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Holden Thorp makes one heck of a zombie

File this under "Sentences I never imagined writing".

Holden Thorp is a mediocre dancer but a pretty good zombie.

The UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor took a couple steps outside the old comfort zone Monday, gamely taking part in a student re-enactment of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video. You know, the one with the ghouls and zombies.

Thorp was flanked by his wife Patti on one side and by Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt on the other.

 (Tar Heel basketball coach Roy Williams, standing nearby, could not be coaxed into participating.)

They joined about 30 students in trying to create some buzz for the Eve Ball, a Nov. 5 fundraiser for the scholarship named for Eve Carson, the student body president shot and killed in March 2008.

I could go on and on about the chancellor's jaunty toe stepping, shoulder shrugging and hip swiveling, but really, you should see it for yourself. Have a look below or at this link.

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