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A new faculty chair today at UNC

The next chair of the faculty at UNC Chapel Hill will be unveiled today.

Two longtime faculty members are in the running, and electronic voting was held April 13 to 20. The results will be made public today at a Faculty Council meeting that starts at 3 p.m. at the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History.

The candidates are Arne Kalleberg, from sociology, and McKay Coble, chair of the department of dramatic art.

Here's some background on each.

The winner will succeed Joe Templeton, a chemist whose three-year appointment soon comes to an end.

UNC/Bain relationship examined

UNC Chapel Hill's highly scrutinized relationship with Bain & Company, a private consulting firm hired to look for ways to cut the university's budget, is the subject of an article in today's Inside Higher Ed.

The article touches on many of the concerns folks in Chapel Hill have had since UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp agreed to hire Bain with money provided by a private donor.

The donor has remained anonymous, as has the cost of the study Bain is conducting. The tight-lipped nature of this deal has many on campus bothered, particularly since Bain doesn't have a ton of experience in higher education.

In this article, Thorp defends his decision.

"I think if you ask people about the way that I've handled most things in the administrative roles that I've had, it's been pretty open," he told Inside Higher Ed. "This was not quite as open as I normally do things, but when you get in these positions sometimes you have to make difficult choices. But I'm confident it was the right choice."

Thorp addressed some concerns at a recent campus forum. 

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