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Impact of new student assignment plan on school poverty rates

The newly adopted Wake County student reassignment plan could help produce some sharp changes this fall in the percentages of students receiving subsidized lunches at some schools.

This handout was presented by staff at Tuesday's school board meeting following a request by school board member Anne McLaurin. During the votes on the individual items, the Democrats often cited the changes in the F&R rates for them voting no.

For instance, the Walnut Creek feeder pattern moves are projected to increase Southeast Raleigh High's F&R rate from 40.2 percent this year to 50.3 percent this fall.

School board votes to block consideration of most of proposed Southeast Raleigh moves

The Democratic Wake County school board members took advantage of GOP chairman Ron Margiotta's absence today to pass a motion to exclude from consideration most reassignment moves not being recommended by staff.

By a 4-3 vote, the board voted to not look at more than 60 moves that were proposed by parents and members of the student assignment committee. These aren't being recommended by staff because they say it goes beyond the scope of the Oct. 5 directive. (Look at pages 7-12 of the list of moves on the rubric that are largely out now.)

There are going to be some exceptions. The motion said they would consider moves that were looked at earlier this year such as those for Carpenter Village suggested by board vice chairwoman Debra Goldman.

Staff plan would reassign 3,224 students next year

The new staff recommendation for the 2011-12 Wake County student reassignment plan is significantly different from the one that the old board had adopted in 2009.

The new plan would reassign 3,224 students for next year. The old plan would have moved 1,479 students. The new plan also calls for opening Walnut Creek Elementary School on a traditional calendar instead of a year-round one.

The plan incorporates some of the moves proposed at last week's student assignment committee meeting. But staff says most weren't added because they go beyond the scope of the Oct. 5 directive calling for adjustments to the 2011-12 plan.


Click here to view the official site for the reassignment plan.

Corrected the link for the high school data sheets.

Staff looking at how to implement the new student assignment policy

Next year's Wake County student reassignment plan is a work in progress with everything approved by the old school board under review with new suggestions coming in all the time.

During Tuesday's work session, Laura Evans, senior director of growth and planning, laid out to the board an explanation of the assignments being considered and the direction they're leaning toward. It will help to have your copy of the handout present.

The ensuing discussion showed how the thinking has changed to reflect the new student assignment policy. Multiple times, Evans talked about bringing students home, having them attend their neighborhood schools and moving the least number possible for stability.

Student assignment muddled and proposed changes for District 7

The quick upshot of today's Wake County student assignment committee meeting is that the process is now stalled following last week's vote scrapping the community zones.

School board member Chris Malone complained that the district is back to square one. Board member John Tedesco, committee chairman, said that while they looked at a lot of good information today they don't have any direction on how to use it now.

In this vacuum, board member Deborah Prickett proposed a bunch of changes for her district today, including:



Click here for Wednesday's article about the meeting.

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