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"If You Really Knew Me": What your teen might be thinking

The teen years can be a treacherous time, and high school can be Ground Zero for all the pain, confusion, anger, joy, vice and struggle of those years.

That's why there's real value in "If You Really Knew Me," (MTV, 11 tonight), a compelling docu-series that visits high school as they go through the one-day Challenge Day program, and shows what happens when kids are challenged to open up and be themselves.

In the first episode, the Challenge Day program comes to Freedom High, a Northern California school that has been transformed in the last decade, growing from a mostly white 500-student body to a diverse school of 2,400. That's led to deep division at the school, and it's not just racial. Jocks and cheerleaders hang out on one side of the campus, the outcasts on another.

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