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At Duke, a salacious list and a lesson in the power of the web

The Duke University campus has been abuzz over the past week over one female student's faux thesis - published on the Internet - in which she studies, compares and evaluates the sexual prowess of her bedfellows.

Yes, it's salacious. The student, who has graduated, created a painstakingly detailed report detailing her sexual dalliances with 13 male Duke athletes.

And then she ranked them. Yikes.

You'll be shocked to learn that this report has blazed through cyberspace at warp speed, thanks in large part to its prominent display on You can find it there.

And this morning, it prompted a story from The Today Show, which identifies the student as Karen Owen.

The whole thing has a "what was she thinking" tinge to it. In the Duke Chronicle, a student columnist makes the argument that Owen is not a "crusador for feminist principles."

And Owen herself told another website,, that "I regret it with all my heart."

Here's what Duke spokesman Michael Schoenfeld has to say on behalf of the university:

"Our foremost concern is to provide for the well-being of our students, and to respect their privacy.  We’ve been reaching out to those who’ve been affected by this incident and will continue to support them.   

This is an unfortunate and highly visible reminder that anything you create or send in digital form can find its way to the web, where the media have an insatiable appetite for the outrageous and your privacy and reputation can be shredded with a few clicks."

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