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It's Ladies Week on CRIZZLE'S CRITICAL CONDITION!!! (Yes, It's Ladies' Week, And The Feeling's Right!)

Once again, sorry for the lateness. (Yes, another case of "technical difficulties.") Nevertheless, this is a special week here at the Condition. After weeks of speaking to one dude after another, I figured it's about time some ladies came to the podcast and put me up on some movie game.

First up, I talk to Erin Donovan, Portland-based movie blogger, documentary distributor and all-around charming lady. We discuss documentaries, documentary film festivals, the out-of-control contrarian attitude of a certain film critic and why her take on "Up" depressed me to the point of almost quitting the business. You can also download it here.

Coming Thursday: First-person Cannes experiences from an unrequited crush.

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"I definitely wouldn't hit my wife, 'cuz I stopped whipping women, I guess, around '53."

My favorite moment from one of my favorite Full Frame selections.

I'll Be Blogging (and Twittering) at Full Frame

OK, I'm at Full Frame, and while I pledge to submit daily blog updates for the next few days, I will also give 140-character quick bites at my N & O-sanctioned Twitter page, formerly my N & O sanctioned Twitter Oscar page.

I would Tweet about the Frame on my own Twitter page, but the N & O doesn't want any part of that mess.

More Full Frame Picks for Thursday

Here are some more Full Frame picks, courtesy of the N & O's lovely pop-culture editor, Adrienne Johnson Martin:

Voices of El-Sayed
1:45 p.m., Cinema Three (Durham Convention Center)

A look at deafness in a city where deafness is practically cool because it has the world's largest deaf community. A child gets a cochlear implant, a teenage girl documents her life on video. Might have been better to follow one story, but still a worthwhile look at an unusual place. A Q & A with the filmmaker will take place afterwards.

Hair India
4 p.m., Cinema Four (Durham Convention Center)

Poor, faith-filled Indians shave their heads and offer their hair for blessings at temples. Where does that hair go? To an auction where hair extension firms bid on it so Cameron Diaz can look cute on the red carpet. Fascinating with a sly sensibility, it's a look at faith, commerce, beauty standards and wealth in modern India. A Q & A with the filmmaker will take place afterwards.

Milking the Rhino
4:30 p.m., Cinema Three (Durham Convention Center)

If the sight of antelopes getting shot bothers you, this might not be for you. But that's a small part of this illuminating film that explores conservation in Africa, particularly Namibia and Kenya; it's colonial past and its modernization -- or how you teach people who think wildlife is for killing and fields for cattle grazing, how to save grass and run tourist lodges. A Q & A with the filmmaker will take place afterwards. (To be shown after "Eden End.")


Crizzle's Full Frame Picks for Thursday

Full Frame kicks off today, and while we have a big, program-guide spread laid out for tomorrow's Weekend section, here are a few things you can check out on day one:

Shooting Beauty
10 a.m., Fletcher Hall (Carolina Theatre)
Prepare to have your heartstrings continuously tugged with this documentary. Courtney Bent, an aspiring fashion photographer, decides to give some New England men and women with cerebral palsy and other disabilities cameras and shows them how to take stunning photographs. Bent and Tony Knight, one of the disabled photographers, will also be hand for a conversation after this free student screening.

Art & Copy
3:45 p.m., Fletcher Hall (Carolina Theatre)
Director Doug Pray (“Scratch,” “Surfwise”) takes a look at the contemporary world of advertising in this documentary. And for those of you thinking that advertisers are like the chain-smoking, sharp-dressed dudes in “Mad Men” will be surprised to find that many of them are casual-dressing hippies who feel they are not only changing people’s perceptions about products, but also the way they look at the world. Pray will also be on hand for a Q & A afterwards.

Eden End
4:30 p.m., Cinema Three (Durham Convention Center)
This ten-minute short compiles archival footage from mid-century educational and documentary films (set to a Chopin score) in order to create a beachside, working-class utopia, where the men go to work every day to package bananas and pineapples, the families live in lovely, surburban homes & head out to the beach for beautiful, weekend getaways — and everyone gluttonously binges on the concept of paradise. (To be shown before “Milking the Rhino.”)

Merely A Smell
9:45 p.m., Cinema One (Carolina Theatre)
Well, it looks like we’ve found the most morbid documentary short in the whole festival this year with this 10-minute disturber. A series of mostly quiet long takes document the aftermath of the 2006 bombing in Beirut, from men in gas & surgical masks looking for bodies in the rubble to other men hauling out the coffins for those bodies. (To be shown before “O’ Er The Land.”)

Andre Leon Talley coming to Durham

Durham native and Vogue's editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley is making a trip home from NYC to be a part of next weekend's Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham.

He'll be one of the Center Frame program panelists to participate in a moderated conversation after the April 4 screening of R.J. Cutler's "The September Issue," a documentary about the making of the September 2007 issue of Vogue, the largest issue the magazine has ever put out.

Wanna go?

Yeah, me too.

Sold out.

Perhaps you can see Andre the way I do at Fashion Week: Wait around outside hoping he'll make his signature fabulous entrance or exit and then beg for a minute to chat. 


Full Frame picks 55 docs out of 1,200 submissions

The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, April 2-5, has announced the 2009 film selections for the NEW DOCS program. After considering over 1,200 submissions, the festival has released 55 NEW DOCS titles. Click here to see the titles. (NOTE: This link has been corrected from incorrect link posted Thursday.)

In the coming weeks, Full Frame will announce additions to the NEW DOCS program, along with film listings for the festival’s other sections; the 2009 Career Award honoring St. Clair Bourne, the 2009 Thematic Program “This Sporting Life,” and Special Programming.

“We are excited about this year’s Festival and the NEW DOCS program," says Peg Palmer, Full Frame’s executive director. "In a year where the reality of our economy is sobering and we’re all examining priorities, a documentary program can evoke memories of fundamental truths and patterns in human nature.”

The 2009 Full Frame Documentary Festival will be held April 2 – 5, in Durham with Duke University and The New York Times as presenting sponsors. Festival passes can be purchased until March 15, online at or by calling Etix, the festival’s ticketing partner at 1-800- 514-3849. Full Frame’s film schedule will be announced March 19, and advanced tickets go on sale March 23.

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