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What to Watch on Tuesday: An intense season finale for 'Justified'

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Among items investigated by the detectives are a Kit Carson biography that may have belonged to his family members and a saddle linked to Hollywood stuntman Yakima Canutt.

The New Normal (9pm, NBC) - The baby is born in the one-hour season (and possibly series) finale.

Justified (10pm, FX) - In the intense Season 4 finale, Boyd and Ava are forced to move a body to save themselves, and Raylan's pregnant ex-wife Winona is threatened by the Detroit mob. I hope everything works out okay and the episode ends with Raylan (Timothy Olyphant, right) getting a haircut.

Golden Boy (10pm, CBS) - McKenzie catches a break in a case that's near and dear to her heart when bullets found at the scene of a subway shooting match those used to kill her brother several years ago.

Body of Proof (10pm, ABC) - A murder victim's rabid neighbor bites Tommy, and after another rabies fatality, Megan calls on the new health commissioner to aid in their investigation.

Oprah: Where Are They Now? (10pm, OWN) - Omarosa discusses the death of her boyfriend, actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Also interviewed, Paul Michael Glaser from "Starsky and Hutch."

What to Watch on Tuesday: 'Justified,' 'Cougar Town' and 'Frontline' return

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - A bill of sale for a 17-year-old "negro girl" leads to a story of a person who went from being property to owning property. Also, a 1775 almanac that shows strained family ties during the Revolutionary War.

Ben and Kate (8:30pm, Fox) - Kate takes action after Maddie fails a test to get into the gifted program at her school. Elsewhere, Ben encounters a friend from college who stole one of his business ideas. And BJ's mother, played by Jane Seymour, visits town.

The Lying Game (9pm, ABC Family) - In the second season opener, Alec lands in jail on murder charges, but that doesn't stop him from intimidating Emma.

The Abolitionists (9pm, UNC-TV) - This three-part American Experience documentary tells the stories of abolitionists Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Angelina Grimke, Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown. Tonight's first part opens with the enslaved Douglass hopeful when he learns of abolitionist movement and Stowe witnessing slavery during her first trip to the South.

The Mindy Project (9:30pm, Fox) - Mindy's brother visits from college and shocks his sister with his plans to drop out of school and become a rap star.

Justified (10pm, FX) - In the Season 4 premiere, Raylan uncovers an unsettling family secret while moonlighting to track a dangerous fugitive. Patton "Draw on Me" Oswalt guest stars, and he's great.

Cougar Town (10pm, TBS) - "Cougar Town" makes the jump from ABC to TBS for Season 4. In tonight's season premiere, Jules and Grayson are in their first week of marriage, but it's not all wedded bliss for Grayson, who has a lot to learn about being Jules' husband. Meanwhile, Bobby tries giving fatherly advice to Travis after he turns 21. Series star Courtney Cox directed the episode.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Amy has some potentially life-altering news for Drew, and Victor's behavior leads Julia and Joel to question themselves.

Frontline: The Education of Michelle Rhee (10pm, UNC-TV) - An examination of Michelle Rhee's stormy 2007-2010 tenure as chancellor of the Washington, D.C., public school system, including her battles with the teachers' union and her handling of a cheating scandal. Adrienne reviews.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Melanie Griffith in 'Raising Hope' premiere

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta helps return a North Vietnamese soldier's diary to his family. Also, the team investigates whether a notebook of liquor recipes belongs to a Prohibition-era bootlegger, and a ledger containing details on how Native American actors were treated.

Hart of Dixie (8pm, CW) - In the season 2 opener, Zoe feels torn between George and Wade. Meanwhile, Lemon returns her wedding gifts and makes strides toward independence.

Raising Hope (8pm, Fox) - In the Season 2 premiere, the Chances meet Sabrina's mother (Melanie Griffith, left) at a funeral for her grandmother. The grandmother's videotaped will has a big impact on Jimmy and Sabrina's relationship.

Ben and Kate (8:30pm, Fox) - Kate lies about her residence in order to get Maddie into a better school district, but when her plan falls apart, she must admit the truth to Maddie's principal (Alan Ruck). Also, new episodes tonight of "The New Girl" at 9 and "The Mindy Project" at 9:30.

NCIS: Los Angeles (9pm, CBS) - The body of a retired marine is found at a bomb-making compound in Afghanistan, following a strike on the facility. The team investigates to determine why the soldier was there and if he betrayed the U.S.

The New Normal (9:30pm, NBC) - David plans a family dinner to tell his mother about the baby. Also, mother-in-law miseries plague Goldie and Shania fears her father will win a custody battle.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - A new enemy presents itself to SAMCRO.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Kristina encourages Max to branch out even though she may not be able to help him, while Sarah entertains Hank's daughter and gains more insight into her boss. Also, Victor tries a new activity, offering Julia and Joel a glimpse of the future.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - The doctors gather at Addison's home to reminisce, and Sheldon works with a suicidal patient who makes a startling revelation.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Do old Woolworth signs have historical N.C. connection?

