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Time to 'flip out' again with Jeff Lewis

Our lovable jerk is back.

Jeff Lewis returns tonight for the fourth season of Bravo's "Flipping Out," and even though the OCD house-flipper/designer can be a real tyrant with his employees, there's still something awfully endearing about him. One minute he's castigating assistant Jenni over a minor mistake, and the next he's giggling like a little boy because his dog peed on another assistant's head. I'm sorry, but I can't help but love this guy.

Of course, the shadow hanging over Season 4 is Jeff's painful split from former friend and business partner Ryan Brown over accusations last season that Ryan stole business from Jeff. I still can't  forget Bravo's excruciating reunion show during which their friendship was obliterated before our eyes.

In tonight's season premiere, there's no sign of Ryan, and we won't see him at all this season, but we do get plenty of housekeeper Zoila, house boy Jett, and assistants Jenni, Sarah, and Chace (as well as all the cats and dogs).

Flipping Out: A reunion and a relationship down in flames

If you've been watching Bravo's "Flipping Out" this season, you know there has been a lot of turnover in Jeff Lewis' design business and also in his life.

Around the middle of the season, Jeff believed he had discovered that his longtime best friend and business partner Ryan Brown had been stealing business from him. Jeff eventually confronted Ryan (he denied any wrongdoing) and the two ended their professional relationship.

Tuesday night's reunion show was our chance to see if any of those fences had been mended since the taping of the season finale (which showed Jeff attending -- and paying for -- a birthday party for Ryan's daughter).

Sadly, fences were not only unmended, they were essentially trampled and set afire Tuesday night.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Big winner helps Biggest Losers

The Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter (swoon) helps the gang with a baseball challenge, the winner of which gets a healthy Mediterranean meal cooked by chef Curtis Stone. Also, someone breaks a "Biggest Loser" record tonight.

So You Think You Can Dance (8pm, Fox) - The competition begins for real tonight. Tune in to see how the local women (Noelle and Ariana) do.

Hip Hop Awards (8pm, BET) - Mike Epps hosts the awards show, and Ludacris is among the featured performers. 

Frontline: Close to Home (9pm, UNC-TV) - The recession in the Upper East Side of New York through the lens of Deborah Hair Designs, a business that caters to actors, bankers, housewives, and opera singers. Review.

Dancing With the Stars (9pm, ABC) - Double elimination tonight.  

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Andy Cohen talks to the cast about season three, and Ryan and Jeff clash again over their personal and professional breakup. Team Jeff, all the way. 

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - Tom Arnold (left) guest stars as Georgie Caruso, a porn producer who orders his thugs to attack Luanne's studio.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Hell's Kitchen finale

Hell's Kitchen (8pm, Fox) - In the two-hour season finale, the three remaining chefs prepare a dinner service and the field is cut to two. Then foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsay (left) picks the winner, who gets to run the kitchen in a fancy schmancy restaurant at the Whistler resort in Canada. 

NCIS (8pm, CBS) - The team is called to investigate the death of a marine halfway around the world, and the investigation takes a surprising turn when it's discovered that Ziva has a connection to the dead marine.

Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - The remaining contestants are divided into two teams (this means Coach is no longer tied to Tracey). 

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Jeff does the unthinkable -- he threatens to replace Zoila. (I'm remembering previews from last week of Zoila crying and calling Jeff an "a-hole"). Did she poison him again with "months old bacon?" Also, Jeff finds a squatter at the Chaz cottage compound. (Hoping it's Jenni's ex-husband Chris).

What to Watch on Tuesday: Shark Tank begins fall run

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - The recent new eps were considered their summer run, so tonight is the official debut of "Shark Tank's" fall season. This show is surprisingly gripping. No matter how improbable a person's success, it's hard not to get caught up in cheering them on. The real fun is when several of the sharks are interested in the same idea. Shark Kevin O'Leary's touch of evil is countered by Robert Herjavec touch of humanity.

The Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - Last week, Raleigh native Tracey Yukich was released from the hospital, so all three NC contestants are back in the competition. Tonight, someone goes down with an injury.   

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS)
- Alicia represents a stripper who claims to have been raped at a prominent businessman's bachelor party.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo)
- Tonight is the night Jeff confronts Ryan about stealing business. Could this be the end of their long friendship and partnership? I don't know about you, but I'm Team Jeff all the way.

