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The Bachelor: Jason apologizes to America

Bachelor Jason Mesnick got a chilly reception from Ellen DeGeneres on her show Friday.

Ellen has railed against Jason for the past week, ever since he flip-flopped from Melissa to Molly on last week's Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose special.

The contrite reality star acted nervous with Ellen, immediately apologizing for his behavior toward Melissa.

The Bachelor: Melissa says breakup "mutual," discusses leaked emails

I know, I'm getting a little sick of this too, but it won't go away. And I'm not taking sides, but I'm starting to feel like the only person in America not outraged that Jason Mesnick ended his relationship with Molly Rycroft on The Bachelor. So what if it was on the air? Don't we watch reality shows for moments like that? It's not pretty folks, but those of us watching reality shows don't really have a lot of room for self-righteous outrage, do we? And as the Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly this week, they broke up on tv because it's a tv show!

All of that said ... I'm still checking out the talkshows whenever any of these clowns show up. Today it was Melissa in her first appearance since ATFR, and it was on Ellen.

Melissa and Ellen covered all the bases -- the "fairness" of it all, Melissa's new boyfriend, and the leaked emails between her and Jason.

The Bachelor: Host shares show's secrets

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison (left) wrote a blog for Entertainment Weekly this season, and sometimes he'd include some interesting tidbits. Things you (maybe) always wondered about:

"Do they tell the Bachelor in what order to call out the names in the rose ceremonies?" (Yes).

"Did Naomi's mom think she was reincarnated?" (Yes).

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes gems I culled from a season's worth of posts. You can read all of his posts here.

The Bachelor: Exec Producer makes no apologies

Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss speaks out about the rumors that the ending was scripted (not true, he says) and also addresses the controversial breakup on the After the Final Rose show.

"Why did he have to break up with her on the show?" we all whine.

"It's a simple answer," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "It's a TV show. He would have done it on the radio if this were a radio show."

Read the full interview here.

The Bachelor: Jason and Molly defend themselves

ABC trotted out Jason and the gang one more time last night for the the second After the Final Rose special -- and it was no Jason Lovefest, that's for sure.

We got a handful of rejected ladies from earlier in the season who were there to give their opinions, but no Melissa . And there was no shortage of audience members ticked off at Jason. The question is, was there closure for angry Bachelor fans?

The Bachelor: Jason mocked by Jimmy Kimmel & Regis

Last night after the first After the Final Rose show, Jason Mesnick appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to try to convince America that he's not a total jerk.

We learned a few interesting things. First, Jason says that Melissa knew before they went on the show that they were not "together" - in fact, he says . . .

The Bachelor: "You're such a bastard."

It's showdown time. We had the fairytale proposal and now it's time for Jason to crush Melissa's dreams.

Chris brings Jason out first, alone. Jason starts telling Chris how great Melissa is and he starts crying immediately. "I've lived it" Jason says. But since the engagement, "things have been different, and we're not right for each other." He says they've spent a lot of time together, on trips and over holidays, and he says the chemistry is different. Well, who'd have thought things would be different in real life than on a reality show? 

He says that Melissa knows that things feel different for him. But Melissa doesn't know she's about to get dumped.

The Bachelor finale: "I think you're making a huge mistake."

It's 8pm and we're only 4 hours away from this nightmare being out of our lives for good (that's a lie because I'm totally watching many more hours of talk shows this week with Jason Mesnick interviews). At the top of the show, Chris tells us that tonight the girls meet Ty and it's "The most important day of their lives!"

So let's get to it. Not only is it the most important day of Molly and Melissa's lives, we know Deanna is coming back! And that is what we've been waiting for since January.

The Bachelor: Is Jason "morally bankrupt?"

This whole Bachelor thing keeps getting more and more sordid. Last week I wrote about some of the Bachelor Finale rumors flying around, but there was one part of the rumor I didn't believe -- the part about ABC's involvement in that-thing-that-happens-tonight. (Jason denied all this on The View last week). Now there's another blogger -- this time for Access Hollywood -- who offers some anecdotal evidence that does indeed suggest maybe ABC crossed a line. And is Jason Mesnick "morally bankrupt?" the blogger wonders. If all this is true, it may win ABC huge ratings, but the backlash could sink their Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. And maybe that's not a bad thing...

Major SPOILER ALERT so click below for the info.

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