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Discovery Channel hostage taker's manifesto

James Lee, the guy who has taken hostages at the Discovery Channel today, has a crazy manifesto on his website, The site has crashed today because of heavy traffic, but here's a cached version of his list of demands.

Lee is pictured here at a protest at Discovery Channel Headquarters in 2008.

Photo from New York Daily News

What to Watch on Thursday: "Burn Notice," "Royal Pains" finales

Cereal: Beyond the Bowl (8pm, Discovery) - Discovery examines cereal's impact on world events and culture, including its role in World War II and its impact on modern banking.

Rookie Blue (9pm, ABC) - The tension between Andy and Swarek is exacerbated during a routine prison transport when the prisoner escapes and attacks Andy.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - The contestants must design a cohesive collection to accent 2010's hair trends, but there's a bit of a shock when they learn they will be forced to work together in teams.

Nightline Prime: Secrets of the Mind (10pm, ABC) - In the second part of "Nightline's" primteime report on the human brain, Martin Bashir looks at cases involving serial killers.

Burn Notice (9pm, USA) - In the summer finale, Fiona finds an angry Jeese and tries to convince him to meet with Michael, while Michael helps a criminal defense lawyer find his daughther, who has been kidnapped by a former client. Robert Patrick guest starts. More episodes in November.

Royal Pains (10pm, USA) - Another summer finale. A gossiping socialite needs medical treatment but disappears before Hank can diagnose her. Also, Divya is caught off guard by her own reaction to Adam's failing health. The season returns in November.

What to Watch on Sunday: James Deaver novel comes to Lifetime

The Devil's Teardrop (8pm, Lifetime Movie Network) - An original movie based on a bestselling novel by Jeffrey Deaver in which a handwriting specialist (Tom Everett Scott, right) retired from the FBI helps a special agent investigate a serial murderer. All while battling his ex-wife (Rena Sofer) for custody of their kids.

The Uprising (8pm, Animal Planet) - A new documentary tracing the increase in aggressive animal behavior toward humans. They must have found about all that laboratory testing. Narrated by Richard Belzer ("Law & Order: SVU).

Speed of Life (8pm, Discovery) - A new Discovery series in which photographers capture images from nature with high speed cameras. Three episodes tonight: Africa's wildlife at 8, Central American Rain Forest creatures at 9, and predators and prey in the American Southwest at 10.

Hoarding: Buried Alive (8pm, TLC) - A new season of the TLC hoarding show which is almost exactly like the A&E hoarding show (which came first, incidentally).

Rubicon (9pm, AMC) - Katherine is still trying to figure out why her husband committed suicide and why he had a second secret home.  Meanwhile, David's son wants the motorcycle David gave to Will (James Badge Dale, left) just before his death, which leads Will to uncover another set of clues about David's fatal accident.

Army Wives (10pm, Lifetime) - Dr. Jill Biden guest stars as herself, visiting base to discuss challenges facing military familes whose relatives have been deployed. Read more about it here.

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - Don takes a trip to Acapulco while Lane and Joan have a major disagreement at the office. Also, Joan does a little family planning.

Shark Week Spotlight: Terror all day long

Today is the official end of Shark Week (take a moment...) and the Discovery Channel is repeating the best of the best of their shark programming all day.

The full schedule is on their site, but let's list some of our very favorites:

  • Sharks: Are They Hunting Us? (yes) at 9am
  • How Not to Become Shark Bait at 12 noon
  • Day of the Shark at 2pm
  • Shark Bite: Adventures in Shark Week (Craig Ferguson's shark dive) at 3pm

We also suggest renting "Jaws" and then driving down to Kure Beach for a swim.

Goodbye, Shark Week! See you next summer!

Shark Week spotlight: The deadliest shark is the one that kills you

First of all, the deadliest shark is whichever one eats you. That one immediately moves to the top of the deadliest shark list.

But as far as the deadliest types of sharks, Discovery lays that out for you in their "10 Deadliest Sharks" program, which comes in a two-part special starting at 8pm.

Featured: bull sharks, hammerheads, great whites, grey reef sharks, oceanic white-tips, and makos.

Also tonight, "Mythbusters: Shark Special 2" takes a look at common shark myths like, will chili powder repel sharks? I'm guessing no. That's at 10pm.

Shark Week Spotlight: Also stay out of rivers

Tonight on "River Monsters" (9pm) Jeremy fishes for bull sharks in South Africa's freshwater rivers.

Note to self: In addition to oceans, also stay out of  freshwater rivers.

Also on Discovery tonight, "Jaws of the Pacific" (8pm), which is pretty self-explanatory: it's about sharks found in the Pacific Ocean. There's also a repeat of "Into the Shark Bite" (10pm), which documents the power of a shark bite.

Shark Week Spotlight: People. It's what's for dinner.

Tonight's Shark Week Spotlight is "Shark Bite Beach" (9pm), a new Discovery program which examines the summer of 2008, when sharks munched all up and down the coasts of California and Mexico.

The show includes re-enactments of attacks, reports from survivors, and guesses about what may have prompted the attacks.

At 7pm, Discovery is repeating "Shark Bite Summer," which recounts the crazy number of shark attacks during the summer of 2001. The 8pm offering, "Top Five Eaten Alive," is from 2007 and features five shark attack survivors telling harrowing tales of "too-close" encounters.

Shark Week Spotlight: I want to live!

If you listened to me and stayed out of the ocean, you wouldn't need to watch tonight's feature, Shark Attack Survival Guide (9pm, Discovery)

You get tips for surviving shark attacks from former Green Beret Terry Schappert, who gets into the water with live sharks to recreate five scenarios based on survivors stories.

Also on tonight, Day of the Shark 3 (10pm) in which six shark attack survivors (including a Navy SEAL, a surfer, and a snorkeler) recount their experiences.

Shark Week 2010: Don't go in the water.

Tonight marks the beginning of Shark Week, when we all get to see sharks the way God intended: on our televisions.

Discovery starts things off at 9pm with a new show, Ultimate Air Jaws, full of scary great white sharks in South Africa that jump clear out of the water. One uplifting feature of this program is slowing down a shark's one-second assault to stretch out over an entire minute, for a really detailed look at the predator in action.

If you like that kind of thing, there's a repeat at 8pm of an oldie but a goodie, Air Jaws: The Sharks of South Africa. Same sort of stuff -- flying sharks leaping out of the water to snatch unsuspecting seals.

Then at 10pm, in Into the Shark Bite, the actual power of shark bite is documented (it's strong). 

Discovery TV show dissects Durham murder

The focus of tomorrow night's Investigation Discovery show "Extreme Forensics" will be the 1995 murder of a Wilmington high school student who was abducted, beaten to death, and dumped in Durham.

Danny Pence was a student at Laney High School in Wilmington when two young people kidnapped him in Wrightsville Beach and drove  him to Durham to murder him and steal his car.

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