2012 Summer Olympics (NBC) - You can check to see when and where games are playing on the NBC Olympics schedule page. Highlights include the final night of gymnastics, beach volleyball semifinals and more track and field. Tips on watching the Olympic games.

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - In tonight's installment, detectives investigate whether Woolworth signs held by Matt Flynt are from the 1960 Winston-Salem, N.C., lunch-counter sit-ins. They also study a picture frame possibly made from the staircase bannister of the Titanic or Lusitania, and try to figure out whether the father of a man's childhood friend was a Nazi spy. And then there's a little matter of a journal filled with liquor recipes that may have belonged to a bootlegger during Prohibition.
Pretty Little Liars (8pm, ABC Family)
- Spencer and Aria attend the Kahn brothers' party and engage in an intense game about truthfulness with Jenna.

L.A. Complex (9pm, CW) - Kaldrick visits his father and Abby tries to befriend her costar. Also, Beth's mouth lands her in trouble.

Haunted Highway (10pm, Syfy) - In the Season 1 finale, an Old West ghost town in Idaho is visited for a paranormal probe, and a prairie monster is sought in Montana.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Chief Black Kettle artifacts on 'History Detectives'

2012 Summer Olympics (NBC) - You can check to see when and where games are playing on the NBC Olympics schedule page. Highlights today include women's gymnastics, women's diving and swimming for both men and women. More tips on watching the Olympic games.

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - The detectives figure out whether two patches that feature a symbol of a bird dropping a bomb are from World War II, and if a neckpiece  and leggings belonged to Chief Black Kettle, a Cheyenne leader. Also, the authenticity of a note allegedly signed by President Lincoln is determined. (Photo from the National Park Service)

Jane by Design (9pm, ABC Family) - In the Season 1 finale, Jane finances the school play with the funds from her bonus check and gets her coworkers to help make the costumes, but then realizes the high personal cost of this endeavor.

Road Trip with G. Garvin (9pm, Cooking Channel) - In an episode named "Farm to Table," G. takes a look at versatility through sustainability with a visit to Coon Rock Farm in Hillsborough followed by the preparation of a meal at Zely & Ritz restaurant in Raleigh.

White Collar (9pm, USA) - The guys suspect fraud when a beautiful widow stands to receive a hefty life insurance payout.

Rizzoli & Isles (9pm, TNT) - A hometown boy-band star is murdered, and the case is personal for Jane and Frankie, who grew up with the vicitim. Elsewhere, Jane and Maura consider telling Angela the truth about Lydia's pregnancy.

NY Med (10pm, ABC) - A man with an eating disorder that compels him to eat metallic objects is treated by a trauma surgeon who was once an undocumented immigrant. Also, a pediatric surgeon discusses a risky procedure to remove a tumor from a 4-year-old girl's heart.

What to Watch on Tuesday: 'History Detectives' help Clint Black

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Two new episodes tonight. In the first, a matched set of Civil War-era pistols and a 78 RPM records from KKK Records (oh, lovely) with song titles too grotesque to even type here. On the second episode at 9, country singer Clint Black learns about an old book of wanted posters that he owns. Also, a chunk of molten metal that may be from a B-25 bomber that crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945.

Jane by Design (9pm, ABC Family) - Donovan Decker needs help closing the Harrods deal, so Jane heads to London to convince Jeremy to return to work. Meanwhile, Billy attempts to reconcile with Zoe.

Rizzoli & Isles (9pm, TNT) - Jane and Maura investigate when a bride is murdered right before her nuptials. Elsewhere, Jane's new neighbor drawns the attention of Angela, Frankie and Frost.

New York Med (10pm, ABC) - A woman with cystic fibrosis needs new lungs and and ER nurse makes a startling personal decision after hearing an elderly couple's story about their 65-year marriage.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Auggie visits Parker in Africa but runs into trouble during his trip, prompting Annie, Joan and Lena to team up to bring him home.

Haunted Highway (10pm, Syfy) - Spectral dogs are sought in Nevada and a search for a demon unfolds in Georgia.

What to Watch on Tuesday: PBS claims to have Bob Dylan's electric guitar

Pretty Little Liars (8pm, ABC Family) - Hanna attempts to find out who's assiting Garret, and Emily has another flashback, which points her to a suspect.

History Detectives (9pm, UNC-TV) - The Season 10 premiere investigates the history of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar to determine if it's the same one Bob Dylan played at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival (where he was booed off the stage for "going electric"). (Note: PBS is currently in dispute with Bob Dylan over this. A lawyer for Dylan says the singer still has the guitar, but PBS is so far standing by its claim that Dawn Peterson has the instrument). Also, possible Beatles autographs from 1964 Miami Beach, and a $5 thrift-store find that may have a Frank Zappa link.

