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Mrs. Debra Goldman-Claus

Mrs. Claus may be familiar if you look hard enough at tomorrow's Raleigh Christmas Parade.

Newly elected school board member Debra Goldman will reprise her role of Mrs. Claus from last year's parade. You can find her tomorrow, either in person or on TV, escorting Wake Sheriff Donnie Harrison in an effort to promote his Citizen Well-Check program.

Here's the press release Goldman sent this morning:

Debra Goldman launches new blog

Newly elected school board member Debra Goldman announced tonight that she's starting a blog in order to keep in touch with the community.

Here's her press release:

For Immediate Release:

Celebrating the election victory

It looks like he Grand Marquis Ballroom in Garner will be the place to be on Saturday night.

Newly elected school board candidate John Tedesco is organizing a "Victory Ball." He'll be joined at Saturday's celebration by fellow new board members Debra Goldman, Chris Malone and Deborah Prickett.

Linking school board elections with Maine same-sex marriage referendum

What do the Wake school board elections, Maine's repeal of the same-sex marriage law and the election of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey all have in common?

According to state Rep. Paul Stam, they're a sign "voters are squarely focused on core issues affecting their family and their future more than at any time in recent history." The Apex Republican and House Minority Leader linked all these election happenings in the latest blog post on his web site.

Old board standing by Forest Ridge site

If the Forest Ridge High fight is any indication, it's going to be a tumultuous transition for the new school board majority.

As noted in today's article, it doesn't look like the current board is too impressed by the new majority's request that they stop spending any money on Forest Ridge. Outgoing board member Patti Head said the new board members don't have all the information that the current board has on Forest Ridge.

"They're duly elected, but they're not sworn in yet," Head said in the article. "We're still the elected officials."

New board calls for stopping Forest Ridge High

The new school board majority is flexing its muscles today.

Just one day after Tuesday's election win by John Tedesco, the new board majority sent a letter today urging Wake to immediately stop work on Forest Ridge High. The letter is signed by Tedesco, Chris Malone, Debra Goldman, Deborah Prickett and Ron Margiotta.

The four new board members don't take office until Dec. 1 so it's up to the current board whether to honor the request. The current board and staff have warned that any delays to Forest Ridge High will push back the opening of the school.

Here's the joint letter:

Neighborhood school supporters realize their election dream

Love it or hate it, Tuesday's election win by John Tedesco capped what's arguably the most important school board contest in the 33 years of the merged school system.

As noted in today's article, there's now a majority in place on the school board that backs neighborhood schools. It's something that even a few years ago wasn't something that most people thought would happen.

"We did it," said new school board member Deborah Prickett. "I can hardly believe it myself. The parents just had enough. The public has spoken."

Truitt congratulates Tedesco on election win

Don't be surprised if you see pictures of school board candidate Cathy Truitt shaking hands with new board member John Tedesco.

Truitt unexpectedly crashed Tedesco's post-election gathering at the Heather Hills clubhouse. Tedesco was looking at the results outside the polling place when he unexpectedly got a start from Truitt, who tapped him from behind.

Take Wake Schools Back's runoff campaign report

Compared to the Wake Schools Community Alliance, campaign finance reports show that Take Wake Schools Back wasn't nearly as big a monetary player.

In its runoff election report, Take Wake Schools Back said it had raised $2,083.25 as of Oct. 19. In contrast, the WSCA had raised $36,919.44.

Rallying churches to fight neighborhood schools

The NAACP, the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children and the Wake Voter Coalition are urging churches and "supporters of diversity" to fight the return to neighborhood schools.

In a Tuesday press release, the three groups warn that the new school board majority "will jeopardize our children's educational opportunities" and that Southeast Raleigh schools will "not have quality resources" as neighborhood schools.

The press release says that Debra Goldman's support for extending electives in Cary and Apex could eliminate magnet programs. They also blast the idea of a KIPP Academy in Southeast Raleigh, which has been favorably mentioned by John Tedesco and Chris Malone, as being "another segregated school" that won't provide equal education for students.

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