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Grey's recap: Will 'Izzie haters' get their wish?

I haven't liked this "Ghost of Denny" storyline any more than anyone else. The only saving grace is that it is Denny. So while I haven't enjoyed the ridiculousness of Izzie making out with a figment of her imagination, I do appreciate some Denny screen time.

But last night, for better or worse, we all gave up the ghost. Denny and Izzie ended the light and flirty ghost banter, and fought all night about why he won't leave her alone. Can you feel sorry for a ghost? I can. . . .

'George' leaving Grey's Anatomy

T.R. Knight, who plays George on Grey's Anatomy, has asked to be released from his contract.

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello has been reporting in blind items for weeks that someone on the Grey's set was unhappy with their story line and wanted out of the show. Many fans were guessing it was Knight, who has seen very little screen time this season.

Ausiello's sources confirm that details are being worked out for Knight to leave the show.

Why can't Grey's Anatomy give up the ghost?

No, we're not talking about the show getting cancelled (though a lot of my guy friends would LOVE for that to happen). We're talking about The Ghost of Denny.

What the heck is that about? Don't get me wrong -- we all love looking at Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), dead or alive, so I'm conflicted about this craziness. But I think I'd rather have Izzie dreaming about him instead of his ghost stalking her and driving her insane.

Even in "Ghost," Demi Moore didn't get to make out with Patrick Swayze, but at the end of Grey's last night, Izzie and Denny were rounding first base and heading for second. HOW? I kept waiting for Alex to walk in on that, or for the camera to show us the scene from his perspective (like when he saw her talking to air at the hospital). Maybe that part was a dream?

Grey's Anatomy: The word for today is "heart"

First off, I'm sorry for Brooke Smith, the actress, that she got fired from Grey's Anatomy over something that a/ shouldn't be that big of a big deal, and b/ wasn't her fault. If ABC was concerned about the story direction of her character, lesbian heart surgeon Dr. Erica Hahn, then isn't that something to discuss with the writers? Not something to punish the actor for?

Anyway. Having said that, I will not miss Dr. Hahn. I've always found her character cold and hateful, and she didn't disappoint in that regard tonight. So I won't miss her. I do find myself missing Burke.

Grey's Anatomy: A shocking firing

Entertainment Weekly is reporting exclusively that Brooke Smith, Dr. Hahn to us, has been fired by Grey's Anatomy.

Dr. Hahn is significant in that she is half of a fairly prominent prime time lesbian couple (see our recaps chronicling her romance with Callie).

EW is reporting that the dismissal was an order from the ABC network execs who were uncomfortable with that relationship.

This Thursday's episode will be her last.

Go here to read the report from Ausiello Files.


Grey's Anatomy: "Do no harm" doesn't apply to pigs

Personally, I was tired of GI Doc before he even appeared on the screen. Rambo, as Shepherd calls him, comes in all "shock and awe," stabs some live pigs and orders the residents to save them. I'm sorry, is that supposed to be cool? 

And later, instead of letting a resident consult with speciailists, he has Alex glue a man's face shut, citing battlefield protocol. Seeing the mangled mess, Dr. sloan asks Alex, "what qualifies us as a war zone, Karev, our undermanned gift shop?"

Grey's Anatomy: Take off your pants

We thought that headline would get your attention -- we're starting to think like the writers at Grey's Anatomy.

The soapy bed-hopping antics of the Seattle Grace docs can sometimes reduce this still-pretty-decent show to a laughable farce. Which is a shame, because if there's one thing Grey's Anatomy still does extremely well (besides Patrick Dempsey's hair) it's drawing fantastic guest stars and wringing every drop of emotion from them.

Grey's recap: Pack a bag, take a vacation?

The usual Spoiler Alert warnings apply here....

We start with Izzie borrowing money from Dr. Shepherd so that we can see him nekkid in Meredith's room. It's a cheap ploy but let's not pretend here: he's still the reason I watch this show.

At the hospital, Alex steals Izzie's big surgery just to make her miserable. Please, Shonda Rhimes, don't let them end up together. This is a sick relationship.

Derek finds Meredith's mom's diary. Sigh. Do we have to go there? Again?

Airplane Guy George relates to an Airplane Kid with heart disease. Adorable. He shows the little guy how ORs work and how there's nothing to be afraid of. Except he accidently takes him into an OR where a guy's whole face is peeled back off his head. The kid is delighted.

Intense "Grey's Anatomy" finale makes fans emotional

The high body count on last night's amazing (and amazingly violent) "Grey's Anatomy" finale accomplished a couple of things: 1/ It culled the unweildy herd of doctors milling through the halls (and plot lines) of Seattle Grace, and 2/ it earned back for the show a little of the buzz it's been missing this season.

The chaos began when an angry gunman whose wife had died on a previous episode (she was brain dead and the hospital forced him to pull the plug) walks into the hospital and starts shooting people. The man is looking specifically for Dr. Webber (his wife's surgeon), Dr. Shepherd (gave the orders), and Lexie Grey (pulled the plug). In no time, the floors are littered with the crumpled bodies of doctors we know and love. And yes, one of them is McDreamy.

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