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Was UNC's Thorp heavy-handed in dismissing YWC advisor?

Was UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp a bit heavy-handed in dismissing a retired faculty member who made a bit of an off-color comment related to a controversial student group he'd signed on to advise?

That's the topic N&O staffer Matthew Eisley is pondering today in a point/counterpoint. Offering up a different view this week is Domenic Powell, a columnist for the Daily Tar Heel.

The brief summary: the student group in question is Youth for Western Civilization, a right-wing organization at the center of controversy last semester when it attempted to bring former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo to campus.

Tancredo, a vocal opponent of illegal immigration, wasn't able to conclude his speech because it was interrupted by protesters. The YWC group subseqently lost its faculty advisor and Elliot Cramer, a retired professor, stepped in.

But then, in an e-mail, he made what seemed an off-hand remark about owning and using a gun, and Thorp promptly asked him to resign.

Here's the background.

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