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Task force meeting comes down to dollars

A task force finalized its draft report Wednesday on water, sewer and community center issues in the Rogers Road community.

The report outlined a $5.8 million sewer infrastructure plan but advised waiting until local governments decide how to pay.

The report also proposed moving and renovating the historic Hogan-Rogers house for a community center or building a new center to replace one that closed Aug. 11. That could cost $450,000 to $740,500, depending on the final plan.

Chapel Hill Town Council members suggested the county pick up the cost, since town residents pay county taxes and otherwise would be charged twice.

That prompted county commissioners to suggest an equitable solution might be that the county picks up the cost but also reviews how sales tax revenues are allocated.

“Sometimes the county feels that everything is always thrown to the county, and yet on the tax distribution, we don’t get any credit for the fact that it is actually to the advantage of the towns and not the county,” Commissioners Chairwoman Bernadette Pelissier said.

Orange County landfill doesn't gain any time

Orange County just got another estimate on its landfill lifespan.

But it didn't gain any time. The landfill is still expected to fill up and close in April 2011, says a consultant's estimate released this week.

Solid Waste Director Gayle Wilson said he'd hoped to gain a few months, and that the landfill bought a new compactor to try and squeeze in more trash. But a change in state regulations about what can go into construction waste dumps means more construction-type trash has to go into the municipal landfill, he said.

The county is in the middle of a search to find a transfer station site for a building where trash will be collected to be shipped out of the county.

There's a possibility the transfer station won't be ready in time, Wilson said. The county may need an interim solution, possibly an open-air concrete slab that would serve as a temporary transfer station.

The Orange County Commissioners had originally decided to put the transfer station where the landfill is now. But neighbors say they've lived next to the solid waste operations for long enough, and the board decided to reopen the search process late last year.

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