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Lester Holt takes you "Inside Secret Government Warehouses"

When I first got the screener for "Inside Secret Government Warehouses" (Syfy, 9 tonight) hosted by Lester Holt, I thought it odd. Why would Holt being doing an investigative doc on Syfy?

But pretty quickly into the show, Holt clues you in. He's pimping for the mothership! The look inside secret government warehouses was inspired by Syfy's hit "Warehouse 13." It's not a big ol' promo, but scenes from the show are shown, and its mentioned several times. Nicely done, NBC Universal.

So, Holt lends his gravitas (and his nice way with a suit) to an exploration of whether the government has been keeping UFOs from us and what's the deal with Area 51, whether the Camp Hero State Park was a center for testing for mind control and time travel, and what are those Catholics hiding in those Vatican archives.

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