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What to Watch on Monday: Is this NBC's comeback night?

The Voice (8pm, NBC) - 'The Voice' follows their post-Super Bowl debut with a two-hour episode containing more blind auditions. Coaches Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton at left.

House (8pm, Fox) - Following a violent incident involving a patient, House and the team are placed under review by the neurology chief.

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - The remaining women (both North Carolina women are still in the mix, but something tells me that changes tonight!) visit Panama, and hopefully, Emily from Chapel Hill can stop talking about Courtney for five seconds.

Alcatraz (9pm, Fox) - We've only seen prisoners up to now, but tonight an old guard resurfaces and encounters an old acquaintance.

Hart of Dixie (9pm, CW) - Tonight's Valentine's dance episode features a performance by Raleigh native Tift Merritt.

Smash (10pm, NBC) - This much-hyped debut of NBC's (much better!) answer to "Glee" follows a group of professional adult people staging a Broadway show. In tonight's debut, a writing duo come up with the idea to base a musical on Marilyn Monroe, and an experienced chorus girl competes against a promising newcomer. It has a great cast, which includes Debra Messing, Angelica Huston and Katharine McPhee. Here's my full review.

Lost Girl (10pm, Syfy) - Bo protects a human woman after a fury tries to hire Bo to kill her husband's mistress.

Tift Merritt to appear on CW drama "Hart of Dixie"

UPDATE: The CW has moved this episode to Feb. 6. Raleigh native Tift Merritt will get some primetime network television exposure Monday on the CW drama "Hart of Dixie."

Merritt, a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, will premiere her new song "Sweet Spot" on the show's Valentine's Day episode. "Hart of Dixie" is set in the fictional small town of Blue Bell, Alabama. The show's pilot was shot in Wilmington but subsequent filming moved to Los Angeles.

In the January 30 February 6 episode, Merritt plays herself, performing "Sweet Spot" with two of her band members at the town's annual Valentine's dance.

What to Watch on Monday: Diane Sawyer gets first interview with Gabby Giffords

The Sing-Off (8pm, NBC) - The groups collaborate to perform a medley of James Brown's "I Feel Good," the Jackson 5's "ABC," and Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." Later, the acts perform R&B tunes individually.

2 Broke Girls (8:30pm, CBS) - Max and Caroline are hired by Johnny's jealous girlfriend to make cupcakes for an art show featuring his work, but she has an ulterior motive in mind.

Bored to Death (9pm, HBO) - George (Ted Danson) and Ray (Zach Galifianakis) tag along when Jonathan is hired by an old college flame (Casey Wilson) and her father (Rene Auberjonois) to guard her family's wedding jewels. Meanwhile, the bursting of Ray's romantic bubble forces him to move in with George.

Gabby and Mark: Courage and Hope (10pm, ABC) - In a special edition of "20/20," Diane Sawyer interviews Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly. In the report, Giffords talks about her rehabilitation following a shooting outside a grocery store near Tucson, Arizona, where six people were killed. The special includes video taken of Giffords in the hospital during her recovery process, archival footage, and interviews with her mother.

Hawaii Five-0 (10pm, CBS) - An unidentified body is found in the trunk of a stolen car following a high-speed chase, and homeless Danny settles in on Steve's couch.

THE NEW FALL SEASON: "Hart of Dixie"

In "Hart of Dixie" (9 tonight, CW) Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) wants to be a big-time New York doctor like her dad, and is on the fast track to her goal. But Hart is cold-hearted, (get it?!) and on TV that means she needs to get some humility -- pronto.

Zoe's trip to being a better person begins with her accepting a mysterious offer to join a small-town Southern practice. She rolls into town in high heels and a Chanel jacket, of course, to show just how much she does not belong with these fine simple people who will eventually transform her. While the Southerness often goes over the top,  the fish-out-of-water, romance vibe (yes, of course, there's a cute guy waiting there!) is kinda sweet, if not awfully original.

The pilot was shot in Wilmington, so look for familiar sites. (Production has since moved to L.A.)

What to Watch on Monday: Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' is the night's big premiere

Terra Nova (8pm, Fox) - The two-hour premiere of the much anticipated adventure drama from Steven Spielberg. Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars") stars as a Chicago cop from the 22nd century who travels 85 million years into the past to give his family a better shot at survival (the 2149 earth has become almost unlivable due to overpopulation and pollution). Not usually my kind of show, but I found the pilot to be really exciting. Here's my review. I say give it a shot.

Gossip Girl (8pm, CW) - In the Season 5 opener, Serena makes a big mistake at her new job in Hollywood. Later, Chuck and Nate meet up with her in LA, where Nate is captivated by an older woman (Elizabeth Hurley).

Hart of Dixie (9pm, CW) - A new series about a cold New York City doctor (Rachel Bilson) who moves to a small town in Alabama and gets a dose of humility. The pilot was shot in Wilmington, but should you watch? Adrienne says ...

Mike & Molly (9:30pm, CBS) - In the second season premiere, the engagement honeymoon is over when Molly starts wedding planning while Mike just wants to go fishing with the guys.

Weeds (10pm, Showtime) - In tonight's season finale, Silas is out for revenge against his mom, and there's a big showdown between Nancy and her sister.

The Big C (10:30pm, Showtime) - In this season finale, Cathy decides to run a marathon to honor her dearly departed Lee, and what awaits her at the finish line will upend her life.

Also tonight, "2 Broke Girls" (which is kind of funny!) moves into its regular 8:30pm timeslot (CBS), and new episodes of "Playbunny Club" (10pm, NBC) and "Castle" (10pm, ABC).

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