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What to Watch on Saturday: A Jodi Arias Lifetime movie? That was fast!

Zero Hour (8pm, ABC) - Hank demands answers from his parents bout his birth and childhood, but is still not convinced they're telling him the whole truth. Meanwhile, the hunt for Laila and the clock brings Beck, Paige, Arron and Rachel to Istanbul.

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (8pm, Lifetime) - Well, that was fast. It's the Lifetime movie about Jodi Arias (played by Tania Raymonde), an aspiring photographer recently convicted for the brutal 2008 murder of her boyfriend. She claimed the killing was done in self-defense, but prosecutors believed otherwise.

My Cat From Hell (8pm, Animal Planet) - A woman's cat gets possessive and aggressive when she's about to move in with her girlfriend. Also getting help from Jackson, a married couple who are stressed out by their cat's violent behavior.

666 Park Avenue (9pm, ABC) - Wait, what?! Where did this come from? Well, if you can remember where things left off back in 2012 … Alexis tries to find an escape clause in her deal with Gavin and Jane attempts to learn more about Peter Kramer's journal and the Drake's history. Also, Brian tries to get a producer to back his play and Olivia tells Louise about a great job at a top magazine. Absolutely none of that sounds spooky.

Brooklyn DA (9pm, CBS) - Charges are brought against a ring accused of selling body parts from corpses. Also: the case of a man who allegedly pretended to be his dead mother.

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