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What to Watch on Thursday: Conclusion of George Harrison documentary

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie's book about Pawnee comes out just in time for her campaign, and Ann tries to bond with Ron and April.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World (9pm, HBO) - The conclusion of Martin Scorsese's expansive profile of George Harrison explores the breakup of the Beatles, his burgeoning solo career, the concert for Bangladesh, his association with Monty Python, the Traveling Wilburys, and his death from cancer. Listen to Scorsese tell why he made the film on Harrison.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - The warehouse employees all win the lottery and quit, prompting the office workers to dream about living lives of luxury while searching for new warehouse staff.

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Reese joins a gang of thieves to infiltrate a crime ring.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - A stampede at a comic book convention leads to an array of colorful characters in the ER.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - The designers create fashions inspired by exotic birds. Fashion figure Francisco Costa is the guest judge.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Jane's father's bar is robbed while she's helping out there, and Jane gives the female cop (Elizabeth Rodriguez) investigating the robbery the cold shoulder. Also, Calderon and Jane are assigned to the murder of a woman found in a dumpster.

What to Watch on Thursday: A strong premiere night on NBC

Charlie's Angels (8pm, ABC) - A remake of the 1970s hit show starring Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor. I'm not a fan. You're better served watching "Community." Or "Big Bang Theory." Or "The X-Factor." Or anything else.

Community (8pm, NBC) - In the Season 3 premiere, the study group wonder if Pierce will join them as they gather at the start of a new semester. Also, Jeff clashes with his biology teacher (Michael K. Williams, "The Wire," "Boardwalk Empire") and is kicked out of class, and Dean Pelton has a new nemesis at Greendale -- John Goodman.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Two new back-to-back episodes open the fifth season. First, Penny hits a low point when she realizes what she's done by sleeping with Raj, and Sheldon becomes leader of the paintball team. Later, Penny and Sheldon clash and Amy is caught in the middle.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie is faced with the difficult decision when she decides to run for office in the Season 4 opener. Meanwhile, Ron prepares for the return of his first wife (Patricia Clarkson).

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - A new drama following a presumed-dead CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) and a billionaire software genius (Michael Emerson) who try to stop crimes before they happen. Adrienne likes it. Read more.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - In the Season 8 premiere, the staffers discover their names on a mysterious list authored by new Sabre CEO, played by James Spader (right). Paranoia sweeps through the office as everyone speculates about what the list means.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Meredith is fired in tonight's two-hour Season 8 premiere. I have nothing against "Grey's," but there's better stuff on.

Whitney (9:30pm, NBC) - A new sitcom about about unmarried couple Whitney (Whitney Cummings) and Alex (Chris D'Elia). Is it funny? Adrienne says ...

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - A new series about a NYC homicide detective (Maria Bello) coping with sexism and harassment from colleauges while working murder cases. Also stars Aidan Quinn. It's a remake of Helen Mirren's classic PBS series, but it's quite good. I think you should watch.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - In the fourth season opener, Jane is in prison and must prove that the man he killed was Red John. Lisbon wants Van Pelt to get counseling for having to shoot her fiance when it was discovered he was Red John's inside man. So that Red John thing is over, right?

What to Watch on Thursday: Parade of stars recruited for 'Office' finale

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Hold your breath, McCreerians: Someone goes home tonight. But first, performances from Il Volo, Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - In the fourth season finale, Raj moves in with Sheldon when Leonard and Priya's "Star Trek" bedroom fantasy is too much for him.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - In the Season 7 finale, Jim takes the lead on a committee interviewing potential candidates for the branch manager job.  The hopefuls include Andy, Darryl, and Dwight, but also candidates played by Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, James Spader, Warren Buffett, and Ray Romano.

The Mentalist (9pm, CBS) - CBS has back-to-back episodes tonight to end the show's third season. In the episodes, a CBI mole is discovered and Patrick Jane finally confronts Red John face-to-face.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - In the seventh season finale, Meredith's deceit in Derek's clinical trial comes to light, jeopardizing her career and causing unintended consequences for others. Also, Owen announces his choice for chief resident.

Bones (9pm, Fox) - A bowler's remains are found in an automatic pinsetter in the Season 6 finale, and Booth goes undercover to fill an injured Max's spot on the victim's team to gather clues and suspects.

