wise man once said, "You people are not watching enough television. It is your job. The shows and the ads."

That wise man is Roger Sterling from AMC's acclaimed drama, "Mad Men."

"Mad Men" fans know that Roger Sterling is the king of the one-liners, the comic relief when the show gets a bit too heavy. Now the creator of "Mad Men" has brilliantly compiled some of Roger's more memorable quotes into a book called "Sterling's Gold" (which was the name Roger gave to the memoir he was writing on the show).

The quote-per-page book is fun to read, and would be a great gift for "Mad Men" fans. I thought it sounded like a cheesy idea at first, but then got totally sucked into the book and laughed out loud at many of Roger's quotes. And you have to admit, there's a twisted wisdom in those wisecracks. (Click below for some excerpts).

Here's the good part: We're giving away our copy of "Sterling's Gold: Wit & Wisdom of an Ad Man" by Roger Sterling. 

"Mad Men" recap: Don changes the conversation

MadMen-Episode412-donpetebert-teaserLosing Lucky Strike has left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce weak and gasping for air in Season 4, Episode 12. But, as research king Geoff Atherton says, the agency still has Don. Don proves himself again as he makes a bold move to change the agency's fortunes. Whether it works will be subject of the season finale.

Early in the episode when the agency appears to be crashing down and Don doesn't know what to do, Peggy reminds him that he always said that if you don't like what people are saying about you, change the conversation. Don, the self-made man, can't just let fate have her way with him. He has to do something.

"Mad Men" recap: Welcome to My World

MadMen411-PeggyPlaytextease"It's the end of the world." The word gets out that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has lost Lucky Strike, and everyone at the agency is shaken in Season 4, Episode 11. Don vows that things will be OK, but nobody is sure that the agency will survive.

And anyone who has been through the economic downturn of the past couple of years knows what the SCDP people are feeling when they watch as their company's fortunes take a horrible turn for the worse and they don't know whether they'll be out of a job soon. It's frightening, but oddly exhilarating, too, as Stan the pig says, "It's the last days of Rome. ... The energy is very good."

"Mad Men" recap: Do you promise not to tell?

MadMenEpisode410-LaneSecrets come out and secrets stay hidden in Season 4, Episode 10. Don, Roger, Lane and Pete see their worlds start to crumble. And at least three of them engage in stunning displays of spinelessness. The one who shows some backbone is most surprising.

The 1960s references are everywhere in this episode. Don gives Sally a thrill when he tells her that he'll be taking her to the Beatles' concert in Shea Stadium (Aug. 15, 1965); Lane takes guests to the Playboy Club; the Cold War and the space race are key to a client's business; women sit in a doctor's waiting room to get an illegal procedure; someone makes the casual offer of a Valium; "Hazel" is playing on a television set. Yet it is the past that makes the biggest impact in this episode.

Big fat spoilers ahead about this packed episode.

"Mad Men" recap: Inscrutable you

We glimpse the secret to Don Draper's success in Season 4, Episode 5: He learns.

Mad Men Season 4, Episode 5When the Japanese executives of the Honda motorcycle company come in seeking a presentation from the agency as it prepares to make a car, he reads a seminal anthropology book called "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" (also the episode's title). He asks his date (Bethany) to teach him how to use chopsticks, and he tries a new kind of alcohol, sake. He is also a man who knows to zag when his rivals expect him to zig. And, like the Japanese, he does not like hearing criticism or advice.

"Mad Men" premiere: New season, new vibe

The fourth season of "Mad Men" is almost here, and the Sunday night premiere has the Banana Republic-wearing, avatar-creating fans of the AMC drama swooning with anticipation.

But those fans should brace themselves for big changes.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who saw the Season 3 finale that Season 4 would bring significant changes for nearly everyone in the cast. The last we saw, Betty (January Jones) was on a plane to Reno with her new boyfriend Henry, and Don (Jon Hamm) had just conspired to break away from the British-owned Sterling Cooper firm (along with Roger, Bert, Pete, Peggy, Joan, Harry and Lane) to form a new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

So those changes (new offices, new homes) shouldn't come as a surprise. And yet, they do. . . .

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