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What to Watch on Wednesday: Season finale of "In Plain Sight"

Top Chef: Washington DC (9pm, Bravo) - Bravo calls the scratch pie challenge Operation Dessert Storm. Heh. The contestants are also charged with grilling up a classic picnic for Capital Hill interns. Jonathan Waxman is the guest judge.

Ghost Hunters Academy (9pm, Syfy) - The cadets examine Ohio's Mansfield reformatory, where "The Shawshank Redemption" was filmed.

In Plain Sight (10pm, USA) - In the Season 3 finale, Mary and Marshall must protect a priest who witnessed the murder of a stripper, but the priest is obsessed with saving another woman who is also in danger. Also, Stan informs a dead witness's daughter about the truth regarding her father's absence, and Brandi moves in with Peter. Agent Faber (Steven Weber) returns.

Hot in Cleveland (10pm, TV Land) - Elka (Betty White) really likes her blind date (Carl Reiner), but the other women aren't so lucky with their suitors.

Work of Art (10pm, Bravo) - Artists are challenged with creating "shocking art work" by tapping into themes of personal importance to them. Photographer Andres Serrano is the guest judge.

What to Watch on Wednesday: "Curb's" basic cable debate

Ghost Hunters Academy (9pm, Syfy) - Eight new cadets vie for one opening at TAPS, but one contestant prefers to work alone during a probe of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville. Read my take on the whole ghost hunting thing...

Are We There Yet? (9pm, TBS) - The premiere of a new sitcom directed and produced by Ice Cube, based on his movie of the same title. It stars Terry Crews, who was terrific as the dad in "Everybody Hates Chris." Check out Adrienne's review.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (10pm, TVGN) - If you don't have HBO and you've never watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on DVD, you can now start with the first episode from Season One of this hilarious, unconventional sitcom from Larry David, the co-creator of "Seinfeld." "Curb" fans may wonder how the heck they are going to show this on basic cable without ruining it. I was skeptical too, but it totally works for me. Plus, at the end of each episode, Susie Essman hosts a discussion on the moral crisis or social faux pas consumed Larry. Tonight's discussion panel includes Jon Hamm and Patti Stanger (pictured). 

In Plain Sight (10pm, USA) - A woman wants to escape her mob family but a secret from her past may keep her out of the Witness Protection program. Laura San Giacomo guest stars. 

Getting schooled in hunting ghosts

Some people don't believe in ghosts. That's not me -- I totally believe. It's the show "Ghost Hunters" I don't believe in, as much as I want to. And unfortunately, their spinoff "Ghost Hunters Academy" doesn't do much to convince me I should be tuning in.

Here's how it goes, if you haven't seen it:

Ghost Hunter 1: "Did you hear that?"
Ghost Hunter 2: "Yeah."
Me: "No."
GH1: "There. I heard it again."
GH2: "Me too."
Me: "Still not hearing anything."
GH1: "Whoa, did you see that?"
GH2: "Yeah! Man!"
Me: "What?! What?! I didn't see anything!"

And even if there is something, you watch for 40 minutes to see 2 seconds of a shadow flick over a wall or a little light flashing in a corner. Is that worth it??

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