Parks and Recreation (10pm, NBC) - Two new episodes tonight mark the end of Season 3. In the final episode, Leslie organizes a memorial service or a dearly departed friend and Chris deals with a health problem.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Season 4 ends with Oceanside Wellness facing an existential crisis as a result of its vulnerabilities. Whatever that means. More importantly, Addison has a new admirer, how is played by Benjamin Bratt.

What to Watch on Thursday: Michael Scott says goodbye to 'The Office'

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Priya uses her legal expertise to rip apart Sheldon's roommate agreement, and then the women take the flustered Sheldon out dancing. Yes, Sheldon dances.

The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale (8pm, ABC) - It's crunch time people, this wedding is tomorrow and you have to be ready! This report by Chris Cuomo and Elizabeth Vargas may help.

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Someone goes home, and Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox perform.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - Michael Scott says farewell to each staffer during his very last day in the Scranton office. Meanwhile, Deangelo (Will Ferrell) and Andy frantically scurry to retain Michael's most important clients. This is Steve Carell's final episode. Have some tissues handy.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Callie and her baby are recovering after the accident, but Callie has yet to see her daughter. Meanwhile, Alex gets an idea that he thinks will make him chief resident as he treats a cranky terminal cancer patient, played by Doris Roberts. Also, a patient's sudden death makes Derek more cautious in the clinical trial and Teddy is pleasantly surprised by the return of psychologist Andrew Perkins (Jamese Tupper).

Countdown to the Royal Wedding (9pm, TLC) - More homework for you.

Break it Down (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - The old Yankee Stadium comes down after salvage crews save thousands of pieces of memorabilia, from the seats to the sod. Have some tissues handy.

What to Watch on Thursday: Two will exit 'Idol'

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Casey's dramatic "save" last week means not one but two contestants will be voted off tonight. Is Scotty McCreery safe?? Also, Fantasia,, and Jamie Foxx perform live.

The Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - The guys become sleuths to find out who hacked Sheldon's online game account.

Perfect Couples (8:30, NBC) - Vance befriends Amy's exes and ends up worried that he may someday join their ranks. Also, Rex wants a peek at Leigh's ex files. I think there's only one more episode of this show after tonight, which is a real shame.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - It's the episode we've all been dreading. It's 'Grey's Anatomy: The Musical.' I wish I was kidding.

Mobbed (9pm, Fox) - Howie Mandell hosts a show in which unsuspecting people are greeted by flash mobs during special occasions, such as a wedding proposal, a pregnancy, and a hiring.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - A man who believed he had been abducted by aliens at one time is found murdered and his body is stolen from the coroner's van.

What to Watch on Thursday: Michael proposes to Holly on 'The Office'

NCAA Tournament (7pm, CBS and TBS) - The games return. Of local interest, Duke takes on Arizona at 9:30pm.

Community (8pm, NBC) - Jeff plans a 'Pulp Fiction' themed birthday party for Abed. All of the NBC sitcoms are new tonight. At 8:30, the unfairly canceled 'Perfect Couples' (very funny, underrated) features Amy's bachelorette party, which doesn't go well due to a conflict with her childhood friend. On 'The Office,' Michael finally proposes to Holly (Amy Ryan, who makes her final appearance on the show). On 'Parks and Recreation,' Leslie plans a camping trip for the whole department, and on '30 Rock,' a forced hiatus sends staffers in search of backup jobs. And then there's 'Outsourced.'

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - Someone is eliminated. Jennifer Hudson and Sugarland perform.

Elizabeth Taylor Biography (8pm, Bio Channel) - A two-hour special on the life and career of the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Richard wants Derek and Meredith to accept Adele into their Alzheimer's trial, and Henry (Scott Foley) has another complication.

Fairly Legal (10pm, USA) - In the Season 1 finale, Kate tries to prevent trouble at the Croatian embassy while settling a dispute between two brothers. She also deals with threats from Judge Nicastro and personal upheavals.

What to Watch on Thursday: Will Garner teen make 'American Idol' cut?