MasterChef (9pm, Fox) - Paula Deen is the guest judge for a Southern-inspired mystery-box challenge.

American Gypsies (9pm, National Geographic Channel) - The series premiere introduces the Johns, a tight-knit Romani family  living in New York City. Patriarch Bob Sr.'s health is failing, prompting brothers Nicky and Bobby to battle for leadership. Meanwhile, a rival family encroaches on Nicky's psychic shop, leading to a violent confrontation.

NY Med (10pm, ABC) - A man with a liver disease needs a transplant and hopes to live long enough for his daughter's wedding, and a trauma surgeon finds his groove in New York after leaving New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (10pm, HBO) - Segments include a look at marching-band hazing; an interview with MLB All-Star Matt Kemp; and a report on former Olympic gold medalist Dominque Moceanu.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Sundance is gentler with inventors

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Tonight, a camera that may have been used by the first female White House photographer to shoot a picture of President Truman, and a 19th-century doll that might have been used to smuggle medicine into the Confederate South.

Quirky (10pm, Sundance) - In this new show, inventors submit ideas for products that designers and engineers attempt to bring to fruition. Tonight, an all-in-one pasta strainer and a revolutionary power strip. Adrienne watched three quarters of the advance screener before it broke, and calls it "a kindler, gentler 'Shark Tank.'"  

9/11: Where Were You? (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - NGC looks at life-and-death decisions people made amid the chaos of the 9/11 attacks and in the aftermath. Includes interviews with a police officer who was at the World Trade Center, and a Pentagon staff sergeant who pulled people out of burning wreckage.

Big Sexy (10pm, TLC) - A new reality show following five plus-size women as they try to break into modeling and fashion in Manhattan.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - Rebecca takes over triage when Col. Marks is injured in an explosion, and the situation leaves her with a judgement call to make.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Ludo Bites again

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - Among other things featured tonight, a woodcarving of a mouth and chin that may have been part of an Andrew Jackson figurehead affixed to the USS Constitution.

Pretty Little Liars (8pm, ABC Family) - Broadway legend Betty Buckley guest stars as Hannah's grandmother, who arrives in town for Tom's wedding.

Ludo Bites America (9pm, Sundance) - Ludo and Krissy travel to California to revamp Redondo Beach's Casa Pulido, which they turn into a fusion of Pacific Ocean seafood and Mexican fare. At 8pm, there's a repeat of last week's show from Raleigh (left), featuring The Pit and Gravy restaurants, and Allen & Son Barbecue (of Chapel Hill). Ludo certainly presented an interesting menu. Blood Pig Terrine, anyone?

Flipping Out (9pm, Bravo) - Jeff's suspicions grow about how one of his contractors is handling finances (shocker: it's the old man tile guy!) and a fiery fight erupts between the two. Also, Jeff deals with a sad pet-related medical problem.

Picker Sisters (10pm, Lifetime) - A tour of the Deep South yields a trailer full of vintage items. Tanya and Tracy ship the finds home with specific instructions, but somehow the message is misinterpreted by Alan.

What Not to Wear: Top 10 Meltdowns (10pm, TLC) - The hosts recall the worst meltdowns they've seen from the show's makeover candidates.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Frontline's 'Pot Republic'

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - A cane with Japanese characters carved into it that may shed light on a family's past in a WWII relocation camp.

Frontline: The Pot Republic (9pm, UNC-TV) - A report examining the marijuana business in California, where medical marijuana is legal and some counties are attempting to regulate pot production. Included: the black market that is said to have bloomed beneath the "medicinal" banner, and the federal government's response.

Flipping Out (9pm, Bravo) - Jeff and the gang go to Vegas to throw Sarah a bachelorette party. Then Zoila enters the hospital for her face-lift, which is her birthday gift from Jeff.

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (9pm, ABC) - In the Season 1 finale, eliminated contestants get wet and run the risk of facing sharks. Among the ways of getting ditched: being fired from a WWII canon, being dropped into the ocean with an anchor attached, and being launched into the ocean in a cart filled with fish.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie and Joan pose as a news team to help extract a CIA operative from a hostage crisis in Mexico.

HawthoRNe (10pm, TNT) - Camille and Miles (Derek Luke) mull over their future, and Bobbie makes a mistake and may pay a steep price for it. Chi McBride guest stars.

Deadliest Catch: Behind the Scenes (10pm, Discovery) - A behind-the-scenes look at the seventh season of the crab-fishing reality series. Included: a rookie skipper's spat with a veteran producer and a seasoned captain's clash with a greenhorn cameraman.

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