What to Watch on Tuesday: NC woman makes it to Big Brother finale

Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - Tonight is the season premiere and three of the sixteen folks on the show are from NC (Antoine Dove, Daniel Wright, and Tracey Yukich). They'll be working to lose weight and get back on the healthy track, and we'll be recapping the show, so check back with us tomorrow!

Big Brother 11 (9pm, CBS) - It's finally over! Jordan Lloyd (right) and Kevin compete for HoH and the winner gets to evict one person from the house. Then jury members question the final two and select a winner. Of course we're hoping Jordan, from Matthews, N.C., wins it all, but even if she doesn't, she's done amazingly well. Good job, Jordan.

Shaq Vs. (9pm, ABC) - Shaq takes on Olympic swimming machine Michael Phelps. Phelps will be heavily handicapped to give Shaq a prayer.

The Jay Leno Show (10pm, NBC) - Jay has Michael Moore, Tom Cruise, and Cameron Diaz.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Jeff falls ill and accuses Zoila of poisoning him, so Jenni has to take over for him on job sites.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Melrose Place-90210 doubleheader

90210 (8pm, The CW) - Second season premiere has Annie still coping with the aftermath of her accident from last season. 

Melrose Place (9pm, The CW) - This much-anticipated remake of the legendary 90s soap is an homage to its predecessor, but it's also a bit more sophisticated. The writers will instill a sense of "anything can happen," so don't get too attached to any of the characters. There's a death in the first ten minutes of the premiere, and the rest of the season will revolve around solving the murder. Check back here on Wednesday for a recap.

Shaq vs. (9pm, ABC) - Tonight, Shaq puts on the gloves to fight Oscar De La Hoya. There will have to be some major restrictions on this fight to keep even an untrained Shaq from killing De La Hoya, since Shaq is more than a foot taller and twice the weight of the champion boxer.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - Season two premieres tonight. Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins join the cast.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Jeff hires a convict to replace weepy Rachel, who mercifully quit last week, saving Jeff the trouble of firing her behind. Why did he hire the ex-con? From viewing the previews I will venture that it was because he is pretty. It doesn't exactly work out.

Flipping Out: On pajama parties and brown salsa

The teaser for Tuesday night's "Flipping Out" originally made me think Jeff's new part-time assistant Rachel would be getting the boot. I half-joked in What to Watch that she might get fired for forgetting to get the guacamole for Jeff's El Pollo Loco lunch (the straw that broke Assistant Chris's back in Season 2).

Well, Rachel did not get fired (yet) but there was an eerily similar incident last night involving a lunchtime shortage of brown salsa that has one of her post-it note-loving feet firmly in the unemployment line.

As Jeff might ask, "What have we learned here?"

What to Watch on Tuesday: Flipped out for Jeff Lewis

Shaq vs. (9pm, ABC) - This time Shaq takes on Olympic volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Shaq gets to partner with mens champ Todd Rogers. Also, Serena Williams counsels Shaq on the psyche of female athletes.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - I'll admit I've totally flipped out for this show and its OCD house-flipping star Jeff Lewis (right). Tonight, Jeff's professional growth-slash-desperation shows as he bends to a new client's whim and attends a meeting in his pajamas. Also, Jeff has a huge blowout with his business partner Ryan, and yet another assistant bites the dust. Can't wait to see if it's because she called the wrong "Chris" or if she forgot to get the guac at El Pollo Loco (the latter is a fireable offense).

Hell's Kitchen (8pm, Fox) - Dinner service is marred by repeated mistakes and a bossy teammate. This is the description of every episode of "Hell's Kitchen." My question is, can any of these people actually cook? They've been fouling up the same dishes over and over for weeks now.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Is Kandi more ghetto than NeNe?

Thank goodness for editing.

The extended episode of last week's wig shifting fight only proved that Sheree was even more gangsta than we thought. (She started the tugging in the restaurant.) And that NeNe has no idea what she wants from Kim. She says she wanted Kim to just say "I said some things, you said some things, let's move forward." Didn't that happen at their private get together at Cinco?

And why is Michael Lohan everywhere?

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