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Save the world at UNC

How's this for ambitious: some at UNC Chapel Hill now want to offer an undergraduate minor titled "Solving the World's Problems."

Here's the background: Trustees John Ellison and JJ Raynor have for several months now led a campus work group that has published a report titled "Carolina: Best Place to Teach, Learn and Discover." Basically, the duo interviewed people all over campus to figure out what students, faculty and staff want from the university and how people think it can get better. It illustrates what people want from Carolina - academic excellence, small class sizes, and an environment that fosters and encourages learning.

Click the attachment below to read the entire report.

The new proposed minor is an attempt to piggyback on the audacious and idealistic desires of top students who arrive at Carolina thinking that they can, indeed, change the world, said Raynor, the board's student representative.

"Students want a way to apply what they're learning to the world," she told me today. "They want to know how academics connect."

To solve the world's problems, UNC would need to hire a full-time advisor and program director. Add in some program overhead and resource costs, and the Raynor/Ellison team projects the cost of this new major to fall in the $100,000 to $150,000 range annually. 

Seems a small price to pay to solve the world's problems.

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