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Betty White on "The Daily Show" (VIDEO)

Betty White appeared on "The Daily Show" Monday night and got tons of love from Jon Stewart and the audience, who chanted her name when she came out. It's a really cute interview. What's puzzling is that she once again states that she just won't joke about drugs, but she has a pot joke in the first scene of her new sitcom "Hot in Cleveland," which debuts tonight. Or maybe I'm not clear on exactly what constitutes joking about drugs. But no matter what Betty White is joking around about, she's hilarious. Check out the video below.

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What to Watch on Wednesday: "Top Chef" goes to Washington

TV's Biggest Surprises (8pm, CBS) - Jeff Probst hosts a look at TV's 30 most surprising moments, which are commented on by the stars or producers who were involved: Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey, Arsenio Hall, Regis Philbin, and others.

Top Chef: Washington DC (9pm, Bravo) - "Top Chef" moves to the nation's capital for Season 7. In tonight's premiere, we meet the 17 hopefuls from across the country (none from our area, unfortunately) who will compete for the top spot. Their first elimination challenge is to create a dish that best represents themselves and their region of the country (the southern girl makes shrimp and grits -- how original). Chef Eric Ripert (Le Bernardine) joins the show as a judge this season, so no pressure there...

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (10pm, Bravo) - We liked last week's first episode (think "Project Runway" for artists). The premiere focused on portraiture, and tonight, the artists must craft a work of art from junk (or as artists might say, "from found objects"). Mixed media sculptor Jon Kessler is a judge.

Hot in Cleveland (10pm, TV Land) - A new sitcom about three 40-something women from LA who get stranded in Cleveland and like it enough to stay. It stars Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Lane Leeves, and of course, Betty White. It's better than I thought it would be.

In Plain Sight (10pm, USA) - Mary helps her latest witness, a homeless man struggling with depression, find his birth parents.

Betty White's "Hot in Cleveland" sitcom is charming, funny

It seems appropriate that TV Land's first original scripted sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland," is stocked not with untested up-and-comers, but with some of the funniest (if under appreciated) female sitcom actresses of the last few decades.

The new series, debuting tonight at 10pm, has gotten a good bit of attention because it has put comedy treasure Betty White back in a steady gig, but that's not all the show has going for it. In fact, White's role is relatively minor. The list of stars sounds like roll call from some of our favorite classic shows: Valerie Bertinelli (Barbara on "One Day at a Time"), Wendie Malick (Nina Van Horn on "Just Shoot Me"), and Jane Leeves (Daphne on "Frasier"). Also worth noting is a guest spot by John Schneider (Bo Duke, "Dukes of Hazzard), who, I can't say too many times, has aged very well.

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