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Review: ABC's 'Family Tools' may leave you speechless

ABC's newest sitcom "Family Tools" left me speechless. Mouth agape and speechless.

And not for any good reasons.

The show has a strong enough cast -- Kyle Bornheimer, J.K. Simmons and Leah Remini -- but it's so …. well, the word "silly" comes to mind. A lot.

The premise: Tony (Simmons) owns a handyman company but is forced to pass the reigns over to his son Jack (Bornheimer) after having a series of mild coronary episodes. Jack returns home from seminary school (he's tried a lot of jobs, failed at all of them) and moves in with his grumpy father, sassy aunt (Remini) and weird cousin while he tries to run the family business.

At work, he has to deal with a wildly insubordinate employee (Edi Gathegi) who can't be fired because he's a family friend.

I think "Family Tools" is trying hard to be wacky or edgy, but it's just … silly (there's that word again!). Some of the situations in the pilot -- like locking paramedics out of the house until Tony, who is having a heart attack, promises to stop working -- just drove me crazy. (And there were lots of moments like that in the pilot.)

In the show's defense, I will say that it's often unfair to judge a series based on its pilot, and that's especially true with comedies. Sometimes shows get better. ABC did provide what appears to be Episode 4 in the series, and it was slightly better. Slightly.

And also, I really, really hated ABC's "Last Man Standing" and it's doing pretty well. So, for whatever that's worth …

"Family Tools" debuts Wednesday night at 8:30 on ABC.

"The Closer" returns with a few changes for Season 6

You can't help but notice some changes when you tune in for the Season 6 premiere of "The Closer" tonight on TNT.

The primary difference is that the Major Case Squad has been moved into a fancy new high-tech building, which the detectives don't want and can't use. Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) calls the $10 million state-of-the-art headquarters an "obstacle course," and much to the chagrin of Chief Pope (J.K. Simmons), she and the gang spend much of the episode trying to retrofit it to be more like their old digs.

I get the feeling that watching the detectives fumble around with sliding screens and complicated phone systems will be a running theme this season.

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