American Idol (8pm, Fox) - It's time for the judges to lock them doors and turn them lights down low -- and finally unveil the Top 24 semifinalists, which will consist of 12 males and 12 females. Will Garner's country-crooning Scotty McCreery (left) be in that group?

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Sheldon learns he's not the epicenter of the group and decides to find new friends.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Meredith discovers that her fertility treatments are causing her to lose her visioni, and Mark tells Callie and Arizona that he plans to be an active dad when the baby comes.

Royal Pains (9pm, USA) - In the Season 2 finale, Hank tries to get to the root of what's ailing a patient he thinks has been misdiagnosed. Elsewhere, Divya and Raj take dance lessons for their upcoming wedding, but things don't go as planned.

Parks & Recreation (9:30pm, NBC) - Ron and Leslie head to Indianapolis, where they'll be recognized for their work on the upcoming Harvest Festival. Back in Pawnee, Tom hosts a launch party for a local cologne maker, and Andy and April find ways to have fun without spending money.

30 Rock (10pm, NBC) - Liz hires a new female writer after a blog declares "TGS" misogynistic. Meanwhile, Jack plots his takeover of Kabletown by zeroing in on his main competition -- the CEO's granddaughter.

Archer (10pm, FX) - When members of Woodhouse's WWI Royal Flying Corps squadron (the "Double Deuce") start dying mysteriously, he naturally suspects foul play. So does Archer, who' sin for some multitasking: tracking down the killer while babysitting his  young son Seamus.

What to Watch on Thursday: Honestly, not much.

Wipeout (8pm, ABC) - Nothing new here. People bounce off giant balls and fall into mud.

$#*! My Dad Says (8:30pm, CBS) - You know everything is a rerun tonight if I'm even mentioning this show (or "Wipeout"). But, it does have Ed Begley, Jr. in a guest spot, so not all is lost. Bonnie and Vince must arrange a second wedding ceremony after they learn their first wedding was illegal. Ed (William Shatner) wants to break them up when he learns Bonnie's father (Begley) is attending the ceremony.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Arizona asks for Mark's advice as she tries to reconcile with Callie, who has some big news. Also, Teddy must make a major decision for her new husband Henry (Scott Foley) during his surgery, and the chief announces that he's looking for a new chief resident on the day the residents receive a new crop of interns. There's a new episode of "Private Practice" at 10.

Beyond Scared Straight (10pm, A&E) - Five young women visit Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, Cal., in the first episode of a new series in which troubled teens visit prisons to get a hard look at life behind bars.

Ace of Cakes (10pm, Food) - Betty White orders a cake for her favorite animal charity, and the staff holds a cake-balancing contest when Duff leaves town for the day.

Shonda Rhimes puts sexy doctors in the jungle

Shonda Rhimes doesn't like it when someone says her new show "Off the Map" is like "Grey's Anatomy" in the jungle.

Sorry, Shonda, but we call 'em like we see 'em.

Rhimes' latest doc drama is about a group of American residents who report to a clinic somewhere in South America to combine practicing medicine with doing good for the world/making a fresh start. The residents are overseen by two hot American doctors who run the clinic along with a native doctor (Valerie Cruz) who resents the American doctors being there -- even though it would appear from the staff we see, there'd be no clinic without the imperialist intruders. Seriously, there's an anti-American rant in every one of her scenes in the pilot. That won't get old.

And if you were thinking Zach Gilford ("Friday Night Lights") would be the reason to watch this, let me disabuse you of any of your Matt Saracen Returns fantasies. . . .

What to Watch on Thursday: More gunfire for 'Grey's Anatomy'

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Leonard has a great idea for a smartphone app, but it causes friction with Sheldon.

The First 48 (9pm, A&E) - A double murder in Charlotte is investigated.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - A mass shooting at a nearby college reopens some fresh wounds at the hospital. Also, Airzona returns to a cold welcome from Callie and Teddy proceeds with her marriage to the cute-but-dying-with-no-health-insurance Henry (Scott Foley).

The Facebook Obsession (9pm, CNBC) - Lester  Holt examines Facebook, including its rapid growth and the ongoing concerns over privacy policies. The report also includes good and bad stories from users.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - JoBeth Williams guest stars as Addison's mom, who shows up demanding that Addison save her dying partner (Ann Cusack).

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