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What to Watch on Monday: 'House' reflects on his life in series finale

House (8pm, Fox) - Tonight's two-hour series finale includes a retrospective and the final episode, in which House's (Hugh Laurie) treatment of an ailing drug addict leads him to sift through his own life and speculate on his future.

Burt Bacharach & Hal David: The Gershwin Prize for Popular Song (9pm, UNC-TV) - Burt Bacharach and Hal David receive the honor from President Obama during a concert at the White House. Performers of songs by the duo include Sheryl Crow, Michael Feinstein, Diana Krall, Lyle Lovett, Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and others.

The Bachelorette (9pm, ABC) - 19 bachelors move into a Charlotte mansion to begin competing for the affections of Emily Maynard. Tonight, a one-on-one date has a concert by country band Gloriana, and thirteen of the men perform with the Sesame Street Muppets as they and Emily raise funds for a local hospital. There's also an altercation between two men that almost comes to blows, and a date at a resort Emily remembers from her childhood (please let it be South of the Border!). Three men are sent home.

Witness (10pm, NGC) - National Geographic Channel presents first-person accounts of the deadly tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., on May 22, 2011, killing more than 150 people devastating the city.

Season premiere has 'House' in the big house

"House" fans all remember last season's stunning finale: the good (and very jealous) doctor ramming his car straight into Cuddy's house while she hosted a dinner party with a potential new boyfriend inside. Oh yeah, and Wilson in the car with him.

Finally, House had gone too far and we all knew there had to be real consequences this time. Sure enough, the new season (premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox) opens a year later with Dr. House paying for his crimes in prison.

This out-of-pocket episode isn't as amazing as the Season 6 opener with House in a mental institution, but few things in life are. Still, it's a solid episode that gives us a chance to see House being House, but in an environment where a bit of the cocky swagger has been zapped.

The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror won't give you chills

Halloween has passed which means it's time for The Simpsons' 21st annual "Treehouse of Horror" (Fox, 8 tonight).

This year, the animated series presents three shorts based on movies. The first is about Marge's effort to get Bart and Milhouse away from violent video games by encouraging them to play a good old-fashioned board game.

When they choose one with Satan in the title (because it must be good if Satan is in the title), they end get sucked into an alternative universe where board games come to life.

"House" returns with Huddy dreams come true

"House" returns for its seventh season tomorrow night, and Huddy fans can rejoice. Last season's finale ended with hospital administrator Lisa Cuddy comforting the broken Dr. House, House tossing those devilish Vicodin pills to the floor, and the two of them kissing -- at last!

And unlike the betrayal from the previous season, this kiss was not drug-induced hallucination. This time, it's for real. So for all the "Huddy" fans who have pined to see the two characters together (and we do mean, together), the season premiere promises to be a blissful 60 minutes.

The first episode is titled "Now What?" and House and Cuddy mull and debate and cajole and argue and acquiesce throughout the show, working to figure that out. Are they really in love? Can this relationship actually work? I mean, we are talking about House, here...

"House" airs Monday nights at 8pm on Fox.

"House" season finale: Are Huddy fans happy now?

Last night's season finale of "House" centered around a pretty tough medical case: House trying to save a young woman crushed by a collapsed crane, while at the same time trying to save her leg. And if House knows anything (apart from manipulating people), it's living with a bum leg.

Let's just say the case didn't end well, and the end of the episode had our angsty doc ripping his medicine cabinet off the wall to get to his hidden stash of pain killers. (If you recall, last season's finale had House in his bathroom tripping out on a Vicodin high, hallucinating a make-out session with Cuddy, and then checking himself into a mental institution for rehab).

"House" flew over the cuckoo's nest

At the end of last season's "House," the quickly deteriorating (not to mention hallucinating) Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) could no longer deny the severity of his drug addiction, so he committed himself to a mental institution to kick that nasty Vicodin habit and get a handle on his demons.

Tonight's season 6 premiere picks up exactly where that finale left off: House is a newly admitted patient and going through the painful withdrawals on his way to getting clean. But in fact, the "cleaning" of House actually takes up very little time in the 2-hour debut.

The good stuff is what happens next, and it's difficult to overstate just how extraordinary this episode is.

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